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Found 3 results

  1. TREASURES OF GLORANTHA VOLUME ONE — DRAGON PASS I'm excited to share that Treasures of Glorantha is now available Print On Demand! You don't even have to skin your own Aldryami to get a copy. If you're hungering for even more content after the recent wave of releases, I'm planning to release July's Monster of the Month tomorrow. His name's Dolorous Edd, and I love him. Treasures of Glorantha is an irregular series from Akhelas providing magic treasures, secrets, and gamemaster advice to enrich your game of RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. This inaugural volume lays eyes on the core game region of Dragon Pass. It describes thirty magic items found throughout Dragon Pass, curated to provide exciting play opportunities for players and gamemasters alike. In addition, this supplement has three articles delving into more detail relating to Gloranthan magic items: Treasure Among the Orlanthi discusses different ways players and gamemasters might handle receiving and distributing treasure in their game through the cultural lens of the Orlanthi of Dragon Pass. True Dragon's Blood explores the powers this exotic substance possesses—and the costs of wielding it. Finally, Medicine Bundles describes a plethora of magical options for shaman and assistant shaman adventurers—especially those from the Wastelands of Prax. You can get it here: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/317421/Treasures-of-Glorantha-V1--Dragon-Pass?affiliate_id=546342 WHAT DO THE REVIEWS SAY? "Treasures of Glorantha: Volume One — Dragon Pass is a fantastic treatment of treasure in Dragon Pass, combining thoughtful and interesting essays on the subject with numerous relics to help the Game Master weave treasure into the fabric of her Glorantha campaign." — Matthew Pook, Reviews from R'lyeh "If you like to spice your game with magical artefacts, this is the book for you (PLUNDER has been around for so long and been, well, plundered of everything)." — Herve C., customer review
  2. On p.201 of the Bestiary the entry for windberry trees has a description of how to make a Staff of Flight from one of its boughs and a sidebar describing such a staff's functions. This really caught my imagination. I love the idea of adventurers being able to learn how to create magic items in this way in addition to casting enchantments from Rune and spirit magic or from sorcery. It's definitely more flavorful than comparable systems of item creation I've read. Does anyone know of other examples of magic item creation in this way from older RQ material? From what I remember of Plunder there's a lot of cool items, but the general trend was more "cool/terrifying artifact from the Godtime" rather than "here's something your adventurer can learn or set as a goal." Also, has anyone made up an item creation process like this themselves? How have players reacted to it?
  3. So one of the big chapters I am working (slowly) on is the Smithing Chapter. I feel like it is very important to not just list some magic items and explain how to make them, but to make it important to the game. Much of that comes from the influence of the M. Scott Rohan's Winter of the World series, which has leaked (happily) into what I am doing with Skaerune'. Forging a weapon, even one without any magical abilities will be a powerful symbol in the world. Actually finding such an item will be rare, but finding instructions or special materials for doing so will be part of treasures. One fundamental difference I have enjoyed if the difference between something that has magic in it or something that is inherently magical. I am less inclined towards the latter as those should be unique and rare indeed. Magic Items Spiral Magic. Requires a Craft Iron or Copper of at least 60%. Craft Leather 50%. Craft Wood for spears and bows and wood carvings, 60%. Also requires a Tattoo skill of 75%, so a Master at the art of making the spell matrices. I think the purity (potency) of the material used would set the limit on total number of magic points worth of Weirds OR in the case of Fetishes, how many magic points it an hold. For Spiral Magic, the roll to activate would be based on the POW of the creator, not the user. So it would be a set number not dependent on the POW of the user. Soul Magic. These would be artifacts and relics. They would have to have been touched by the god they are dedicated to (or designed to oppose). i.e. The Old One Bob once sneezed on this tree. Its bark and wood and leaves have been "blessed" by Bob. It would not even require craftng, but a high Ritual skill and the sacrifice of power. Conditions would have to be set for its use - Only by worshipers of the god; only by those opposed to the god; only by fish people etc.. Sorcery. This is where it gets complicated. An object that has a Sorcery spell on it vs. one that is powered by sorcery vs. one that has a soul or creature bound in it vs. one that is a creature. Speaking of... Crow Demons. The crow demons are malevolent tricksters who delight in turning themselves into objects and letting others work chaos and evil through them. They happily support any action that creates conflict even if destroys others who pursue chaos. So far these are just some ideas. I am not 100% sold on anything yet other than that this will be a major part of the specific setting of Skaerune'.
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