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Found 7 results

  1. Version 2.0.0


    If anyone finds them useful, here are some squads of NPCs I’ve generated. This is a *big* update. As I’ve been helping out with stat generation for Ian Thomson’s Pavis projects, I’ve considerably expanded the functionality of the generation programme, so , as well as adding lots of new stuff, I’ve replaced the stats for quite a few of the older stat blocks. In the list below I say what’s new, or regenerated. There are: txt files (which print to one side of A4 if font is set to 8, and margins small, 0.5 cm all round. Works best with a fixed font such as Consolas) and a PDF of them all (to A4, I’m afraid I’m UK based). There are now: Humans (All Regenerated or New for v2.0) Orlanthi-Warriors Orlanthi-Travellers Orlanthi-Light-Warriors Orlanthi-Thanes Orlanthi-Thanes-Mounted Pavis-Watch Pavis Thugs Praxians SableRider Lunar-Irregulars Lunar-Light-Infantry Lunar-Heavy-Infantry Lunar-Chaos-Infantry Lunar-Elite-Infantry Lunar-Heavy-Cavalry Lunar-Magician Marble-Phalanx-Hoplite Silver Shields Hypaspist Morokanth Morokanth (New for v2.0) Mounts Horses Bison Sable Antelope (New for v2.0) Dragonewts (All New for v2.0) Beaked Crested Aldryami (All Regenerated for v2.0) Dryad Elf-Brown Elf-Green Runner Uz (All Regenerated for v2.0) Trollkin-Warriors Dark Trolls Dark Trolls Tough Great Trolls Cave Trolls Mostali Copper (New for v2.0) Iron (Regenerated for v2.0) Tusk-Riders Riders (Regenerated for v2.0) Tuskers Chaos (All Regenerated for v2.0) Broo Broo-Nasty Broo-Scary ScorpionMen Beastmen Ducks (Regenerated for v2.0) Baboons Centaurs (Regenerated for v2.0) Minotaurs (Regenerated for v2.0) Wind-Children (Regenerated for v2.0) Animals Bears - Black, Brown and White Boar Shadowcat Spiders (all sizes) Sakkar (normal, and chaos tainted Sakkar-Chaos Wolf (normal, Dire and chaos tainted Dire) Monsters: Griffin Hippogriff Sky-Bull Unicorn Wyrm (Regenerated for v2.0) Wyvern Dinosaurs Allosaur Ankylosaur Brontosaur Deinonychus Elasmosaurus Magus-Profundus Magus-Mediocris Magus-Magnus Pteranodon Spinosaurus Trachodon (Regenerated for v2.0) Triceratops Tyrannosaurus I will add to the above, as required for my campaign. But it’s slow moving. However, if you have any requests message me. In general, it doesn’t take long to create the data file that controls NPC generation for a new species. It’s about an hour’s work, and then you can have as many as you want. They are, of course, generated by a program, driven by a data file. Mostly lists of weighted probabilities for stuff. It weights cults/weapons etc. to the NPC’s runes, and it tries to be intelligent with the probabilities for weapons and armour, so the equipment doesn’t look completely random (whilst matching STR DEX and Enc limits). Anyway, what you see are all computer generated. If anyone is interested, I’m happy to share the code (it’s windows .Net, C#, and driven by XML data files). However, it’s designed for my own use, I’ve made no attempt for it to be user friendly, and input is solely by editing a XML data file, fine for those who’re happy with XML and have a decent editor. If there is any desire, I could add a GUI, if anyone twists my arm.
