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Found 3 results

  1. @Joerg and @davecake have led me to spawn a new conversation leaving the bison behind. When I started writing the Prax book I was told to limit my sources to those considered canon. So Cults of Prax, nomad Gods 1, basically the old Chaosium stuff, Greg's notes, a load of cool unpublished stuff and asking Greg. Some stuff is specifically excluded as well. One of the first thing I did was look at the rune affinities of the tribes. All of the major tribes have these affinities as you are aware and the morokanth's is Darkness. Under HeroQuest Glorantha this means it's their dominant elemental rune and if they have it it effects them as per HeroQuest Glorantha page 14: Not all morokanth have it as their dominant element: Element Rune Spread of the Morokanth The Empty 1% M F Storm 10 2 Earth 2 10 Fire 1 1 Darkness 85 85 Water 1 1 Moon 1 1 check row % 100 100 The personality trait of cold manifest as being very matter of fact in their killing. They are not meat eaters and so its just a job harvesting meat for their herds. I'm drawn towards some of the feelings expressed in the Larry Niven novel Footfall as to how it is perceived, with the invading vegetarian herd aliens slaughtering their enemies. Likewise with cruel, it has some of the same overtones, feeling no concern about inflicting pain and suffering. It's almost like they have to prove a point to the 2-legged tribes. Secretive is their way of life, their crespular existence hiding themselves from the world to survive. Likewise they love to fight chaos. Their ancestral grazing Close to the Goddess lies between the Paps and the Devils Marsh. In the years after the Dawn, they were the primary defence against chaos incursions, a fact begrudged by the other tribes. Morokanth can always be found fighting alongside Storm Bulls, although they have the second to lowest Storm Bull membership of the major tribes (See Cults of Prax appendix C, the Sables now have 0.5% membership). With their spirit societies, 50% are members of the Shadow People, the darkness society that Waha made home for the Darkness spirits he befriended that helped people survive: It's no coincidence that the society's holy centre is Bigglestone (see the Guide) and it lies within Close to the Goddess. Dark Eater is the largest spirit of the society and many consider her to be its leader. Although there are many other Darkness spirits who help the Praxians: Grandmother of Spiders, Night Woman, Raven, White Princess, and other smaller more local ones. Other darkness spirits come via the Troll tradition. Not all Morokanth shaman deal with Dark Eater.
  2. g33k


    Prepping for a new Glorantha/Prax campaign -- wherein nobody but myself has ever played more in Glorantha than 1-off adventures at general-RPG 'Con's -- I had a sudden thought. I wrote in my "brief overview of Prax" for them: Morokanth - The only non-Humans to have become Eaters under Waha's Compact. They herd placid, herbivorous, non-sentient Men as their Herd-Beasts! Men are ill-formed to be riding beasts, so the Morokanth are charioteers. I also thought that the Gern might well become physically-stronger -- like Agimori, basically -- so they'd be more-apt for Beast-like labors, faster runners to draw chariots, etc... Any thoughts, broken-ness I haven't considered., etc?
  3. So, just like the title says... Off the top of my head, Glorantha has ducks (durulz), tapirs (morokanth) & baboons (do they have another name for themselves?); but are there other "animals" that are sentient? I don't count the half-and-half's like Centaurs, Minotaurs, Broo's, etc (collectively called "Beast-Men" (although the Broos' extremes of Chaos may now exclude them, they USED to be of the same general sort...)) in this list, only the "full" animals...
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