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Found 1 result

  1. I have not played Runequest for many years but did for a good bit in the late 80's and early 90's. I am getting back up to speed and looking at setting up a campaign based in Backford. I love the idea of Aeolian Orlanthi but want to look into time frames and starting plots for the campaign. I hope to make it work so it starts before the Lunars invade say about the year 1600 with characters close to 20 years old. Possibly some of the older relatives have gone off to fight the Lunars in Sartar? I am thinking that one of the characters is a nephew of the Eorl of Backford and a poor noble or bastard. Maybe he is charged with fetching some fertility stones with another relative who is an initiate of Elmal from the Sundome. It's a stretch but would lead to so many interesting plot hooks. Dried fish is taken to Sundome to trade for fertility stones to help the aling argriculture around Backford? Does a trade triangle somehow require stops through Apple Lane? How do I better tie Backford to Sundome and Central Sartar? I am thinking for the campaign that Backford would not be a rocky crossing with the Syphon running to it but rather a smaller port with a actual wharf built at the ford with a bridge like the Roman Bridge of Córdoba (not as big) built over it with a toll gate of some sort? I don't have to follow Gloranthian Dogma 100% but I'd like it to at least be plausible. Any ideas or thoughts on expanding this would be great. Also, I tried to post a few photos but was not able to get the URL to take. For future is thee a trick to uploading something?
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