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Found 17 results

  1. Ok… here we go. This is my scratchpad on Kaxtorplose. The City that Does Not Fall. As is My Way, the first post in this thread will most be lit review, identifying what we know from various canonical and canonically-adjacent sources on Glorantha. A second post will be a few mild interpretations. EDIT: Oh, I forgot to answer a question: WHY DO I CARE? My answer is simple: Kaxtor is a demigod who resisted Palangio and the Bright Empire for 3 solid years before Arkat shows up, but who disappeared without a trace. Meanwhile, his temple-city has survived with continuous oc
  2. After a long hiatus, I'm trying to get back in the groove of writing about Maniria. So, to do that, I have a lot of strange questions, mostly related to me trying to map out the mythical and cosmological geography of Maniria. In that vein: here is my first question: Am I correct in thinking that if someone is a literal, non-metaphorical child of a god or goddess in Glorantha, this means they were likely born before the Dawn? Who are the exceptions to this rule, if any? Reason I am asking: A central figure in 1st Age Maniria is Kaxtor, who is stated to be the son of the hero
  3. Because I was stressed today, I took a break from reality and made this: a diagram of the cultural evolution of Maniria. This is based almost exclusively on The Guide, using the maps in the Time chapter, as well as the chapters on Maniria, Holy Country, and Ralios. Explanation of colours: Pink is early Dawn Age White is Second Council Gray is right after the Arkat / Nysalor wars Orange is Imperial Age Blue is immediately after Slontos sank Gold is late 3rd age Explanation of shapes: Square: the Entruli - Manirian complex of cultures Ova
  4. To avoid spamming the board, I'm going to keep all my actual play posts in a single thread per scenario, rather than 1 per session. Also... is this a worthwhile thing to post, or are actual play threads not really a thing here? I don't want to be "that guy" who constantly puts threads on a forum that are meh or not really what the forum is for. Anyways, the intro scenario, a murder mystery on a caravan, ended with the players fully invested in their characters, which is awesome. Now the PCs are heading to Selgos. Lady Featherjoy is a noble of Selgos owes them favours for "saving her"
  5. This is a thread for me to work through some of my ideas about Maniria in public so people can tell me when I'm going about things horribly. Why Maniria? I like Maniria for several reasons. First (and foremost, if I'm honest), I got into Glorantha right before Blood over Gold came out. As a result, Maniria is "my" Glorantha in a way other people may feel a fondness for Prax, Dragon Pass, or other places. Beyond that, there's a few other things that make Maniria fascinating to me. First, it is layers and layers of ruins from extremely disparate civilizations. Th
  6. I've held off getting into this, but I feel it is time to deal with arguably the great power of Maniria in the Third Age: The Arstola Aldryami. A massive old growth forest with 230,000 Aldryami living within it. Compared to many other regions of Genertela, their lands and authority have gone relatively unchallenged. Similar to other Scratchpad thread, I'm going to list off various things that we know are true (mostly from the Guide), and then I'll add a little commentary. There are three Elven Forests relatively close to Arstola: Tarinwood, the Old Woods, and Wonderwo
  7. And it's time for more of my babblings about Maniria. This time, I'm turning my attention to the mysterious, the weird... the Dragonewts of Ryzel. What we know about them is... pretty limited: They have been there since they marched with Palangio the Iron Vrok into Maniria (History of the heortling people) It appears they remained after Palangio left There are approximately 8,000 Dragonewts in Ryzel (I forgot to add this before) They have their own Inhuman King (many sources) They hunt humans in Ryzel, but nowhere else (Guide) They have ab
  8. kr0p0s


    It is said in the Book of Heortling Mythology: "Dalarok Redsail, the famous merchant captain of Slontos, was the most famous proselytizer of the Zistori faith. His crews, slaves, and admirers all accepted it, and their success encouraged more to join as well. Soon there were thousands of people throughout Maniria who embraced Zistorism, and worked hard to fit into the system. The pernicious thought had not taken root in the Shadowlands, where the old gods fed daily with their worshipers, unpolluted by such ideas. Already, many times, the people of Kethaela had thrown off invasions by thei
  9. The Glorantha wiki says that the Nimistor River is the main river in Nimistor, but cryptically mentions that it may have been subsumed by its tributaries. In the italicised intro to Maniria in the GtG (p350) it is not mentioned as one of the four main rivers. This is honour is given to the Tigronior River. Was the Nimistor destroyed or replaced by the Tigronior at some point, perhaps during the Storm Age Flood? Even the Second Age map of Slontos depicts the Tigronior River going up what is generally called the Nimistor valley. What is the river? The Tigronior or the Nimistor, or both?
