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Found 2 results

  1. How do you personally set a reference price for a spirit spell matrix? I don't see any advice in the RQG book about setting a price for a spirit magic spell matrix made with Spell Matrix Enchantment (p.265 of RQG). It's pretty clearly a GM judgment thing at least until the GM's book comes out. I request advice. There are prices on individual items in published material, but a lot of that is old RQ2 material, written before the RQG deflation. I will say the few prices on possible magic loot - one-of-a kind items -in the slipcase set's Gamemaster's Adventure seem low. You can say these things are not bought and sold often, because making one requires a piece of your soul (sacrifice of POW points) but that's just sidestepping the issue. Even if a matrix is acquired as loot, at some point an adventurer may have reason to sell one. Like needing cash, or trading up, or the matrix being redundant to one already owned. Or the matrix may be for a spell forbidden to your character's cult. Or the adventurer may be a merchant whose business it is to buy and re-sell one. Or an adventurer may need to set a value for division of loot. Or you as a GM may need to set a value on it in the course of bargaining in payment of a ransom or to judge payment or non-payment of tithes. (Assuming that tithes are on income in kind and not just hard coin, YGMV - but if in your Glorantha tithes are only on coin then your adventurers should bargain to be paid in cattle). If matrices are not on the market often then maybe it's a seller's market, but that doesn't produce a reference price. I have searched but have not found previous discussion of this on this forum, maybe i haven't guessed the right words. .
  2. From the album: Some of my Art.

    © I own the copyright and it is current to date.

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