  2. The Cult of Ubasti Source: "The Return of Chandu," Principal Pictures, 1934 Here are some bad guys to bedevil Astounding Adventurers, Cthulhu investigators, and Superworld crime-fighters. Based on Magic Isle, a fragment of the lost continent of Lemuria, the cat-worshipping Cult of Ubasti is a global conspiracy stretching its sorcerous tentacles from the South Pacific to posh European capitals to the United States. Its goal is to resurrect the ancient witch-queen Ossana, an event the cult believes will cause Lemuria to rise above the waves and restore the Ubastian hegemony to power. Members include turbaned priests, primitive tribesmen, sleek Continental noblemen, brawny cat-costumed fanatics, and crude American gangsters. The cult is quite egalitarian in its recruitment efforts, but as usual failure means summary execution at the hands of one's supervisor. Since membership is so heterogeneous, cultists identify each other with coins bearing the visage of Ubasti. Rank-and-file cultists are fond of knives of all sorts, as well as thrown weapons such as darts. They're not above using firearms but prefer quieter methods of dispatching foes as befits their stealthy goddess. Fanatics are brawlers who sometimes employ melee weapons. Priests are skilled hypnotists armed with a variety of narcotics and poisons and sneaky means of delivering them. High priests display abilities such as telepathy, mind control and the creation of teleportation circles. How much of this is stagecraft and how much is actual magic is hard to determine. The cult's headquarters is a tropical lost worlds set piece. It features labyrinthine prehistoric stone architecture, deathtraps, hungry big cats, chanting natives, cavernous torchlit rooms, secret passages, rock-hewn dungeons, the Tomb of Ossana, and a massive golden cat idol whose eyes are priceless emeralds. Ubasti's dark powers, if they exist, are strongest here -- an oppressive atmosphere even the most stubborn skeptic can't help but feel. Is the island seated atop a tectonic fault complete with uneasily dozing volcano? Maybe. Will the whole joint go boom if the High Head Honcho's rituals go awry? What do you think? So, how does the Ubasti Cult plan to revive Ossana this time? Because they've been at this practically forever. The latest attempt isn't their first rodeo. Hey, they may be crazy but at least they're persistent. Some possibilities: Ossana was placed in a mystical/super high-tech slumber to avoid or delay the ravages of a dread disease. Doctor Whatshisname of the University of Southern Someplace has just announced his discovery of a possible cure for said disease. Guess who the cult's newest recruit is? The priests of Ubasti believe they can transfer Ossana's soul into a living host but only if the woman is a descendant of certain ancient bloodlines -- such as the player-characters' latest companion, Miss Lovely McGuffin. Advanced cloning techniques developed at BigMed, Inc., attract the cult's attention. Why wait on a cure or chance reincarnation when the Lemurians could manufacture an army of vessels for the witch-queen?
  3. Francis Source: Francis The Talking Mule film series, Universal Studios, 1950-1956 A veteran of the United States Army, the Women's' Army Corps and the U.S. Navy, Francis the talking mule was a genuine hero of World War 2. Fighting in the Pacific theater, he thwarted multiple Imperial Japanese operations and exposed spies and would-be saboteurs. Army Intelligence managed to conceal the ornery mule's unique gifts for both national security and public relations reasons. After the war, Francis determined to settle down with a racehorse relative and enjoy an easy life at pasture. However, his natural curiosity, sense of duty, and penchant for meddling in human affairs soon had him battling crooked gamblers and gangsters. Long military service has made Francis cynical, crass and cranky. The realization that he is smarter than other animals and most humans has caused him to become a know-it-all -- except he really does seem to know what to do in almost any situation. While he can be stubborn and selfish at times, the heroic mule enjoys helping people in trouble out -- if only because it enables him to jeer at them and boss them around. STR 28 CON 15 SIZ 26 INT 23 POW 15 DEX 13 APP 16 MOV 12 HP 20 (41 CON+SIZ) DB +2d6 Armor: 2 AP hide Attacks: Bite 25%, 1d6; Kick 50%, 1d6+db; Trample 25%, 2d6+db Skills: Bargain 35%, Command 50%, Dodge 45%, Fast Talk 70%, Hide 25%, Knowledge (U.S.Army Practices and Procedures) 90%, Language (Equine) 115%, Language (English) 90%, Listen 60%, Persuade 80%, Spot 40%, Stealth 30%, Teach 45%
  4. Here's another Bronze Age character to spice up your campaign. King Ahab is a greedy, gluttonous fool. Unfortunately, he's not the one your player-characters will be dealing with. Jezebel of Sidonia -- Snow White's stepmom got nothin' on this bad girl Bitter clingers vs. progressives! The culture wars! Raucous public debate! Sounds very contemporary, doesn't it? But it has all happened before, and it can be laid at the feet of a ruthless Phoenician princess. Elijah, a prophet of the One God, assures us that King Ahab of ancient Israel was a very bad man. But not all villains are created equal. You have your Ernst Stavro Blofelds, and then you have your Wile E. Coyotes. And although he managed to reign for 22 years, Ahab was ... a doofus. He threw temper tantrums and pouted like a sulky 6-year-old. He whined when he didn't get his way. He was generally incompetent. Or he would have been but for the malign influence of his clever, calculating wife. Jezebel was a woman with an agenda. She planned to radically transform her husband's backward kingdom into a proper modern state like that of her father, King Ethbaal of Sidon. First, she had to correct the thinking of those boorish rubes who were her subjects. Jezebel forcibly promoted the worship of her two favorite fertility deities, Baal and Asherah. So what if the Jewish clergy and prophets didn't like it? That's what a well-trained military is for. What's not to love about The Agenda (tm)? Instead of attempting to obey those annoying Commandments it is your sacred duty to have no-commitment sex with Baal's slinky temple prostitutes. (Wowzers!). Asherah's devotional poles, where you offer your oat cakes, are surrounded by pleasant groves where you can soak up plenty of fresh air and sunshine (Eco-friendly, and we even have cookies!). Get with it, you Hebrew hicks! The queen's re-education program proved highly successful. Orthodox seminaries and synagogues emptied while the ranks of official state-sponsored priesthood swelled into the hundreds. Jezebel's economic policies were thwarted, however, when that loudmouthed nutcase Elijah commanded that no rain fall upon Israel. The nation slid into drought, then famine as the big dry-out stretched into its third year.
