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Found 14 results

  1. The God Learners Podcast Episode 4: Writing Adventures in Glorantha is out, with three guests from the Beer With Teeth collective: Erin/Varanis, Dom/Rajar @Thaz and Diana/Berra @Diana Probst. We learn a bit more about their campaign(s), their characters and how their gaming has spawned an impressive catalogue of scenarios, not just on the Jonstown Compendium but even contributing the Crimson Petals scenario to Pegasus Plateau. We discuss a lot of the steps and methods that go into writing a scenario, including personal approaches to GMing, research, and the process of turning an idea into a product. If you're already subscribed to the God Learners in your podcast app of choice, you will most probably already have the episode on there by the time you see this. If not, how about subscribing today? 🙂
  2. Hello lovely people. I am thoroughly rubbish at this self-promotion malarkey, but wanted to share the Call of Cthulhu actual play podcast that I've been recording with an all round excellent group of players and keepers. I'm biased, but I think it might be a little better than the typical example of the genre. We're currently working through the new(ish) campaign from Chaosium, Children of Fear, and the plan is to intersperse episodes with some brilliant homebrew scenarios written by members of the crew. If that sounds like it might be up your street, why not check us out on https://www.starsareright.com/ The podcast is available in all the normal places (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts etc. etc.) and I'm told by the much younger and hipper cast members that we have all of the social media stuff. Please do give us a whirl and let me know how you find it. Much appreciated!
  3. Enter a podcast of wonder A grizzled old man with a poorly constructed box under his arm limps into the centre of the dusty square, coughs and wipes phlegm speckled lips, scratches his butt and spits. None of the busy merchants or their eager clients spare more than a suspicious glance in his direction. He places the box in the centre of the square and steps shakily on to it and it immediately falls apart with a crash spilling him bodily into the dust, with many loud and profane curses.. A couple of urchins run out and help him to his feet, fleeing after finding his purse as empty as it looked—the old man’s boots flailing on empty air instead of their butts as they disappear into the now gathering throng. The entire square begins to chortle, and then laughs begin to ring out, first one then another as he proudly brushes himself off while eyeing his now gathered audience. Figuring it to be as ready as it can be, he clears his throat and begins. “I am sure you have many questions” he begins in a surprisingly loud and sonorous voice… “yes, you over there. Speak up, hmm. Will it be dangerous, you ask,” “Will what be dangerous, you old fool”. retorts the surprised and befuddled merchant. Another demands to know, “What have you been smoking, old man. Make sense!" Ignoring these retorts, he continues his nonsensical speech to the confused throng, “Why yes, extremely dangerous. You ma’am, your question... am I qualified and is your safety assured, no and no.” he responds to a bemused woman holding a casaba melon in one hand whilst she shakes her bejeweled and braided hair, which dances about in a fetching way, gems sparkling as they catch the morning sun. “And you in the back, the timid one... excuse me, can you speak up, man, Ah yes I see, you ask has this been tested?” a small nebbishy looking chap with a scraggly beard and turban peers over the shoulder of a large woman. “Yes, that is exactly what, I ...” begins the startled and bewildered little man only to be shushed in mid-sentence by the large woman and then hurried away, feet scrambling to find firm ground to the amusement of all. “Great question, NO! Which is why I have assembled you all here: the bravest of the brave, true heroes all! Hear me now! “Our maiden voyage (and again louder) I SAY OUR MAIDEN VOYAGE on the good ship https://windwords.fm to the lands of Glorantha, will sail upon the roiling, bubbling and extremely dangerous waters of imagination and will depart as soon as you launch your browser and point it to, I SAY AGAIN, https://windwords.fm. and hit play or click on one of the many other fine choices of vehicles offered there such as the SS Spotify or your choice of Apple or Google Podcast, as well as a goodly selection of other podcasting services. Let them take you to a world of wonder as you voyage on the adventure filled seas of the Internet!” So come, leave the mundane behind! Enjoy your exercise routine for a change, forget your commuting hassles, make cooking an adventure and join @Joerg, @Bill the barbarian and @lordabdul as we explore the exotic and yet familiar world of Glorantha in a monthly podcast, discover the news and rumours of the adventure filled green lozenge, hear sages discourse on subjects divers and fascinating! In other words, let us entertain you by choosing your subscription of choice at @ https://windwords.fm. Give us your comments here, or at Tribe@windwords.fm
  4. Glorantha has talent, or at least that is the impression amongst our Wind Words podcast crew, and we thought, “why not bring this talent into the spotlight?” So…. It’s time for a contest! While our crack team of Mostali craftsmen build us an edifice to house your Gloranthan talent, and our Grey Beard sages argue the minutiae of the rules to judge the competition, and we select the judges with an eye to them being open-minded, unlike Yelm’s Court when Orlanth brought the raucous horn and the radical “new music” to "the contest” let us entice you with some details! It is my great pleasure and honour (by the grace of silver-tongued Issares and the ever entertaining Orlanth) to bring you this announcement of overflowing Gloranthan Goodness. Glorantha Has Talent? Wind Words is audio, and so is our first contest. Okay, so think of an audio friendly entry and how to make it happen. Now you have an idea for an entry, what’s next? What will you need? A computer, its recording software and a mic, maybe sound FX. found sounds, instruments and/or noisy friends. We are looking for jokes, filk songs, poems... the standard audio things and beyooooond: Heortling boasts or greetings, myths and folktales told around a crackling fire—you can add crackling fire to your audio files, yes? Plan up to 3 minutes of audio, keep it PG 13, use your imagination, wrap it up all in Gloranthan goodness and push record. We will accept almost any digital audio formatted entry (let’s say some of you are still operating on a a Wang computer, check with us to see is we can still listen to your file created on it) . Keep an eye here to BRP Central and an ear to our WInd Words’ podcast for more info and the rules in the coming weeks! Contact us at tribe@windwords.fm or here for questions, help, hugs*, validation* or encouragement. *Sorry no hugs or validation, Joerg is still open to smuggles Glorantha, let’s see that talent!
