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Found 5 results

  1. Seth Skorkowsky, in one of his videos, clearly states that "killing a Mythos monster rewards sanity back at the same amount that it was lost". He gave the example of a ghoul, which according to him awards the investigators 1d6 sanity once killed. I checked the rules myself, and could not find any rule of the sort in the rulebook. At most I found this passage: However, there is nothing in the book stating that killing Mythos monsters always give sanity back at the same rate it is lost - in any case, such awards should be given only at the end of the adventure. For published adventur
  2. First, if I am violating any policies by posting this here, I would be happy to remove the post. Massive Lot of 2500+ Mythos CCG, Core, Dreamlands, New Aeon. Bids start at $1. http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/331937958185? This is an auction for a mixed lot of Mythos CCG cards and packs. 35 Expeditions of Miskatonic University sealed boosters . 20 Cthulhu Rising sealed boosters. 17 Legends of the Necronomicon sealed boosters . 2 sets Mythos Standard edition - one in box, the other in a plastic card holder. The investigator cards are present, as well as the
  3. So having brought up Clark Ashton Smith the other day, some of the comments have been peculating in the back of my mind. I have been very focused on Skaerune' and the focus is paying off in a big way. I solved my Strike Rank / Initiative issue tonight AND have turned my new attribute Aura into a very potent and useful bit (where before it was on the verge of being out). So this makes me happy. So, having accomplished a huge amount of work on the design doc, I prepared to log off and was letting my mind toy with other ideas when it hit me. I am enjoying Return of the Sorcerer and I wa
  4. Hello to any and all, I'm hoping maybe some people can help me with this, please.As the title suggests, I would simply like to know what creatures and beings worship/associate/belong to which gods.I am by no means an expert, but a dear fan of Lovecraft's work and the mythos. I don't exactly have the time to read through every story, but the only correlations I can think of at the moment are Cthulhu and his Star Spawn. Anything close to relation would help as well, like Dagon/Mother Hydra/Deep Ones to Cthulhu. I believe Deep Ones might worship Cthulhu but I could be wrong.Any help is greatly ap
  5. In other words, what's the most unlikely Lovecraftian reference you can recall in popular media or elsewhere. One of my own: An episode of the '80s cartoon G.I. Joe had COBRA trying to communicate with a mysterious entity inhabiting an isolated, ancient well; of course, the Joes ended up having to fight the thing, a massive worm-like intelligence. Batman's crazy enemies are shipped off to Arkham Asylum (hmmm, where have we heard that name before?), run by a sinister family of psychologists whose rehabilitation theories are consistently unsound.
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