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Found 5 results

  1. Edit: Thanks for your help! One piece of the puzzle has become clear; I was incorrectly equating the damage absorbed by a weapon/shield as also being the damage it received in certain circumstances (such as with a critical or special hit vs a normal parry). I now understand that the weapon/shield absorbs up to it's current HP in damage, and then any remaining damage applies as per the chart on page 199. I'm still not entirely clear about the wording on page 200 "Parrying a Critical Hit" vs the Parry table on 199, but I've posted an edited version of question 2 in the Core Rules thread on these forums. Great stuff I looked! I promise! But unfortunately I can't quite locate an answer to these particular questions. I'm struggling a just a little when it comes to the concept of HP with Weapons and Shields, particularly in regards to parrying. What I've learned so far can best be summarised below: The current total HP of a weapon or shield indicates how much damage it can absorb while parrying, with any remaining damage carrying over to strike the defender. At 0 HP the Weapon or Shield becomes "unusable" - it can still be used, but at half skill penalty. At 0 HP and above the weapon/shield can be repaired in the field, but damage taken into the negative requires special attention. A weapon or shield can take twice it's max total HP before it's destroyed. So here are the missing pieces of this particular puzzle: It becomes clear that parrying with a weapon or shield that is "unusable" will not block any damage, since it's current total HP is is at or below 0. However am I right in reading that an "unusable" weapon can (for example) still be used to parry if a special or critical result is rolled against a normal attack? In the case of a critical attack vs a normal parry, the parry chart shows that the defender's weapon/shield has it's HP reduced by the damage rolled. However in the blurb on page 200 it states that while the weapon/shield blocks the damage it normally would, it receives double the damage from the attack. To my mind, as written, this makes little sense... if I have an undamaged small shield imposed against a critically attacking broad sword, the broad sword will deal max damage (18 + damage bonus). The small shield then absorbs 8 damage as normal, but receives another 8 damage on top and is destroyed. If it had less HP, it wouldn't be destroyed since it could only absorb up to it's current HP total. I'm quite sure this is just a case of extremely confusing wording, but clarification would be grand. Returning to the chart for special/critical attacks vs normal parries, it makes it clear that the parrying weapon or shield receives damage over it's normal HP. This ties into my confusion from the above question, so I just want to make absolutely sure I have this correct - A special attack swings in against my normal small shield parry for 14 points of damage. My small shield takes 8 points of damage while also absorbing the same, leaving 6 damage remaining from the attack and my shield at 0 HP. This 6 damage penetrates my defences, ignoring armour, dealing direct damage to the arm carrying the shield. In addition my small shield receives an equal amount of damage, bringing it to -6HP. Is this correct? Thanks very much guys. Your help is hugely appreciated
  2. Hi everyone ! An Argentinian fan over here ! I love this game (RQ3) since the moment i meet it and crushed my beloved barbarian in plate armor with ilusion sence magic (touch) because they can't pass the armor. Still miss the poor bastard. Now 3 years latter, i want to start a new game (RQG), a new campaing, but a meet some problems, the most important is... none player has ever meet with this system, they are all old players of d20s systems, d&d mostly, but i want make them fall into the no return world of Glorantha. So... a have the task of doing a relative decent job trapping them in the cosmic Arachne Solara' web. My first idea is to do a one-shot with the quickstart adventure and the new pregens of the Screen Pack, so that it is not such an invasive change. And latter go with the campaing in Apple Lane and the creation of character with those who fell into the inevitable webs of time. But i feel anxious that it will be difficult, and RQ is relative aggressive for outsiders, so, any advice for augment this chance of success ?
  3. Forgive me if this is somewhere in the rulebook that I missed (I'm still going through the starter set), but on the character sheet, near the Move Rate, there are two boxes with faint +1 and -1 in them. What are those for exactly?
  4. Hi ALl, I'm a relative newcomer to Glorantha, having discovered it first via King of Dragon Pass, and then going on a HeroQuest buying binge a while back. However, I'm increasingly intrigued by RQG and its somewhat "heavier," approach to the setting. I'm wondering if there's any equivalent to the Sartar clan questionnaire in preparation for RQ? If not, maybe something fan-made could be produced? I don't quite know how RQG plans to handle clans, aside from the obvious "Sacred time," rules in Previous Adventures and so forth. Any thoughts on this question would be appreciated
  5. Hi folks! I've played Call of Cthulhu off-and-on for many, many years (I owned the blue box), but apart from a handful of Stormbringer sessions I haven't touched anything else related to BRP. I'm trying to run a (relatively) rules-light high-fantasy game using the BGB and The Magic Book (tMB?), but the RuneQuest remnants in the latter book is making integration tricky. Has anyone written up something that helps mesh the two books together, particularly for starting characters? If not, any suggestions about how to merge the two together? tMB's "Wizardry" seems to mesh well with BGB's "Magic". By occasionally swapping INT for POW it looks like "Divine Magic" might translate over to the "Sorcery" rules. "Spirit Magic"... that I don't know about. Any help is appreciated!
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