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  1. Version 2.1


    The Second Way (TSW) is a set of homebrew freeform magic rules for Chaosium’s Magic World setting. The goal of TSW is to provide a definitive yet flexible way for crafting and scaling spells. Inspired by Chaosium’s Deep Magic and Atlas Game’s Ars Magica, TSW changes Deep Magic’s spheres and glyphs and adds rules for specifying spell range, area of effect and duration as well as for affecting mass, affecting character condition and casting spells against multiple targets. For maximum benefit readers will want to purchase Chaosium’s excellent Advanced Sorcery book.
  2. Since I don't know that I can change the name of a topic, here I am. If you wish to chastise me, go ahead. I am going to be releasing a new adventure for OpenQuest and other d100 system games called "The Mirror Tells Her Lies", about saving a village and its leader from a force of "Pure Sin" centered in a haunted church. The project is in Kickstarter mode now and has already reached its funding threshold, but with seven days to go this is a chance to get your hands on it before anyone else does (like if you're a GM who doesn't want your players to know what happens before you do) or if yo
  3. Hi all, As one of the authors of this book I would love to hear any feedback, comments and discuss the book at more length. Has anyone reviewed this yet? People are buying the book, but I don't hear any chatter.... Simon Bray
  4. I'm going to be running a game set in Sartar/Dragon Pass soon. The PCs are going to be the young adult children of members of the clan ring/prominent thanes who get tasked by the ring to be kind of problem solvers in an attempt to make a name for themselves and make them worthy of inheriting their parents prominence.The way I'm currently thinking about doing prep is taking the Dragon Pass board game map (available via google image search), noting where the PCs clan tula is, figuring out where the other clans/tribes are, stocking some hexes they are likely to go through using the Ruins & Re
  5. Hey folks, I want to play in Glorantha with (customized) OpenQuest. I've got OpenQuest 2nd Deluxe (print version) and tons of Mythras+ Glorantha+RQ2/RQ3 material. My intention is rules-light but I want to capture all the wonderful Glorantha flavors. Any tips and suggestions how this is handled? Thanks for any advice.
  6. Hi all - quick rules question. Can the Aug Activation skill be improved through the regular improvement system, or is it always tied to POWx3? I'm assuming the skill goes up anyway if POW is increased. Sorry if I've missed it somewhere in the book. Thanks in advance!
  7. That would be great news! ...and mr. Newport think about all the people playing pen&paper rpg in my language!! Here in spain there are a lot of people playing with the old books of Stafford´s Glorantha from the 80´s today! We´ve got a very serious yahoo group (the name is Glorantha Hispana) and personally, I know a lot of players (old ones and no so old ones) who play to the Big Old RQ week after week. I´m not a pro of the publishing world but I suppose that a Spanish version in pdf with a link to lulu.com or so can work. Well, thank you very much. And May Harrek the Berserk stay
  8. I'm not sure this goes here or not... but I heard the game is based on Openquest rather than CoC... Anyway, Raiders of R'lyeh is finally out for purchase in PDF form. It's huge and looks great. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/209168/Raiders-of-Rlyeh-Gamemasters-Guide--Core-Rules?affiliate_id=10748 It's aimed at Edwardian era horror adventures. It swings in a more action-adventure mode than old CoC... and has rules more in line with Openquest. It's been a long time coming and I'm kind of excited to finally get the chance to read it.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    A Simple translation of the regular Character sheet to Spanish. Performance Skill is still with the same name because I don´t know a better word to describe all the fields of this skill.<shame> I hope you enjoy it!
  10. Hi all, We created a character sheet in excel for our gaming purposes. It is perfectly printed in 2 A4 pages and could be used as is, as an empty sheet (although, admittedly, not very fancy). https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mxuRkrRG7Bhj2l6yY26d5kbwcZrpxJ8t_h_QETQlusY/edit?usp=sharing But if you fill in the characteristics (and e.g. race) you get all the attributes and skills auto-filled in. I have also added weapons and armor and might do ENC when I have some time. I intended to make it a web page but did it in excel to save time at the end but as our game progresse
  11. Some more clarifications on the magic systems. Divine magic: Only a single combat action (so movement and reaction are available) Text: "Divine Magic spells always take only a single combat Action to cast and takes place on the INT order of the character casting the spell." Why does divine magic say "single combat action" ? When can you have two combat actions ? Does it mean when a skill is >100% and you split it to 2+ attacks ? Also some Battle magic spells have the "ranged" trait. The description does not say anything that helps on range so the default range of
  12. How do you rule the following scenarios: 1) Healing skill off-combat. a. Should healing a minor wound (1d6) be automatic (the rules say you shouldn't really roll of combat but it seems quite powerful) b. If the wounded has 2 minor wounds can the healer heal both separately ? I am considering: i. Allow a) but only once ii. Allow all wounds to be treated separately without a skill roll but heal 1hp per wound (or something like that). 2) I see that in the rules, Ready Weapon is a full CR !! This seems to much. Unsheathing a sword seems much easier/faster and one mig
  13. Greetings Newt and sundry: I'd like to ask for some clarification concerning the process of Unarmed Combat and Grappling. The issue concerns the proscribed "...one Combat Action...and one Combat Reaction...per combat round." I offer four scenarios, and while I'm not necessarily seeking comment on all four, I do hope some one can explain step-by-step how a grappling round proceeds. Is it an exception to normal combat procedure? Thanks in advance, Scenario one: Wherein Bob the Samurai gets two chances "...to dish out the damage!" Gary the Ninja declares he's making a s
  14. Greetings, OQ2 explorers I thought you all might find a House Rule mod my players and I cooked up concerning shields interesting. Trying to be mindful of OQ2's simplicity, we still felt our game needed some shield tweaks. Weapons including shields are designated light, medium, heavy, and huge in the Close Combat Weapons table on page 45. The term “huge,” however, is only used in relation to shields and can be problematic as it is truly a size designation, in contrast to the light, medium, and heavy designations which seem to describe weight. This dichotomy is further exacerbated by u
  15. Dear Newt and sundry, I'd appreciate some clarification on the Create Charms spell. I may have simply thought myself into a stupor and apologize if what follows seems a dense question, but the term "reusable" in the passage... "If the caster spends one Improvement Point at the time of creation the spell within the Charm is reusable. Other wise once the spell is cast the Charm is dispelled" (106). ...does it mean "reusable" as in a never-ending lighter versus a single-strike match? In other words, does it mean that once it is made reusable, the charm may be used over and over wit
  16. I wonder if someone tried to make a Super Power option for OpenQuest, maybe something close to Elder Godlike or SuperWorld?
