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Found 1 result

  1. Yesterday my character Krys Noim ended up in a shabby 1930s dockside bar in downtown Glimminge, playing a game of poker with the gangsters running the place. This is how I did it. Using an extended conflict (with conflict pools calculated from characteristics), similar to the rules in Revolution d100, worked very well. 1. Choose the type of game - card games, dice, chess, etcetera. (This does not affect the following rules). 2. In a high-level gaming environment, a successful Gaming skill roll may be needed to be allowed to participate. 3. Calculate the conflict pools of all PCs involved: (INT+POW) divided by 2. This will be the equivalent of hit points, with Gaming as the "attack" skill. (A typical conflict takes 3-4 rounds to resolve - use INT+POW straight for the game to last longer). 4. Determine the "gaming stats" of NPCs as follows (if you don't already know them): Low-level/casual/beginner: Gaming 30%, Conflict pool 6. Mid-level/regular/knowledgable: Gaming 50%, conflict pool 11. High-level/proffessional: Gaming 70%, conflict pool 16. 5. Place your bets. The GM and players come to an agreement about the size of the bets. 6. Start playing! Use opposed rolls, with the highest success in Gaming skill winning the round. The winner deals 1d6 damage to every other participant (only roll damage once per round - everyone takes the same amount of damage). When a PC/NPC is reduced to a conflict pool of zero, s/he is out of the game. The last PC/NPC to have a conflict pool left wins the game. Now, either the winner takes it all, or the money is divided according to how many rounds each player won. (Example: Four players bet €100 each; €400 in total. The game lasted four rounds, with player 1 winning three (and winning the entire game) and player 2 winning one round. Player one gets €300 and player 2 €100. Or player 1 wins all €400). Cheating: To be able to cheat the skill Sleight of Hand is required. For every successful Sleight of hand roll, the cheater gets a +10% bonus on his/her Gaming skill the same round. Failure gives no bonus and the other card players will detect the cheating with a successful Spot roll. For more elaborate setups prepared beforehand, a larger bonus can be used. All in all, it turned out to be a quick and exciting way to resolve a situation like this. The actual dice rolling moment raised the intensity of the session in a way not far from a real poker game. At the same time it was fast paced enough to not bog down the scenario. (Krys Noim won big : ) His high Gaming skill (80%) saved him, despite his rather ordinary pool (11). The others may hold a grudge with him though... Not the best place to make enemies).
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