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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I'm prepping for a Mythic Iceland campaign and would like to know what font is used for the special characters. Google is not being my friend. Names are important to me and I don't want to use transliteration and type out the english equivalents. Thanks, Grev
  2. I am wanting to start a Dark Ages campaign set in Norway/Denmark. Mythic Iceland looks to be an excellent additional resource for that, but I currently own only Cthulhu Dark Ages. Would it be possible to play Mythic Iceland using only Cthulhu Dark Ages? I see that it is a BRP product, but it also has a Dark Ages section. I am hoping that I can get by with just Dark Ages. Does anyone have any experience with this? Are there things I would be missing out on without the BRP book? Would the BRP book have additional resources that could enhance a Dark Ages campaign even if not "necessary"?
  3. I read about RuneQuest Mythic Iceland in Chaosium's RPG submissions. I am really looking forward to the revised Mythic Iceland. Along with Mythic Iceland will be RuneQuest Fantasy Earth which sounds exciting to me as well especially the possibility of revisiting the Heian period of Japan which was covered in MG RuneQuest Land of the Samurai. I wonder if Mythic Iceland will be out by the time the new Thor movie hits theaters. While Thor may be more Guardians of the Galaxy and less Viking I still think the movie may rekindle introduce in the Norse gods.
  4. I just discovered BRP great family of d100 RPG's recently and I gotta say, I really like the look and feel of it so far. My only problem is that I don't have a group of friends to try it out with. You see, I'm military, and I'm stationed a few thousand miles from home, so all my role playing friends are on a time zone separate from mine. I'd use Roll20 and Skype to play with them, but they don't like the idea of playing that way. So, here I am, asking for help in finding a group of players for one of the BRP games that's willing to accept a brand new player into their ranks. Thanks for reading all the way through, hope you have a good day!
  5. 69 downloads

    I love Mythic Iceland, and think it's one of the best gaming supplements I've bought in years. However the character sheet is pretty ugly. Here is my go at a replacement that is a bit easier on the eyes. It's a two page character sheet, with most things you'd need in play on the front sheet: Stats, Skills, Combat, and Rune Magic. The second sheet is for important, but not frequently needed information like: your family, details about your farm, and your treasure. There are a few things missing: I don't use the encumbrance rules so there are no fatigue points. I'm not using the strike rank rules so the weapons section doesn't have space for them. Hope you find it useful... Cheers, Greville
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