  5. Really enjoyed this amazing podcast, made me want to play a game I had really never heard of!
  6. Came across this podcast that I got hyped for. They just released the first episode and the hype was worth it. It features a few comedians and people from Fangoria. The first episode is not "spooky," but they are saying it will be a slow burn. Again, highly recommend! https://www.aintslayednobody.com/episodes/episode-1-an-occurrence-at-canutillo-bridge
  7. Heya folks! I just wanted to spread the word about a Horror on the Orient Express game I'm involved in, we play weekly and have been posting videos of it on Youtube and more recently in podcast format. We started in the Invictus Era where we played a prequel adventure and then moved onto the Gaslight Era where we did a second prequel (The Blood Red Fez) and are now into the main campaign in the 1920's. We've got a great group and GM, come on over and check us out! Find us here: Dungeons Deep RPG's YouTube and in podcast format: Dungeons Deep RPG's Podcast If you stop by make sure to give us a like and/or subscribe to help spread the word!
  8. We have a new Horror On The Orient Express campaign on the DungeonsDeepRPGs Podcast! We will be running the ENTIRETY of the game, and putting our own twists and such into the game. It will surely be unlike any HOTOE campaign you've seen. We are very granular and take our time to roleplay and investigate. Here's our Episode 1 Blurb and Apple Podcasts Link (it is available on all major podcast platforms): A Doctor, a Professor, an Illusionist, a Priest, and a WWI Demolitionist are brought together by a one Professor J.A. Smith to investigate some paranormal activity in Cornwall, England. What could possibly go wrong? https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/call-of-cthulhu-1-the-cornwall-carriage/id1470820702?i=1000444920143
  9. [PfP] – RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha 0 – Character Creation part 1: Play from Ponape begins character generation for its forthcoming RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha campaign set in and around Apple Lane. https://anchor.fm/play-from-ponape/episodes/PfP--RuneQuest-Roleplaying-in-Glorantha-0--Character-Creation-part-1-e49qq9 #PlayfromPonape #RuneQuest #Glorantha #AppleLane #Podcast
  10. Hi All I've just posted a RuneQuest Podcast to theGROGNARDfiles.com which features an interview with Rick Meints, president of Chaosium talking about how he started in RPGs and how his love of playing developed into running the company. There's also coverage of the RuneRites department in White Dwarf and an examination of the rules of Mythras. In the next part I'll be selecting 5 items from Rick's collection he played back in the day to discuss his experiences. I'll also be looking at Borderlands, which we played twice, 33 years apart. In other RuneQuest news, I also appeared on the Dissecting Worlds Podcast and ran an actual play of Gringle's Pawnshop for the RPG Academy, as part of their 'Trial' Series (coming soon - you can see a recording of the Twitch broadcast on their YouTube channel). Thanks, Dirk the Dice
  11. Hello! My friends and I have produce an actual play 7E Call of Cthulhu podcast called Other World London. The game follows the women of the Royal London Spiritualism Society as they pull back the veil between our world and the next. We edit each episode as well as add music and sound effects. If you're interested, you can check it out on one of these platforms: iTunes/Stitcher/Google Play/Listen Notes/Podbean/
  12. In the latest The GROGNARD files podcast, Mike Mason shares his experiences from his formative years of role-playing and how his fascination with horror, drew him towards Call of Cthulhu. INTRO 00.00.16We are returning to one of our favourite games, Call of Cthulhu, to consider what has changed for the game over the past 2 years, since the last episode.OPEN BOX (with Mike Mason) 06.00At the time of recording, Mike had just returned from his trip to NECRONOMICON and was fresh with the news of the great success for Call of Cthulhu at GENCON.ED’S BRAND NEW SHED 50.00Ed is the first of us to hit 50 and his family have treated him to a brand-new metal shed. He talks us through his Fungi From Yuggoth scrapbook. You can get Mutable Deception from Drive Thru RPG.GAMESMASTER’S SCREEN 01.08.00We’re on a Jolly Boys outing – this is the player reflections on playing the Fungi … campaign
  13. Hi All I have published a Podcast today that you may find interesting. http://wp.me/p4DjgL-83 OR https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-grognard-files/id1028591522?mt=2 It features a potted history of Stormbringer, my personal experience of playing, how White Dwarf in the UK covered the game and an analysis of some of the rules. Hope you enjoy it and listen to some of the other episodes. Thanks Dirk
  14. Two podcasts enter, one podcast leaves! The UK's finest podcast crews went head to head to have the world's most polite argument about whether there was too much Cthulhu in gaming. The Smart Party and The Good Friends of Jackson Elias dueled it out in front of a live audience, who weren't shy about getting involved and sought to answer this perennial question once and for all. Have a listen, see if you agree, tell us your thoughts! Imagine the worlds most polite rap battle with less dancing and more tentacles. Catch the recording from Dragonmeet here Listen out for golden nuggets from Chaosium's own Mike Mason and other luminaries!
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