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Found 1 result

  1. So I am working on the background for the Red Sky at Night campaign I am going to run. I have determined that I want to make the characters Lunar marines. The Lunar navy (as I understand it) is relatively new and not that big. The basic premise of the campaign's start is that these are 3 to 7 (number to be determined) Lunar soldiers / sorcerers or what have you that were part of a far outpost and when everything goes to hell, they have to make it back home without any help. Across a world that is pretty damn hostile to them right now. After puttering around a bit, I thought that a group of marines, part of a group set to look out on a small island near Corflu (or somewhere else) would find themselves in need of getting home without their ship and their unit (company). To make a Lunar Marine, really just a soldier roped into naval service because they can swim, I decided to modify the Light Infantry Warrior a bit. I am sticking with the book material mostly to make it easier for new players. But may expand a bit as needed. Unit Weapons: Javelin, 1H Weapon, Medium Shield ( but might a small shield be more appropriate?) Homeland: Lunar Tarsh (I thought they would have all been recruited there, but Other Suggestions?) Occupational Skills: add Boat +10%, Swim +10%, Shiphandling +15% (Should I drop any skills?) Cults: Seven Mothers (Other suggestions?) I do not see any other changes that would be needed; I can always have rope lying around should they need it. Unit Ship: Red Scar of Corflu; CO: (rank?) Dajath Skymarked Marine ship's company of 35 + 1 officer. Unit name: Scorpion (company / cohort / something) - Divided into seven bands of five (ish); CO Ahreza Pripas Squad: Dark Moon Band - 1 (npc) leader Hegesh Oromod TL:DR Backstory. The ship was laid up for repairs and this whole unit (The Scorpions) were assigned to an island look out post. Then the stuff happened. So any thoughts are appreciated.
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