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Found 4 results

  1. Please post any typos/errors spotted in the new (5th edtion) edition of Masks of Nyarlathotep. We will review posts on an ongoing basis, making necessary corrections to PDF files and for future reprints Many thanks
  2. So I am reading the handout 'Carlyle Papers England #4'. I am wondering if there is any more information around this snippet. Maybe something about this Occult society? Maybe something about the 'incident at sakkara'? In what kind of document was this found? Any info about this howard carter maybe? If there is not any more info on this topic, I might just drop this handout alltogether due to the confusion it might lead to.
  3. In our latest Kickstarter update, backers of our MU board game are getting a sneak peek at some of Victor Leza's amazing new art for the forthcoming Masks of Nyarlathotep:
  4. 2/24 Character Creation & The God of Mitnal My players met to learn the game (some have never played an RPG before) - we made characters using a mix of the Pulp Rules and the 7E Regular Rules and played through The God of Mitnal from the Masks Companion. Character Creation Jade Bond - 25 year old woman with a mysterious past, who knows her way around a gun. Pela Rusalski - 29 year old photographer, activist and alcoholic with a streak of adventure. Ailis Shelley - 36 year old author of Egyptian Lore. Donovan Wells - 32 year old British stage actor known well in both NYC and the UK. Joseph Oda - 33 year old hard boiled police detective from Chicago. Nosaj - 28 year old Navajo shaman with a knack of the esoteric arts. June 7 - 15, 1924 Jackson Elias, noted author & adventurer contacted the investigators, asking them to assist him in the Yucatan with something associated with both Walter Kimble, known & wanted gun runner, and the Ah Puch cult. Ailis and Joseph researched the cult while the others gathered supplies and then they all traveled to Campeche, Mexico. After everyone became acquainted, the group followed Elias’ instructions to meet Guillermo, the local RR stationmaster. Elias had left further instructions with Guillermo and directions to his camp in the Rainforest. Guillermo promised to secure some supplies for the journey the next day. After a long train ride and a warning from a superstitious local woman about the god Ah Puch being active in the area, the group began another long trek through the jungle with Jade and Pela leading the way. Several hours later, the group found Elias’ camp - ransacked. Moments later a figure appearing to be Ah Puch appeared, but when Joseph almost shot it, it was revealed to be the work of 3 of Walter Kimble’s flunkeys who confirmed that Elias was being held at their pyramid camp further in the jungle. Arriving at the camp, Pela and Nosaj found Kimble and his lieutenant asleep, a stockpile of guns and Elias and some others in a cell. After breaking into the cell, Kimble got the jump on them - until Jade and Donovan went to see what was taking so long and go the jump on Kimble. The group negotiated the captive’s release and made off with some guns as well. Elias thanked them but hurried off to his next adventure.
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