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Found 6 results

  1. Manu

    orlanthi cults in Umathela

    In Umathela, 50% are Malkionists (Sedalpists for most), 50% are Orlanthists Except Orlanth and Ernalda, what are the other 'common' cults? Humakt seems appropriate. As I would see that most of the big business is in the hands of the city merchand princes (Malkionists most probably), I would say that Issaries is quite small and only in the villages. Chalana Arroy should be present Lankhor Mhy? Again, big university are in cities, hence mostly in the hand of the Malkion Wizards Maran Gor? Babeester Gor? To protect the Earth temples Eurmal? In the villages (or every where as they are always every where... ) Storm bull? Not so much Chaos in this part of the world... Yelmalio for those closer to the elves. Odayla for the hunter Some worshiping Aldrya?
  2. Martin

    Orlanth's High Holy Day

    We know that on Orlanth's High Holy Day (Windsday, Movement Week, Storm Season) that the souls of all Orlanthi worshippers for hundreds of miles fly to Kero Fin Mountain to commune with Orlanth. So my questions are: What does this ceremony look like? what does the Chief priest wear, say in prayer, and sacrifice Do enemy deities attempt to prevent the flight? What does the assemble on Kero Fin entail? Both in-world terms and game terms?
  3. I would like to begin a Runequest campaign taking place in 1621, allowing the Heroes to take part in such great adventures as Argrath and the rescue of the Giant's Cradle as well as the early battles of liberation against the Red Empire. However, such a campaign would take place during the Great Winter, when Orlanth and Ernalda were "killed" and sent to the Underworld by the Red Goddess. What effect--if any--would this have on Rune Magic and Divine Intervention connected to their two cults? Would worshipers be able to call on Orlanth and Ernalda for Divine Intervention? Would worshipers be restricted to one point Rune Magic, or would their magic become cyclical in nature, allowing them to cast certain spells only during Earth or Storm Season or on certain days of the week?
  4. m0n0cular

    Orlanth without Ernalda?

    What do Orlanthi tribes do in lands where the earth isn't Ernalda? For instance, in Peloria or Ralios.
  5. Martin

    The Seven Stars

    Are the Seven Stars featured on the lunar coin in the GtG related to the seven stars of the Broken Ring and the Seven Star Birds that fly over Orlanth's head in his hall ?
  6. So, I came to Glorantha about a year ago after playing King of Dragon Pass (now easily one of my favorite computer games, and I've played a lot of them,) and purchased the Guide to Glorantha in July. I'm overall happy with it, though I have plenty of hang ups, one of them being the relative homogeneity of Orlanthi religious views, despite the lack of a centralized authority to enforce an orthodoxy. There are essentially three variations on Orlanthi religion as presented in the Guide; Heortling, Esrolian, and Malkioni/Orlanthi fusion. This just doesn't make a lot of sense to me. How can a people spread out over such a wide area and so often isolated from one another have so few permutations of their belief system? To illustrate how I think more perspectives on Orlanth and his worship by his followers could help the setting, I will point to The Elder Scrolls, which owes much to Glorantha, and a figure central to it's cosmology in the same way Orlanth is to Glorantha: Lorkhan/Lorkhaj/Shezzar/Lyg/Shor/Sheor. In the mythology of The Elder Scrolls universe, Lorkhan is at the center of the creation of Mundus, the mortal plane(t). What varies is why he did this, whether or not it was good, and how he did this. I won't go into great detail, but here are a few views on Lorkhan from various peoples: Altmer: Lorkhan tricked the Et'Ada into creating Mundus, and thus sacrificing their own power. He did so because he was evil and jealous. The Mundus is a prison and we must escape it. Triminac, a hero to the Altmer, tore out his heart in just revenge for his crime. He is the god of Men. Dunmer: Lorkhan tricked the Et'Ada into creating Mundus, and thus sacrificing their own power. He did so because he knew the truth of things, but the Et'Ada were so stuck in their ways that only evil and lies would convince them to do the right thing and create the testing ground of Mundus and the Psjiic Endeavor, which we must escape to learn the truth of things. Triminac, a hero to the Altmer, tore out his heart in anger. He is the god of nothing, for he is dead. Nords: Shor and the Et'Ada banded together in sacrifice to create Mundus and end the stagnation in the universe. The creation of the Mundus ensured an always-changing place, which would reset itself every Kalpic cycle and be created anew. He tore out his own heart in sacrifice. He is the god of warriors, leaders, and visionaries. I could go on. The point of this thread isn't to say "TES is better than Glorantha," because for one that's not productive, and for two I don't think that's true. Now the situation with Lorkhan is not the exact same as Orlanth; these views come from wildly different cultures, and have much less in common than the various Orlanthi peoples. My problem is, as stated before, the Orlanthi don't have nearly as much internal variation as they should, logically, and that the setting suffers for it. I think it might be helpful to think of the Orlanthi as being unified in much the same way old European mythologies are unified; most of them have some kind of storm god at the head of their pantheon, but have myriad variations on just who they are, what they're called, and what their personalities are like. TL;DR I feel that the various Orlanthi peoples are too similar to one another and that this hurts the setting and, frankly, makes the Orlanthi feel old and overdone. What do you think?