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Found 3 results

  1. The RQ:G campaign I run is exploring further an further into the myths of Artmal, the Blue Moon, and the Artmali people. Today I unveiled the myth we'll be heroquesting next week, towards the end of Sea Season in 1627: Artmal and Cathora, the 'How I Met Your Mother' story of the Artmali people. I've made a few suppositions going in to writing it. One is that the myth takes place in the Late Golden Age, after Umath's fall but before the death of the Sun. It needed to take place before the Artmali came to Earth in the Storm Age, but not too far before, and it felt right to have the story of Artmal finding love and starting a family come after his aiding Tolat/Shargash in defeating Umath. I tried to echo the feel of the Wendelian phase of Pelandan myth, so the story has a pastoral, Arcadian feel tinged with the growing disruption of the age's end--the forces of Pre-Dark creep in at Stage 2, in the form of the Striped Gyre-Wolf. Another is that I hypothesize a connection between Artmal and Heler, based on other myths describing Artmal and his people traveling on 'boats made of clouds, or clouds shaped like boats.' It seems to me that Artmal and Heler have some sort of link that would be unknown to the Orlanthi of Dragon Pass and deliberately suppressed in Pamaltela by the Fonritian slavers. I'll have some comments to add to the thread later but now, for whoever cares to read, I present: Artmal and Cathora A Myth of the Late Golden Age
  2. I have recently been running my first Glorantha campaign and recently finished the defend Applelane adventure. One of my players decided to have join the Uleria temple as an initiate. Now I would like to run an initiation ceremony for them in a manner similar to the level of detail of the Orlanthi or Ernalda initiation ceremony written by Andrew Logan Montgomery. But sadly I can’t seem to find any details about the initiation ceremonies of gods other than Ernalda or Orlanth. I was wondering if someone would know of a place where this information could possibly be? If not, I would be curious to know how people have run their initiation ceremonies. This also leads to my second question. I wanted to seed a bit more of the illumination path into my ceremony/heroquests. I was wondering what an Ulerian version of illumination would look like? My last (I promise!) question would be relating more to the heroquests of Uleria. As far as I can tell I might be able to use the myths of Uleria and her various versions (e.g. Esrola) to turn onto heroquests. So far I have found 2 Sartarian relevant myths that have Uleria in them: First people, and Uleria and the Boggles. I was wondering if there were others written I have not found. Hopefully ones relating to all aspects of Uleria, not just sex, but stuff that emphasises how she is an all loving goddess, and the goddess of every version of love (agape, pragma, etc). More information on how exactly she survived chaos (I think I found a reference somewhere mentioning she hid in places where people committed acts of great love but I could be misremembering) would also be useful. I’m not sure I understand what happens to the other gods of celestial court. Furthermore, from what I can tell she is mentioned as the thing that overturned chaos, but I can’t tell if this is literal (as in she is one of the lightbringers like Chalana Arroy and her suspiciously lacking past). Or something more abstract like the power of love(kinship allowed the light ringers to work together. Hope this wasn’t too many questions at once. I’m still wrapping my head around all the lore of Glorantha :)
  3. Dear lazyweb; I'm trying to recall the location of an outline of a myth/parable about the "follow chosen leaders" value. My best recollection is that it's not given in full narrative form, but is just described in the abstract. The outline of the outline (as it were) is roughly on the lines that a named protagonist can't decide on "a thing right and wrong" (or some such phrase), and asks a series of people (also named, or at least identified by relationship with him) who give him veeringly contradictory advice. The resolution is course that he has to decide which of these are "chosen leaders", and follows the "obvious compromise" between what those people told him. Ring any bells with anyone?
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