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Found 2 results

  1. Enter a podcast of wonder A grizzled old man with a poorly constructed box under his arm limps into the centre of the dusty square, coughs and wipes phlegm speckled lips, scratches his butt and spits. None of the busy merchants or their eager clients spare more than a suspicious glance in his direction. He places the box in the centre of the square and steps shakily on to it and it immediately falls apart with a crash spilling him bodily into the dust, with many loud and profane curses.. A couple of urchins run out and help him to his feet, fleeing after finding his purse as empty as it looked—the old man’s boots flailing on empty air instead of their butts as they disappear into the now gathering throng. The entire square begins to chortle, and then laughs begin to ring out, first one then another as he proudly brushes himself off while eyeing his now gathered audience. Figuring it to be as ready as it can be, he clears his throat and begins. “I am sure you have many questions” he begins in a surprisingly loud and sonorous voice… “yes, you over there. Speak up, hmm. Will it be dangerous, you ask,” “Will what be dangerous, you old fool”. retorts the surprised and befuddled merchant. Another demands to know, “What have you been smoking, old man. Make sense!" Ignoring these retorts, he continues his nonsensical speech to the confused throng, “Why yes, extremely dangerous. You ma’am, your question... am I qualified and is your safety assured, no and no.” he responds to a bemused woman holding a casaba melon in one hand whilst she shakes her bejeweled and braided hair, which dances about in a fetching way, gems sparkling as they catch the morning sun. “And you in the back, the timid one... excuse me, can you speak up, man, Ah yes I see, you ask has this been tested?” a small nebbishy looking chap with a scraggly beard and turban peers over the shoulder of a large woman. “Yes, that is exactly what, I ...” begins the startled and bewildered little man only to be shushed in mid-sentence by the large woman and then hurried away, feet scrambling to find firm ground to the amusement of all. “Great question, NO! Which is why I have assembled you all here: the bravest of the brave, true heroes all! Hear me now! “Our maiden voyage (and again louder) I SAY OUR MAIDEN VOYAGE on the good ship https://windwords.fm to the lands of Glorantha, will sail upon the roiling, bubbling and extremely dangerous waters of imagination and will depart as soon as you launch your browser and point it to, I SAY AGAIN, https://windwords.fm. and hit play or click on one of the many other fine choices of vehicles offered there such as the SS Spotify or your choice of Apple or Google Podcast, as well as a goodly selection of other podcasting services. Let them take you to a world of wonder as you voyage on the adventure filled seas of the Internet!” So come, leave the mundane behind! Enjoy your exercise routine for a change, forget your commuting hassles, make cooking an adventure and join @Joerg, @Bill the barbarian and @lordabdul as we explore the exotic and yet familiar world of Glorantha in a monthly podcast, discover the news and rumours of the adventure filled green lozenge, hear sages discourse on subjects divers and fascinating! In other words, let us entertain you by choosing your subscription of choice at @ https://windwords.fm. Give us your comments here, or at Tribe@windwords.fm
  2. Every system needs some measure of equipment. What that equipment is depends on the setting. The needs that are filled by that equipment stay mostly the same. Because I am always making new settings, I had an idea. Make a list of equipment roles. Then, in each role, list out the types of equipment that fill this role. Then, next to each type of equipment, write out the kind of stats it needs. Do not write out the stats- just the stats that it needs. Also, if it's not obvious why tracking it may be useful for game purposes, a description on the purpose for that kind of item. Example: Under survival role, i have the equipment type: food. Here's its' entries. "Food and Water: If you're traveling between settled areas, you need food. Bringing food with you makes for the quickest trip, and the least likely to run into problems. If you run out of food, you have to forage or hunt for it. This can negatively impact time-sensitive quests. Food and water: How much it weighs, and how many days it will get you through. Traps: Size creature it works for, and the damage it does. Bait: what kinds of creatures it attracts, and how potent it is so you know how wide a range it attracts from." I will post the list of equipment roles here. I will continue to put work in on this, but i realized that as system-universal as this is, it might be useful for people who are making new settings and need to establish what kind of technologies are prevalent in their world. If this is done right, it will be able to apply to any setting of any game system. Here's the list. Survival (Food and water, Medicine, shelter, heat) Combatives (weapons and sparring weapons, armor and exercise equipment, anything magic related, anything that functions as combat drugs or tranquilizers) Data (anything that records, transmits or otherwise communicates, encodes or decodes information) Observation (light, hearing devices, scopes, camouflage and scent covering) Mobility (things to move faster, things to move more weight, things to traverse difficult terrain) Social (If it has semantic, religious, exclusively monetary, legislative, etc value, it's social.) Comfort (Sanitation, chairs, decorations for your wagon) Storage (all types) Toolboxes and crafting benches (all types) Ammunition (all types) My ultimate goal with this is to create a resource that people can use to go through like a checklist when making settings so that they can remember not only what equipment to include, but the stats they need to include for equipment that fills that role. The thinking involved is simple, but there's a lot of it.
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