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Found 4 results

  1. I'm writing up a scenario for my RQG game where the adventurers are infiltrating a temple of the Seven Mothers in order to stop a magic ritual. The context is Fire Season 1625, during the campaign in which Argrath's horde of Praxians try to liberate Sartar, shortly before the Dragonrise. My current plan is that the adventurers are being led by a high-ranking (maybe Hero) Orlanthi Wind Lord (I've invited a friend who can't come regularly to sit in on a few sessions playing his old OP RQ3 character) while other forces battle a majority of the followers of the White Bull outside, using gifted Sandals of Darkness (boots with a Dark Walk + Extension 1 matrix) to sneak inside during the commotion. I really like the section in the core from p.283ff on temples and wyters, which gives advice on temple sizes, defenses, and some sample temple layouts in Glorantha. Is similar information out there for temples of the Seven Mothers? Do they basically have the layout of the Moon Rune? (Going off the sample images of Ernalda and Lhankor Mhy as Earth and Truth, respectively.) I'm planning for this to be a minor temple, with about 400 worshipers, so 4 points special Rune magic dedicated to defense. While I figure 2 castings of Mindblast on non-Lunar cycle worshipers who enter the sanctum makes sense, I'd love other suggestions for temple defenses. I figure the priests and sorcerers will still be inside the temple, or at least some of them, and maybe a token bodyguard? So far, ideas I have for the temple's enchantment defenses include Warding (of course), Red Moon rocks embedded in the walls at strategic points, and at least one binding enchantment holding a demon (with either a matrix nearby holding a Control Demon spirit magic spell, or with several priests/initiates having the spell learned). Finally, I anticipate that the adventurers will have to tackle the wyter while trying to stop the ritual. I'd love both some more suggestions for types of defenses, as well as ways to make these sorts of things feel especially "Lunar." I'm also not sure how physically large the temple should be, in addition to its basic layout. With 400 worshipers, does that mean such a temple is usually big enough to actually house that many people in one worship ceremony? I feel like that's not the case, but I'm unsure. Plot-wise, I expect the players to be smart enough to attack on Waterday or Clayday (they believe the ceremony will end on the following Wildday as the moon becomes full), but I'm currently thinking that I'll use the Crimson Bat to rout Argrath's army, and that its Glowspot and great winds will come into play during the scenario. (No, I don't expect my adventurers to actually fight the Bat; I'm mostly using it because it's the only big mythic monster from the setting they know well enough to recognize from implication.) So the twist is that Lunar magic jumps to full power and they can complete the ritual while the adventurers are present. I don't know if that would affect defenses in addition to "powering up" the guarding priests/initiates, etc. Other twists I'm thinking about are including a subcult of Irripi Ontor or Jakaleel, or maybe a Lunar College of Sorcery--my initial thought for the ritual is basically a group-cast Moonfire using ritual preparations and the Bat's Glowspot. If y'all have suggestions these ways, I'd love to hear them too. Thanks so much for the help!
  2. Spoiler warning: In the incredibly unlikely event that you are going to be playing in one of my games at u-con in November, please don't read this thread. First time poster here. I'm running a Gloranthan murder mystery using the Cortex + system at a convention in November and I have a question. The setup is that during the time of the Imperial occupation a Heortling stick-picker has found the bones of a murdered Imperial citizen lodged amongst the mud in the banks of the Stream near Duck Point. The PCs are going to be a motley association of Lunar-penumbra characters who get pulled in by the provincial overseer of Duck Point to help investigate with the threat of heavy-handed action from the Imperial Army hanging over them if they don't move quickly. Ideally, I want to be able to reveal that the victim was involved in some extremely unsavory practices -- something that would be shocking, even for cynical, world-weary Lunars. The obvious Gloranthan taboo is consorting with Chaos, but given the Empire's permissive attitude towards Chaos I'm not sure that makes sense...? Any thoughts on what would make for a good reveal? I'd like to stay away from the standard icky-boos like rape and child abuse because 1) they're hackneyed and 2) I want to keep it PG-13 as I don't know what kind of audience I'll get at the con.
  3. The GM has asked us to come up with a patron to justify our tomb robbing party of lunar scum. Anyone got anything to help add color to this guy... all comments welcome even if it is to point out grammatical failure :-0 NABUZEL NINEQUILLS Outcast Irrippi Ontor Sage- Seeker of the treasures , Keeper of the Red Book secrets Seventh son of a powerful merchant prince Nabuzel rose to power in the libraries of Glamour but fell from grace (due to sneaking into forbidden areas of the great library stacks) and was sent across the empire. In his travels he used his knowledge gained from the Great Glamour library to track down and unearth the Red Book, an ancient God Learner text. With this knowledge he returned to Glamour and sought audience with the Emperor himself. They spoke for only 1 turn of the Moondial but in that time Nabuzel convinced the Emperor to give him money and resources to track down the items mentioned in the book…for what end…no one but Nabuzel and Emperor know. Nabuzel runs a rag tag band of mercenaries and lunar scum who ransack temples and forgotten places in search of the items mentioned in the Red Book. When items are uncovered he often comes in person (despite his large network of spies and well paid ears) to take the items back for safekeeping. Nabuzel is driven and uncompromising in his quest believing that he is acting as the Emperors own right hand…much to the displeasure of the Emperors right hand man!!! - Likeness John Hannah (Batiatus- Spartacus)
  4. Martin

    The Seven Stars

    Are the Seven Stars featured on the lunar coin in the GtG related to the seven stars of the Broken Ring and the Seven Star Birds that fly over Orlanth's head in his hall ?
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