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Found 1 result

  1. To the wise Magi of Glorantha: I need counsel and help for my campaign. Well, the party, or more accurately what's left of it, has returned from crossing Pent with the Red Hair Lunar caravan (great adventures there by the way) and are now hellbent on travelling to Talastar and Dorastor to continue their adventures. They've got it into their group-mind that they are now destined to begin west-faring in preparation for bigger ritual things to come and want to fight chaos and then cross the Kartolin Pass to travel across Railos and the Korions. One player character is an Orlanthi Rune Lord who is a fugitive from Lunar law in Sartar, the Far Point and Pavis County as well as having run afoul of the "authorities" in Balazar. Another is a Vingan on the cusp of becoming a Red Woman (Rune Lady) but she has kept her nose cleaner and while not popular with Lunar authorities, she is not yet wanted by Lunars anywhere. The third established PC is a powerful Yelmalio Horse Archer and duellist who has earned the enmity of some powerful Lunar persons, but has not broken any laws per se. One replacement PC is now playing a Pentan adventurer who wants to see the world and unbeknownst to the rest of the party is scouting out the Lunar empire on her own initiative for military intelligence purposes. The last replacement PC is a sort of Kingdom of Ignorance knight-errant/ronin who has taken up common cause with the PCs, but is just along for the ride. The NPCs in the party include a Sword Sage of Lhankor Mhy (senior initiate) and an Issaries Golden Tongue (senior initiate) and both are not wanted by the Lunars but have a bad track record in the cordial relations department. The party plan to ride from the eastern fringes of the Oraya Sultanate southwest across the Lunar Heartland. They will skirt south around the southern tip of the Hungry Plateau through very rough territory and then cross the heart of Yelmic and Lunar civilisations. They intend to cross Sylilia and then Larkene until they arrive at the Kingdom of Bilini. The party has been away for almost two years serving as caravan guards and generally acquitted themselves well with the red haired masters. They intend to avoid population centres while traversing the Lunar heartland but will be within the Glowline and the arcane perception of the Lunar Godess and her followers. So my question is how likely can a party of politically hostile but passive Lightbringers cross the heart of the Lunar empire without running afoul of Lunar magical and spiritual defences, if they are disguised, circumspect and furtive in their crossing? They all but one speak some Pelorian and two are quite fluent speakers. They are flush with money, so need not rob and pilfer their way across the Lunar Empire. Given that clan wyters can detect the presence of foreigners on clan lands does the Lunar empire have magical and/or spiritual mechanisms for detecting aliens crossing its territory remotely or must it rely upon military patrols and interrogation of intercepted foreigners to secure its sovereignty? Thanks in advance for your suggestions and input. Cheers and good gaming. Evilroddy.
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