  17. I have a copy of Mongoose Runequest legend City of Sheoloth and was wondering how easy is it to convert the rules to Open Quest?
  18. Hello everyone! I'm just starting out on BRP gaming so please excuse any stupid questions from my part. I've got the original RQ2e + Cults Compendium but I'm finding the combat system a little bit too fiddly (strike ranks mostly) so I was thinking of porting the whole thing over to Openquest. I've noticed though that when it comes to combat sample characters and creatures seem underpowered in RQ2e when compared to OQ. For example let's compare an entry from both books; DUCK (OQ) Characteristics STR 2D6+3 (10) INT 2D6+6 (13) CON 2D6+6 (13) POW 3D6 (10) DEX 2D6+6 (13) CHA
  19. If you are going to Furnace, I'm running the following game on Saturday Evening. "Star Shine Chapter 1: Darius’ Seven Slot 3 Saturday Evening System: River of Heaven GM: Newt Number of Players: 4 You are on the run. If they catch you they will kill you. So you hid on the last planet that anyone in the whole Universe would want to find you – Earth. Burnt out Earth, Abandoned Earth, Lawless Earth. Where you hide in Kill City, beneath the Skyscrapers where the elites look down on the huddled masses of poor. Where the pollution is so bad, if you didn’t have a working mask you’d be
  20. Hi, I'm creating a new thread in order to not jeopardize the previous one with multiple questions. Let me know if I'm not following the forums rules and accept my apologies in advance. So I have a question about time to produce formula page 71 (hum, you can noticed I’m not able to progress very fast in my reading ): Time to produce = Object SIZ x TL / Manufactory output/hr First, I’m finding strange that the more the technology level is high, the more it will take time to produce. I would have expected the exact opposite. Mor over, if you consider also the Max productio
  21. So I realize how much work goes into a game and I have to be patient. I want to be there RIGHT NOW lol. Progress is going well though and finding and participating here is helping me greatly just through osmosis. At least now everything seems to be falling into place.
  22. I Have purchased RoH and I'm very impressed, but I have queries on the some of the combat rules: 1. Page 112 - Area attacks, does this work? Roll damage, say 3d6, total 14, compare with armour, say 8. 'If the damage overcomes the armour rating' - as it does in this case, (14>8), then damage inflicted is full, less half the armour rating (4) so actually total damage to HP = 14-4 = 10. Ok, 'if the armour succeeds', say damage rolled is 7 vs. armour 8, 'the armour protects fully with any penetrating damage deducted from HP'. However, if the armour 'protects fully' by presumably being
  23. So, when I last ran a BRP game (Mongoose's Legend), the players wanted to play a wide variety of different species (as is often the case with my group) and I indulged them (as is often the case in games I run). I believe we had an elf, a dwarf, a human, a viking (MRQII Vikings) and something else. Anyways, what came up in play was that races with specific attribute bonuses simply resulted in more powerful characters. IIRC, INT was the best stat long term, because it meant they got higher skill than everyone else when you leveled up. Short term, they wanted Dex (strike rank), followed by S
  24. Since we still lack a general d100/brp board, and instead only have boards for specific game lines, I had to pick somewhere to put this. Ghosts of Albion/Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Cinematic Unisystem) has an interesting magic system; basically: You know individual spells. Spells are designed following a set of rules, rather than pulled from a published list (In fact, IIRC the book doesn't include any pre-built spells) You make a skill roll to cast spells. More powerful spells are more difficult to cast Complete Failure: Nothing Happens Partial Failure: You fail to control/direct the magic
  25. So, I know that BRP has seen a wide number of magic systems over the past 35 years - and I know that many of those systems have been reprinted and updated in a variety of sources over the years as well. I've got a few BRP sources with magic systems in them; I was curious if there was an article which breaks down all of the magic systems available (and the most up to date source for that system) and compares them. I've got a few sources, but not the extensive collection that many folks on these boards seem to have. Obviously for magic systems there's RQ6 and MW and Call of Cthulhu. Beyo
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