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Found 3 results

  1. None

    Solar Campaign

    I've been toying with the idea of a solar campaign taking place in or at least focused on the characters and interests of characters from Dara Happa and/or other Pelorean areas therearound. The only problem is I on't nkow how Dara Happan and other pelorian cultures build their society and establish their territories or anything (or much of anything about theit gods compared to the Orlanthi, or even if there is much going pon there that you can make a story about. Do Dara Happans and other Pelorians have Tulas? Clans? Tribes? How do they think and what do they value? I immagine Dara
  2. The following is derived from reading Aelianus and Asclepiodotus: even in translation the meanings aren't always apparent, despite the drawings they helpfully provided. As such, even though modified for Glorantha, some of my interpretations are probably wrong. This assumes a Pelorian phalanx, with some of the counter-march orders arbitrarily associated with various gods or emperors. A phalanx requires drill and discipline to function, and is capable of performing numerous maneuvers upon command. Commands are given by voice, by trumpet or by the movement of the standard, or a combinat
  3. M Helsdon


    [Not canonical but derived from studying illustrations in RQ2, the Guide to Glorantha, etc.] A great variety of helmets are worn in central Genertela; the selection below is not definitive. Whilst certain designs are historically associated with particular regions, this does not denote the territory within which a particular helmet is found. A: Pelandan 1 is knowns as a pseudo-mostali, claimed to be based on the helmets acquired by Daxdarius, and now worn only by gladiators. 2-6 are hoplite helmets, and may be worn by phalanx soldiers across Peloria, Dragon Pass and Prax. B
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