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Found 1 result

  1. so we sat down and started a m-space session saturday night. i have to admit that sci fi is definitly my weak spot when it comes to genre and i struggle with ti a bit. we sat down and worked on characters with a character creation packet i came up with so we didnt have to keep handing aroundmy only copies of mythras imperative and m-space. i had 6 players and after alot of talk we have a mercenary, courtesan, engineer, smuggler, medic, and soldier. we character creation went fairly smooth with the only hiccup being i forgot to put the high and low gravity option in the front of the booklet so they had already made their characters mostly before they got to that point so there was some erasing and going back to create it. we spent the next 2 hours designing our world and getting to know a little about the characters. The world we designed is kind of Firefly ish with a smattering of The Expanse except that their ancesters were part of a colony ship sent from earth for unknown reasons to find a new system to colonize. their ship was damaged and they were woken up from cryo sleep and had to find a planet and start terraforming it so they would have somewhere to live. unfortunatly the colony ship was damaged and alot of information was lost to them such as where earth was and where they are in relation to Earth. below is one of my players character. she really wanted to play a courtesan so i imported the career from the mythras core book for use with this M-Space. i was playing with the different backgrounds and i believe i like the way the second one turned out. M Space - Serena Saffron - Character.pdf M Space - Serenna Saffron - character 2.pdf
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