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Found 1 result

  1. WIth thanks to @RosenMcStern for reminding me about the canon cult this morning and @Rodney Dangerduck for being a victim of the cult. What the F@#k! Why the... so what are we to do here.. Well mockery seems to be a possible thread theme... But let’s keep “thumper” and "ghandi" ready to mind when mocking. Be nice, nothing personal nothing about someones handle or avatar or opinion. No attacking designers. Just the rules...but a rule that has become canonical that just ruins the feng shui of our table... So how’s. about something canonical that is pissing ya off. Nothing, what are ya a friggin saint? C’mon, use this area as therapy, or How has canon changed that has make you swoon and propose marriage on a BRP central Topic thread, hmmm? And don’t fear treacle, be sweet, cause diabetes .Fuck tha haters, knowwhatImean? So how has canon impacted yer day. How’s about something that is just canonical, Rosen and I were discussing Red Shirts, Canons and cults earlier and elsewhere and well this is a tavern, veer off canon and set yer course for the second star on the left and straight on to morning. and leave BRP for that matter. Star trek and canon, is that a thing? Possibly controversial, possibly therapeutic, with the above caveats and Thumper on yer shoulder... definitely yours... Let’s keep it nice so the admin does not need to shut it down. cheers
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