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Found 5 results

  1. For quite some time some of the ideas behind Ray Turney's Fire and Sword have been circulating in my head. One of those is hitpoint-less combat. Here's a stab at that system for BRP or its variants, which can be slotted in without completely wrecking everything. Why hitpointless? This is not going to be an exciting idea for the ultra simulationists or people who love hit locations. Hitpoints are an abstraction, and I'm suggesting replacing them with another abstraction. Here's what Ray had to say about it in his excellent design notes for his game: I would add that tracking hitpoint
  2. So, I've been using a hitpointless combat system in my Swords of Cydoria campaign. It works well for battles with many mooks. However always inherent with this system is how to deal with huge creatures, whose size and strength makes them extremely resilient to damage. Now my characters have unleashed a Terax, a monstrous mutant reptilian thing in an ancient ruined city. Their weapons -- even plasma rifles and grenades -- are largely ineffective against it using this system (summary of the system in the thread below). My question is: how best to deal with large critters using this sy
  3. What is the degree of skill complexity that you, as a player and/or GM prefer? I have seen systems that break skills and attributes down into basically mental, physical and social blocks (although I would posit that Spiritual should be in there as well) so that a PC would basically only be rated numerically in those 4 areas. Also there are games that are attribute based like AD&D where skills basically acted as attribute modifiers of +1 or +2 on a roll of a D20, although interestingly enough weapons and magical skills and capabilities were very well defined and far more integral
  4. I've played a bit of both systems recently - trying to decide on what system to use. While there is much I love about Heroquest i am still very much attached to the old-school system of combat simulation and gearing up *to things HQ does not do that well). I'm considering introducing some of the elements of the Heroquest system into Runequest to see how it goes. Has anyone had a go at this before? Or even had thoughts about it? My thoughts: Utilise HQ 1-20 + masteries instead of RQ %ile. Should make for more seamless, higher level campaigns. Experience gain would be faster
  5. Every time I skim through my copy of the BGB, this funny little example catches my eye: So knowing how the Resistance Table functions, it would seem to me, that the bigger you are, the easier it is to resist the effect of the hole to prevent you, and the bigger the hole is, the harder it is to get through. Big character vs. small hole is therefore easier than the other way around. I wonder what went on in the designers' minds when writing this? Is truly the very silly mistake I take it to be, or is there some hidden wisdom that I just can't grasp?
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