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Found 15 results

  1. In Varchep (Umathela, Pamaltela), it is said that Hero Varchep fought the Nighstalkers. what are they? Uz? Or some other horror that dwells in the region?
  2. Hi, I'm still not totally confident of how to see (and play) the Orlanthi in Umathela. When you look at most Orlanth Myth, it is a fight against Yelm or Chaos. And none of them are strongly prensent un Umathela. Chaos is more on Fonrit side (quite far for most Orlanthi in this area) and there is not Broos roaming in this area. The only solar good quite common is Yelmalio of the Aldryami. Then how young Orlanthi can learn to be Orlanth if the 2 main adversaries of their god are... not existant. Or the myths are totally different in the South than in the north (but the Orlanthi were imported around a 1000 years ago, therefore not that long ago to have totally different myths. Any idea from the Pamaltela Gourous here ;)
  3. "The future of Glorantha", the last chapter from the Glorantha book of HeroWars (2000), contains these lines : Never heard of this Serandarn guy before. Any other reference somewhere ? Nothing on Glorantha Wiki, nothing in the Guide...
  4. Martin Helsdon did a very great job in Google plus, by gathering many common creatures in Pamaltela (And Genertela) But I can hardly find any stats in the existing books (but I don't have them all). Here is the list Amebelodon shovel-tuskers, Anaconda, Andrewsarchus, Arctodus, Arsinoitherium, Baluchithere, Bat, Crocodile, Eland, field elephant, Fire Wren, Fish Eagle, Frog, Giant Sloth, Gigantopithecus, Glyptodon, Gomphotheres, Green Heron, Hippopotamus, Homotherium, Jaguar, Lion, Milk Antelope, Rhinoceros (two), Sea going crocodiles, Sky bulls, Sivatherium, Stegodon, Sun Fish People, Tiger, Titanothere, Trihorn rhinoceros, Vulture, Warthog, Wildebeest Thanks
  5. From what I have read, it seems that Pamaltela has more giant sized wild herd animals like dinosaures, and mesozoic type of animals (and also predators) than Genertela does. It seems that the Odayla cult would be slightly different in the Orlanthi regions of Pamaltela than in Genertela. Because hunting these giant beasts is not the same as hunting a deer or a boar. You need more men (or women), maybe traps. Also, a group of boar can do a lot of damage in a crop field. But a group of Daeodon or Chalochotere can do even greater damage in a field or in a orchard (without speaking of the big herbivorous dinosaures). Therefore I can easily imagine the Odayla cult being in charge of driving away these beast from any farm fields.
  6. Manu


    In the Guide, at the Umathela chapter, the list of population list the different kingdom/region/tribes. All are listed except the Ediruss Kingdom, East of Cerngoth. But the Kingdom is well int he maps (Page 624) with a population of 230k (not a small region) Is there a reason? Or is it just a error of the Guide?
  7. Hi, I plan to start a campaign in Maslo. In the GoG, it is said that 'they are of Agimori Physique'. I then imagined that they would be of dark skin, Like the one described in Jolar. But a few page later, there is a drawing of the grand harbor of Westel. And the people depicted there looks more like mesoamerican type (Mayas, Aztecs,..). Which I find nice. But then I'm don't know how to represent them (and how to describe them to my players, used to play in Sartar) Someone can clarify this for me?
  8. The Guide to Glorantha mentions the Six-fingered lineages among the Doraddi from Kothar, more precisely in the Ballesteros area. Do we know anything else about these lineages?
  9. I love the discussion about Mythical Pamaltela, but I like more 'mundane' information... In Umathela, the main Malkion School is Sedalpism. But is there other school present? On the barbarian villages, are the Thanes Henotheist?
  10. if I simplify a little, Umathela is Malkion/Orlanth (Orlanth mainly on the battle field) and Fonrit is Chaos (or Chaos friendly). The conflict is territorial (as in the Season wars), but also religious? Is Fonrit seen as 'Chaos' for the Orlanthists? (a little bit like the Lunar were invaders but also 'Chaos related'). the Slave (Fonrit) vs Freedom (Umathela orlanthists) is obvious. Is there Uroxi in Umathela? Because there is not big Chaos nest close by (except maybe Fonrit)?
  11. Starting a new topic. Vovisibor comes from Bandaku (Revealed Mythologies p40), the Enemy Mountain. Bandaku lies north of the Fense. At first blush, Bandaku seems to be another name for the Spike as the God Learners say but upon thinking, Revealed Mythologies doesn't contain a mythic history of Fonrit. Making Bandaku a mountain within Fonrit (I think it is now Kanem Dar) solves this apparent omission and also would be an an explicable error for the God Learners to make.
  12. What do artmali ruins look like, in Kothar or Zamokil? It was a brilliant and advanced civilization, I see ruins of huge and smart buildings with a science-fantasy aspect, strange mechanisms based on moonbeams energy, ruins of ports, boats and other Kirby-liked machinery... Many things are burnt or even molten because of the Firefall... [EDIT] I guess we could find marks of terrifying cults too, as the empire was corrupted by Chaos... What is your opinion?
  13. We know that women rule the Kresh wagons, and we know there is one matriarch at the head of each wagon / extended family (Guide vol. 2, p. 595). But : 1) Is there any "superior" matriarch / ruler? IMO everything is possible: in some caravans, power is very personalized, in others power is exercised more collectively. 2) Do the kresh families trace their lineage to a First Drinker, like other Doraddi? I'd say yes but am not sure.
  14. If we define a heroquest as a procedure to bring back a part of the God Time into our world, what can be (form, goals...) a heroquest in Jolar and Kothar? In these lands, the Gods' War seems to have had a weaker impact on the world: it is a world of plenty and peace and Pamalt is "alive" (although blocked in the "other world", like all the Gods) while Genertela is a land profoundly different from its God Time version, with wars and a dead "spirit", so that people need more to bring back the might and magic from the God Time. In comparison, in Kothar and Jolar, the frontier / difference between God Time and mundane world seems to be soft. So, why do the Dorradi perform heroquests? Neither for crops / cattle nor for war, at least not so urgently than genertelan people... Some answers that come to my mind: fight Chaos by re-enacting the magic of the Firefall or other anti-chaotic deeds re-enact events / deeds / magic from the Artmali period contact Agitorani who died during the God Time (the other ones are alive and can be found in the south of Pamaltela) contact powerful spirits / ancestors Comments / other ideas anybody?
  15. Hi, I'm reading (slowly, I know) the GoG. And sometimes I'm confused. For instance, the South of Pamaltela is a very hot place, even the water is on fire. But also, it is said that it is from the south that Chaos is invading the continent. Is Chaos coming from the fire?
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