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Found 1 result

  1. My previous Manirian Scratchpad thread focused primarily on the Trader Princes, especially their potential Malkioni influences. This thread will be about the Pralori, the Elk Hsunchen that mark the boundary between Ralios and Maniria. This first post is going to basically be a "lit review" where I summarize what I know or can find about the Pralori in Glorantha products. While interpretation is inevitable, the amount of extrapolation in this post will be minimal. Commentary beyond pure attempts at summary will be italicized. Here is what I know from the Guide to Glorantha and Blood Over Gold. Is there anything else from Glorantha I should make sure I read / know. I don't pretend to have a comprehensive uderstanding of the Hsunchen. The Guide to Glorantha (I am treating this as the hard parameters to work within) General Hsunchen Culture Chapter All Hsunchen are hunter gatherers Many Hsunchen believe they were once animals or have animal souls A core shamanic responsibility is help people reconnect with that spiritual heritage Hsunchen have no hereditary status; at least in principle, one's success in life is about their personal actions. Matrilineal extended family networks are the primary form of social structure Social structure mirrors their animal Law has not been formalized Raiding is common, full scale war is very rare. Religion focuses on great spirits, local spirits ,and ancestor spirits Maniria Chapter The Pralori conquered the Entruli that survived the sea's sinking of The Sweet City I THINK this occurred before the Dawn? The Vathmai / Theyalans "liberated" the Entruli in 115. They sell their services as elite cavalry to the Trader Princes During the Second Age, they ruled Gualal and they were allied with the Lopers They are viewed as proud, arrogant, vicious, and fearsome. Both their warriors and shamans have a reputation for being powerful. This chapter tends to frame the Pralori as villains. The Pralori collect a toll from the Trader Princes at Highwater, and Highwater is the primary place to find & hire Pralori mercenaries The Pralori have grown wealthy off caravan tolls While they are nomadic hunter-gatherers, they use bronze and other goods from "civilized" societies much more than most Hsunchen. A Praloran Serpent Dancer (Shaman?) kidnapped Castelein's half-elven daughter, who was then rescued by Stephon. The motivations here will be fun to unpack The (human) Pralori ride their elk Other Chapters Time chapter Maps suggest Aldryami controlled what is now Pralorela at the Dawn, with the Pralori being in control of what is now Ryzel and sunken lands. There was a brief period of time where the Middle Sea Empire controlled Pralorela, creating a continuous overland route from Ralios to Maniria within the GL Empire. Ralios Chapter Pralori are confused with the Alekki Moos People, Cuz Big Mammals with Antlers? Pralori are less secretive than most Hsunchen Blood Over Gold (potentially useful non-canon) Pralorela also has a Damali Deer People population Elk totems among Wenelians suggest virility, dignity, and sensing danger Their shamanic tradition comes from Desdoval Antlerman Rites of passage involve awakening the Elk within, and symbolically integrating hunter and pray into the one, human Pralori I have NO idea: Is the hunter-hunted unification a common trope among other Hsunchen? Pralori can become elk. The unit is the herd gender egalitarian, until there's a formal meeting, and then the dominant male stag has final say Each herd has a bachelor herd of unmarried, young, male warriors Goal: win acceptance into the herd proper, or capture enough women to start their own herd Pralori mercenaries and bandits are usually bachelors Each herd has its own territory Pralori wander well beyond Pralorela Saint Caselein originally set out across Maniria to acquire a "Falangian Diamond" as a ritual tribute to "The Iron Elk." This doesn't really make sense given what is in the Guide regarding Castelein and the Pralori The Pralori supported Palangio / The Bright Empire / Nysalor / Gbaji Bastis is presented as being allied to the Pralori The Pralori conquered the Entrulings during the Silver Age Castelein was a master of ritual gifting / trade, and this is how he got through Pralorela
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