  5. This one is soltakss' fault. He said the Bronze Age in ancient Israel ended about the time of the judges. So, here you go, another NPC to spice up your campaign: Gideon – timid farm boy turned war chief Shy Gideon never wanted to be a hero, never desired to become a national figure. But when a brawny angel interrupts your threshing to tell you it is your job to save the country, you just have to. For the past seven years raiders from neighboring Midian had swept out of the eastern desert at harvest time to seize the Israeli’s crops and destroy what they couldn’t haul away. As usual, one of the prophets said the attacks were the result of Hebrews adopting Canaanite culture by worshiping their gods instead of the One God. Gideon’s own Pa had set up altars to Baal and Asherah on the farmstead. Guess what his first assignment was? Knowing both his parents and the townspeople would be incensed, Gideon and ten of the hands destroyed the altars by night, and he built a traditional Jewish altar from the debris and offered sacrifice. Farm folks get up early, Gideon had had too many helpers for the story not to get out, and by mid-morning a lynch mob had gathered at the front door. But Pa surprised Gideon both by defending him and by the cleverness of his response. “If Baal really is a god,” Pa said, “he can punish my son without your help. It’d be an insult for you all to interfere.” Grumbling, the crowd dispersed, and Gideon got the nickname “Jerub-Baal,” which translates roughly, “Go get him, Baal.” Soon after, the Midianites and their allies invaded Israeli territory in force. Gideon sent out messengers to his own and neighboring tribes and gathered his would-be troops at a local spring. But the One God told his insecure neophyte general, “If you win with this many men, the nation will claim it whipped Midian without My help.” So Gideon culled his army, first by dismissing anyone who admitted to being scared on the eve of battle, then by watching the soldiers drink from the spring. Anyone who did so in such a manner that he could retain hold of his spear and shield got to stay. Gideon was left with 300 troops to fight a multinational army possibly consisting of tens of thousands. They are described as swarming like locusts.
  6. I will supply stats when able but in the meantime may I present for your gaming pleasure pop culture's original dynamic duo, Balaam and His Amazing Ass! What can you do with this pair in your campaign? Balaam of Pethor, celebrity sorcerer Balaam is the Oprah Winfrey of ancient Mesopotamia, parlaying his personal charm and ability to work a crowd into a lucrative gig that enables him to enjoy fancy meals, fine robes, and a comfortable home office off the Euphrates. Wealthy kings pay him hard cash to work miracles, influential clan and tribal leaders travel hundreds of miles to seek his advice, and even local farmers and ranchers are willing to pay his fees for a consult. He enjoys living the good life. Despite all his show business expertise, however, Balaam is no charlatan. He has a natural spiritual affinity for eavesdropping on the gods, even managing to have casual personal chats with the One God of these newcomers the Hebrews. He can accurately divine the future, and when he blesses or curses somebody he has the occult moxie to make it stick. Donkey, his Amazing Ass Just as the Lone Ranger has Silver and Tom Mix has Tony the Wonder Horse, Balaam's faithful companion and transport is Donkey. Despite his humble appearance, Donkey is smarter (and chattier) than any equine has a right to be. He's physically tough, a master navigator who never gets lost, and loyal as the day is long to the boss. They've been good to each other. He also possesses occult powers unsuspected by the magician. Donkey has the ability to perceive the presence of supernatural beings and maybe determine their intent, even when Balaam's powerful magic fails him. And yes, his speaking voice does sound unaccountably like Eddie Murphy.
  7. If you haven't seen, we just released the 5 cults that I published on my website for free in a single downloadable PDF: Legendary Factions: Common Factions 1. If you like this kind of "try before you buy" style of publishing, be sure to pick up these cults. If this first publication is a success, we'd like to continue the free item a week and bundle it up into a new product. We've got a number of ideas: New Monsters: I've published 2 monster books for Pathfinder and I am thinking about converting them over to Legend. NPCs: Would you like to see a book of NPCs? My thought would be start off with common NPCs like a town guard, captain of the guard, beggar, thief, black smith, nobleman, etc and then later publish a villain and his/her henchmen. How does that sound? Cults: As you've seen but with more customization. Spells: Common, divine, arcane, blood, etc. 2-3/week. Traps/Poisons/Diseases: This is more of a miscellaneous category of dangers. Magical and mundane. Other: Please share your thoughts.
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