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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Just double checking, I had a few questions about the Middle Sea Empire Were they Hrestoli, generally speaking? If so, they had some understanding of Joy, correct? I assume they had castes, correct? I can't seem to find it now, but I remember reading somewhere they loosened castes to allow for meritocratic rise through the imperial bureaucracy. I'm assuming that would be (from their POV) an "innovation" on Hrestolism?
  2. Elsewhere on the internet @scott-martin mentioned Syranthir Forefront's influence on the lands he invaded during his March of the 10,000 (or whatever this Anabasis variant is called). Talking about the Western improvements on Pelanda, I am actually a bit astonished that Syranthir made that much of a difference. Not so much in the Barbarian Belt area conquered by the Carmanians, which remained apart from Pelandan craft influences across cultural borders much of the time, even though there were bull folk both in the lowlands (introduced by Bisos and Kereus). I would have expected cultural exchange between the various bull folk along the Janube and into Oroninela. I wonder whether the heavy western plow was a Danmalastan/Brithos influence, or rather an Enjoralini achievement due to their mastery over bulls while at the same time adopting Western craft. Brithini farming methods are really rather under-described. If not for the cold climate, I would have assumed an olive-tree cultivation for the Westerners rather than a grain economy, and possibly that was what they had before Valind's glacier encroached their lands, and why their colony in Jrustela was so successful as they finally returned to lands where the agriculture methods from scripture encountered the climatic conditions that would support them.
  3. On another thread there was a lot of speculation about marriage in Loskalm, so I figured I'd post a little bit about the various (or at least *some* of the various) approaches to marriage among the Malkioni. Let's start with the Brithini. Among the Brithini, marriage is a temporary state with little magical significance, signifying merely an ongoing attempt to reproduce and can be dissolved easily. Women form a fifth caste (the Menena) but in practice are assigned to one of the standard four castes. Children remain with their mothers after separation. The Rokari are very different. Marriage is an extremely significant (and obligatory - an unmarried male above a particular age can be fined or even cast out) ceremony, and something that is a fundamental "public interest." The primary function of marriage to create new members of the caste (i.e. children). Marriages are governed by the laws of that caste (designed to make sure that each caste is self-sustaining), and negotiated by parents and caste leaders. Marriage for love is considered irresponsible and foolish - people have concubines and lovers for that. Children (including women) belong to the father's caste. However, marriages are big, joyous celebrations desired in their own right, with music, drink, and feasting (which give lie to the image of the Rokari as dour and humorless). Wedding celebrations often take three days or even longer. Divorce is permitted only with approval of the parties that negotiated the marriage in the first place. Ironically, in many ways the New Hrestoli are more like the Brithini with regards to marriage. Marriage for the New Hrestoli is a temporary state with little magical or philosophical significance. It is not required, not even for childbirth. Indeed, some interpret the teachings of Siglat as recognizing "no other form of marriage than the union of the man who lives freely with a consenting woman." Women belong to the same castes as men and hold the same legal rights. Children remain with their mothers after separation, and paternity is of no legal significance, as most property is held by the caste office and not the individual (personal property such as items and effects can be given to whoever the owner chooses).
  4. I remember reading somewhere that Rokari have a problem with Alchemy and Alchemists, basically regarding them on the same level as Necromancers and Demon summoners. Can anyone expand on this?
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