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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, I'm still not totally confident of how to see (and play) the Orlanthi in Umathela. When you look at most Orlanth Myth, it is a fight against Yelm or Chaos. And none of them are strongly prensent un Umathela. Chaos is more on Fonrit side (quite far for most Orlanthi in this area) and there is not Broos roaming in this area. The only solar good quite common is Yelmalio of the Aldryami. Then how young Orlanthi can learn to be Orlanth if the 2 main adversaries of their god are... not existant. Or the myths are totally different in the South than in the north (but the O
  2. Almost anybody who knows about Glorantha knows about the ducks. They're adorable, they're ferocious. Don't mess with the ducks. Part of what makes them so charismatic is the ducks' sharing in their human neighbors' religion, more or less. There are duck worshippers of Orlanth, Humakt, Issaries, Ernalda etc. This is a rarity though, and the ducks are a special case, religiously speaking. Most of the sapient non-human species inclined towards theism have their own pantheons, the troll and elf pantheons being the most obvious examples. Some non-human cults are known to have human versions-
  3. Good Afternoon good people, did the Aeolian saints get redacted or are they still in use with RQG? I'm making some Aeolian NPCs in Heortland, mainly Salt Point, Viziel and Duchamp. If I wanted them to follow Orlanth, would they say it as Orlanth or St Worlath?
  4. Continuing my adaptations of HQ subcult feats into Rune Magic: VANGANTH THE FLYER (God of Flying and Father of Wind Children) Vanganth Rune Levels are Priests called Flyers. They must have 18+ POW, 90%+ in Mythology of Orlanth and a 50%+ in Aerobatics. In addition to being worshiped by a small number of Orlanthi bloodlines, Vanganth the Flyer is one of the main gods of Windchildren, who can use his spells to augment their natural flight ability. CULT PERSONALITY SKILLS: Daredevil CULT SKILLS: Wind Lore, Aerobatics (aka Flying Combat), Exotic Weapon (Throw Sword)
  5. Continuing my posting of my conversions of Feats from Storm Tribe/Thunder Rebels to RQ Rune Magic. It occurred to me that in order to better understand the subcults, I should post the overall cult. Again, this is a conversion of HQ/HW into RQ with house rules. YGMV. The way it worked in our house rules was that each character, upon initiation into their god, chose 1 subcult of their god to specialize in. Orlanth Adventurous Initiates could choose for example: Destor the Adventurer Vangarth the Flier Maskatos Mover Ulanin the Rider And many more. Further
  6. Another subcult conversion from Thunder Rebels to RQ. DROGARSI THE SKALD This subcult is available to Orlanth Adventurous, Orlanth Thunderous, Orlanth Allfather, and Donandar worshippers. As a subcult of Donandar, women may be worshippers. Rune Levels of Drogarsi are Priests called Skalds. They must have an 18+ Pow, 50%+ in Mythology (Donandar) or Mythology (Orlanth), and 90% in two of the following: Dance, Sing, Play (Instrument), or Play (Another Instrument). Their Chr must be either 8 or less or 13 or higher. They must meet all other requirements for Priesthood.
  7. Continuing my Thunder Rebels/Storm Tribe to Rune Quest conversions. Here's Destor the Adventurer, the default subcult for Orlanth Adventurous. DESTOR THE ADVENTURER The generic Orlanth Adventurous worshipper. Almost all (75%) of Orlanth Adventurous worshippers follow the Destor subcult. When Sartarites say someone follows Orlanth Adventurous, they’re talking about followers of this subcult. This is the cult that most Sartarites turn to when things go wrong, when bad guys need smacking, when there’s adventure to be had or fighting to be done. Cult Personality Skills: Curious
  8. In Umathela, 50% are Malkionists (Sedalpists for most), 50% are Orlanthists Except Orlanth and Ernalda, what are the other 'common' cults? Humakt seems appropriate. As I would see that most of the big business is in the hands of the city merchand princes (Malkionists most probably), I would say that Issaries is quite small and only in the villages. Chalana Arroy should be present Lankhor Mhy? Again, big university are in cities, hence mostly in the hand of the Malkion Wizards Maran Gor? Babeester Gor? To protect the Earth temples Eurmal? In the villages (or e
  9. We know that on Orlanth's High Holy Day (Windsday, Movement Week, Storm Season) that the souls of all Orlanthi worshippers for hundreds of miles fly to Kero Fin Mountain to commune with Orlanth. So my questions are: What does this ceremony look like? what does the Chief priest wear, say in prayer, and sacrifice Do enemy deities attempt to prevent the flight? What does the assemble on Kero Fin entail? Both in-world terms and game terms?
  10. I would like to begin a Runequest campaign taking place in 1621, allowing the Heroes to take part in such great adventures as Argrath and the rescue of the Giant's Cradle as well as the early battles of liberation against the Red Empire. However, such a campaign would take place during the Great Winter, when Orlanth and Ernalda were "killed" and sent to the Underworld by the Red Goddess. What effect--if any--would this have on Rune Magic and Divine Intervention connected to their two cults? Would worshipers be able to call on Orlanth and Ernalda for Divine Intervention? Would worshipers be
  11. What do Orlanthi tribes do in lands where the earth isn't Ernalda? For instance, in Peloria or Ralios.
  12. Are the Seven Stars featured on the lunar coin in the GtG related to the seven stars of the Broken Ring and the Seven Star Birds that fly over Orlanth's head in his hall ?
  13. So, I came to Glorantha about a year ago after playing King of Dragon Pass (now easily one of my favorite computer games, and I've played a lot of them,) and purchased the Guide to Glorantha in July. I'm overall happy with it, though I have plenty of hang ups, one of them being the relative homogeneity of Orlanthi religious views, despite the lack of a centralized authority to enforce an orthodoxy. There are essentially three variations on Orlanthi religion as presented in the Guide; Heortling, Esrolian, and Malkioni/Orlanthi fusion. This just doesn't make a lot of sense to me. How can a peopl
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