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Found 1 result

  1. Because I was told to sod off of the Gateways to Terror art discussion I didn’t comment further when one of my fellow gamers trashed H.P. Lovecraft in the Critical Role thread. Fortunately, someone else objected. Because it wasn’t the objector who was injecting politics into the discussion. The anti-Lovecraft comments are Exhibit A in my previous contention that political correctness ruins good gaming. Let’s think out this objectively for a moment. Howard Phillips Lovecraft was an imaginative writer who channeled his personal hurts and fears into gripping tales of horror and suspense. Flawed human being? Sure, but no worse than, say, President Woodrow Wilson. Both men were products of their time, and Wilson still has (at least at the moment) buildings and schools named after him. Lovecraft’s writings have inspired decades of horror and science fiction fans and more recently a couple generations of role-players. Lovecraft is not only the source material for the world’s first horror role-playing game (currently eclipsing D&D overseas!), but without him Chaosium would be a footnote in gaming history. RuneQuest had gone out of print, all its other licenses had expired, and Chaosium survived the Nineties and early Two-thousands solely as “The Cthulhu Company.” So here we are in 2019. Chaosium has revived, shiny new editions of Call of Cthulhu and RuneQuest are selling like (digital) hotcakes and gaining new fans. And someone feels the need to condemn the guy who made it all possible because he lived nearly a century ago and didn’t conform to trendy current notions of propriety? That’s just not right.
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