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Found 3 results

  1. So, my apologies if there's a thread for this already. I looked for one and searched all the key terms I could think of, but didn't see anything. Are there any timelines for official materials related to other cults from previous editions / character creation for non-human characters? I know there's an awesome spreadsheet with lots of these options, but I'm not sure where the stat blocks come from. Any answers would be welcome, and awesome. Thanks!
  2. g33k

    Rune Lords

    Given Argan Argar's myths & history, I think Rune Lords fit very well indeed (also -- note that 1H Spear is a Cult Skill, so the "martial-ness" of the Cult is pretty key). YGMV after all ! They'd be slightly different than many cults' IMO; rather than pursuing the "adventurer/champion" trope that most other cults' Rune Lords do, I think AA's would have a core function of raising/training Value-Trollkin to be spearmen-mercenaries. Likely providing them free to the Cult (as guards for temples & caravans) as part of their service to the cult, but also hiring-out and selling mercenary bands, because AA is also a "merchant" so that's fulfilling the mercantile thing. Also, AA is about "interfacing" with the peoples' of the Surface world, and "marauding hordes of Trollkin" is... well... just another form of "interface."
  3. I’m travelling and only have my Mythras PDF so I can’t check my library. For iterations of BRP that use hit locations, can anyone remind me how to calculate hit points by location for creature with non-humanoid hit locations? Can’t see an explanation in my Mythras. 3 uses. Above or below average NPCs non-humanoid PCs creating new creatures Thanks.
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