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Found 10 results

  1. I would have sworn i saw a map or sketch of Wilmskirirk, other than the sketch of Jeff's posted in Well of Daliath here https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/catalogue/websites/facebook/2021-10-jeff-on-facebook/#ib-toc-anchor-17. But i sure can't find it now. If anyone can point me to it that would be good.
  2. Roughly a year ago, I discovered LegendKeeper, a really cool tool that lets you zoom around your setting in a mad mix of Google Maps and a custom wiki. This is a private "world" instance that's shareable with my players. I don't actually upload much in the way of images, but I dug up this birds eye view of Jonstown and threw in some wiki article text so you could see how it works. A few months after my discovery, the Argan Argar Atlas was made free in support of Jonstown Compendium creations. I was dismayed to discover that AAA was a paginated PDF, and even more horrified to discover that each page was actually an imprecise composition of 5-7 images. Unfortunately, that's all I had to work with, and work I did. Many hours later, I finally had a map that reaches LegendKeeper's 15K pixel maximum. There are several ugly seams and photoshop splotches, but I managed to piece it all together at the AAA PDF's original pixel density which means all placenames are fully legible. I'm sharing this now for a couple reasons: I have a new RQG campaign, and I think I can finally put all that old work to good use! I'm really excited by my players' level of engagement so far, and their characters are shaping up splendidly. We start in a couple weeks! If you don't mind that I've only been running games in Glorantha for a year, we could accept one or two more players! I saw the teasers for a new Matt Ryan map of Dragon Pass. I'm thrilled to see the level of detail, although I request for the love of all that is holy: make a high resolution digital image available for purchase! I fully intend to use it as a digital campaign aid as seen above. I'd prefer not to have to piece together another PDF, and the AAA PDF is a tad blurry at 100% zoom level. A "Community" update for LegendKeeper is imminent. This will allow anyone to browse a "public" world created by a LK user (or licensed by LegendKeeper with an IP owner), and logged in users may be allowed to make a copy of it for their own purposes. I think Glorantha is a great candidate, either officially (as a sort of interactive version of Nick Brooke's index of Jonstown Compendium scenarios) or as unofficial Free Fan Material. (If I'm volunteering myself for setting that up, I accept!)
  3. An exercise in looking at how 'wide' the phases of the Red Moon are. The lines are not stationary but move (clockwise?) during the day and night. At the distance of Dragon Pass and Prax each phase is hundreds of miles across...
  4. I created a couple of versions of the Rainbow Cave maps. I published them in the Jonstown Compendium. I created this based on the "You may also create your own version of handouts for official RuneQuest and HeroQuest Glorantha campaigns". If this is not permissible content please let me know. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/310150/Rainbow-Caves-Map?src=newest_community
  5. I've been searching for a stellar map to help me locate and show my players the different stars and system locations. I found a nice interactive map at: https://stars.chromeexperiments.com/ Also this (limited) 2d map has some of the inhabited systems in RoH:
  6. Version 1.0.0


    World TimeZone Map. Originally uploaded to yahoo group by agarthan_at_work on Jul 30, 2001
  7. Version 1.0.0


    A guide/map to the Sephiroth, from a French fansite. Originally uploaded to yahoo group by jessejmulkey January 19, 2012
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Subtle Planes - Translation from French Web site Originally uploaded to nephilim yahoo group by exubae Feb 2, 2005
  9. In my campaign the players are adventuring and holding land in the very North-Eastern part of Escavalon near the meeting point of the Severn and one of the Avon rivers. The land is held by a count Hywel. Here's the map I've made: http://eeronsivut.net/pelit/Pendragon/Hywels_Lands.png
  10. Belgath


    As significant as the City Whitewall is in Gloranthain lore. I can't seem to find a map of it any ware. If any body can point me in the right Direction It wold be vary helpfully.
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