  10. My previous Manirian Scratchpad thread focused primarily on the Trader Princes, especially their potential Malkioni influences. This thread will be about the Pralori, the Elk Hsunchen that mark the boundary between Ralios and Maniria. This first post is going to basically be a "lit review" where I summarize what I know or can find about the Pralori in Glorantha products. While interpretation is inevitable, the amount of extrapolation in this post will be minimal. Commentary beyond pure attempts at summary will be italicized. Here is what I know from the Guide to Glorantha and B
  11. This was the final session of my murder mystery. At the end of last session, two key things happened: The party discovered the murderer of the caravan boss - a scholar who the boss was blackmailing into translating some ancient texts. The scholar poisoned the boss, demanding his freedom in exchange for the antidote. The Caravan Boss died rather than admit defeat, which shocked the scholar. The party discovered there is ogre trouble on the caravan! Well.... it's actually more complicated than that: A rich noblewoman was trying to join a cacodemon cult to save her family's
  12. What the title says: due to current circumstances, I've volunteered to run a game online for some friends. I'm a little nervous because I haven't run anything real time in forever (like 16 years or so). Anyhow, here's a short summary on how things are going to go down: I'musing Heroquest rules because I know them better and I feel they will go smoother in online play with some less experienced players The game is set in Maniria, the hook is that a caravan has a murder, and the PCs need to solve it. The structure of the game is loosely based on the movie version of C
  13. FInished my 3rd session of my online murder mystery game. Here is a bulleted list of what happened: MURDER SOLVED: The PCs kept circling the mystery of 1+1, so I asked them to make some rolls for help putting pieces together. The players seemed totally ok with it, though I'm not sure that would have been the right move for all groups. Anyhow, because of this, things moved VERY quickly, and they solved the murder! Put simply, the Caravan boss was blackmailing many of the people on the caravan, including the PCs. One of the NPCs, a scholar from Saltcastle, who was being
  14. Tomorrow night is my second session of my online HQG game, Caravan Calamity. Last session, the PCs discovered the body of their Caravan boss, started collecting evidence at the scene, and also became worried about the social-political consequences of the boss dying. As all three players are new to Glorantha and Heroquest, I am slowly bringing them up to speed. Setting-wise, they are aware they are on a caravan, and they know Elves are humanoid trees. This session they'll be introduced to Chaos, or at least the threat of Chaos, as someone will be starting a panic that
  15. So, Wednesday night I had my first session of my new mini-campaign. Caravan Calamity is set in Maniria. A trading caravan of wagons and horses is travelling between Jaraz and Yolanda, when one morning the head of the caravan, Road Baron Abbanes, is found dead in a pond. The PCs The PCs all work on the caravan: Kullen is a Ditali Wenelian who is the cook and healer of the caravan. He has been with teh caravan, and with Abbanes, for years. Arlette Scalecoin is a textile merchant from Jubal. She is very likeable, likes creature comforts, and this is h
  16. Hi all, I am after some information. I am thinking of setting a campaign in Maniria. My Guide to Glorantha tells me that Greymane is considering his options as to whose side to be on in the upcoming Hero Wars (page 355). RQG goes on to say that Queen Samastina is the new queen of Esrolia in 1625, after securing her freedom from various people, including the Western Barbarians (page 110). Can anyone tell me the fate of Greymane, his sons and the rest of the Manirian tribes? Is he still alive? Did he support the new queen or do otherwise? Any information would be gratefully received.
  17. Because of when I got into Glorantha, Maniria was "my" setting, even more than Sartar or anywhere else, thanks to Blood Over Gold right after I got into things. I recently got back into Glorantha, bought a PDF of the Guide, and loved it immensely. I have several of questions about Maniria as it stands now. Most are questions about what is canon or what is in print about a particular issue, though there are a few questions that amount to me asking "exactly how idiosyncratic is my Glorantha?" I am of course aware the answer "It's a certain way if you want it to be" is always an opti
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