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Found 1 result

  1. Seems like it is time. I will be putting together a RQ classic game with RQ G rules online. I own all the original in pdf and print... but seeing as the collection can now be replaced reasonably I have no reason not to do this. I do ask that you be new to the classic material, that you are not a rules lawyer and that you have a healthy respect for handwavium (it will definitely be in use to bridge the differences twixt the new and old game rules). Speaking of new and old I would love to have a combo... That is new to RQ. We will have a few episode 000 games to start and then...Odds are Apple Lane will be the starting point in 1611-13ish... A look at the year span will tell you we are not long for this area of DP... , The lands here will be on fire for sometime to come and many will die... I would love to see this become a classic campaign and that means it could go for a while...so let’s see where can the party go after the one good low level classic module in the area? West or north NO! North east? No contacts, east ;maybe? South, no, You don’t have contacts that way either... did I say that I had a few RQ classic games? So, I would recommend east to start. There are people you know. and if occupied at least the lands contain new occupiers who do not know you, your clan or family... perhaps you can fade into a crowd in Pavis or...Get away from the trouble brewing at home. Stay and you may end up submitting and surrendering to the occupiers, a life whipped, or rebel and win.... or more likely lose and be crucified or a slave. Why are you leaving, lack of a future in Sartar today, being sent on my family for safely (possibly to be ready when the rebellion has a chance), you killed a lunar or became a known rebel? Life started so good with your successes at Apple Lane, now what? This should be all the railroading i will do, the modules might have a bit but that was the way it was before the really good modules started becoming the norm. Will I stay slavishly to the modules? (warning Borderlands will be one possible area to play, if so at first it will seem like a great deal of railrading but my 1st party through this area showed that to not be true. Ask me about it some day.) That said l i would prefer you to still not seek out clues and spoilers and be honourable about being new to the module. Or have read it so long ago you forget it... Yes @Joerg, I believe you. @EffStill interested in one of the first stops this should campaign should take as we discussed? Also. are you interested in Apple Lane? The game is going to be lo-tech, theatre of the mind... Skye or Discord or.... basically voice maybe a dice bot. Pics and maps in a lo-tech way MGF, if you wish and can help me make it so... yes, please, by the shovel full. That is, let's have fun, I know game can cause problems and friction and bad feelings and... but let’s not! MGF please! I do not run large games and possibly have two people already. I do like players to have two characters of the same clan/family/neighbourhood if they wish and are able to play thme as individuals. or... one for play and oe for special circumstances or to replace the first if... four or five players should be good. In exchange I am interested in a playing RQ G in 1625.... PM me if interested. Cheers! Oh, week day mornings or early in the week in the eve, a couple of huors a week or every two weeks before or after prime time Mountain Standard Time (GST-6). I have a poor wifi connection which is why I say lo-tech.
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