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  1. Ok, this is kind of a weird post. As a gamer I tend towards more realism and less fantastical elements in my games. I'm not a big fan of bikini armors and one-handed swords large enough to row a trireme, for example. A million years ago, before the advent of the internet, I played a Praxian Rhino Rider and decided to do some research into rhinos, their habits and so on. While I'm in no way an expert [I've only seen a rhino twice and I've never touched one], the research did give me some valuable insight on the breed and, by extension, the people who might use it as their totem animal.
  2. Taking this away from the Barbarian Town thread. I found I had to reconsider the Pol Joni story from the depiction of the incident in King of Dragon Pass (which has Derik as a member of your clan, and the loss of his parents as a result of Jaldon's Great Raid - which, reading the Tarsh section of CHDP, cannot have been the case, since Jaldon is described as a mercenary who betrayed his Tarshite patron when Derik already was part of Yanasdros entourage, and started his great raid after having visited Tarsh. It isn't quite clear whether this happened before or after Yanasdros took o
  3. An exercise in looking at how 'wide' the phases of the Red Moon are. The lines are not stationary but move (clockwise?) during the day and night. At the distance of Dragon Pass and Prax each phase is hundreds of miles across...
  4. Since there is no canon map of Moonbroth, I thought I would create one so my players and I had a better handle on what went where. In doing so, I used the terrific write-up on Moonbroth by Nick Brook and Malcolm Serabian, found in "Tales of the Reaching Moon 15, Part 2. Thanks for the original material go out to Nick and Malcolm! I have tried to stay true to the material found there, but I may have altered a thing or two for my campaign or because I misunderstood the authors original intent. I certainly have altered the political situation of Moonbroth to reflect my game, including the Lunars
  5. Chris Klug over on G+ asked for a list of Praxian gods with their runes. This prompted me to update my work-in-progress structure of the Praxian Tradition that I'm using for the Prax book. Some of the societies are mentioned in HeroQuest Glorantha, and this PNG puts them into the structure I'm using.
  6. One of the underlying themes of the Prax book is that Praxian animals are not Earth animals. They behave differently, eat differently, but look similar to their Earth counterparts. I do however need at starting point so that readers and players have some idea what I'm talking about: and then I came across this really cool site: http://prehistoric-fauna.com and more specifically http://prehistoric-fauna.com/Bison-priscus Are praxian bison an more ancient kind of bison like Bison priscus? The other bison form do exist in the Wastes certainly bison latifrons.
  7. BenS

    Day's Rest

    Is anyone aware of substantive information on Days Rest beyond the (relatively minimal) information in the more obvious sources (GtG; Cults of Prax; ToTRM; Drastic Resolutions; BRP Prax threads etc)? Canon or otherwise. Have my own ideas about the oasis folk and the local spirit, as well as the caravan and nomad camps (in 1626), but interested to see others and don't want to deviate unnecessarily from official versions. Any and all steers (or speculation) gratefully appreciated...
  8. Hey all. I'm setting up a campaign set in New Pavis for RQG in the next few weeks. My premise is that Argrath has just conquered the city, and has put out a call for adventurers for an expedition into the Big Rubble (amidst all the chaos of conquest and the loss of stability enforced by the Lunars). I could use some suggestions, advice, and brainstorming on a few topics: Good McGuffins to go ruin-delving for in the Rubble What sort of personality to play for Argrath & Co. Argrath's powers and skills (because I just know that at some point he'll need to be the 'bigger &
  9. Being born into a family with a refugee background and with one grandfather left missing in the aftermath of the war, I can relate to both these forms of trauma and hardship that result. The force that destroyed the homeland objectively was the True Golden Horde, and it had done so for about 20 years. The Orlanthi of southern Saird (aka northern Orlanthland/EWF) experienced years of more vicious occupation than the Lunar occupation of Sartar at the hands of the Pelorian invaders. Even though they were able to reclaim their territory north of the Death Line after the Dragonkill, what they
  10. To the wise Magi and Priests of Gloranthan lore: Well, after some adventures and misadventures in Talastar, Larkene, the Skanthi Wilds, Brolia and hellish Dorastor the surviving party members and two new characters to replace the departed player characters plus one NPC have their hearts settled on returning to Pavis County, the Zola Fel Valley and the Prax. They figure more than four years away is enough time to let the local authorities forget their past indiscretions and misdemeanors (even though they were more like anti-Lunar sedition, rebellion and out-right felonies). But here is the
  11. Some of the Plains Tribes of North America practiced "Counting Coup". This was a way of counting how many brave acts a warrior did. Quoting from Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Counting_coup): Counting coup refers to the winning of prestige against an enemy by the Plains Indians of North America. Warriors won prestige by acts of bravery in the face of the enemy, which could be recorded in various ways and retold as stories. Any blow struck against the enemy counted as a coup, but the most prestigious acts included touching an enemy warrior with the hand, bow, or coup stick
  12. mallion

    High Llama

    Hello sirs, High Llama of Prax plain is asumed to be a camelopard which now extinct on earth. Is it still true it's scientific (God Learnic) name in RQ3? And what "high" means? (tall or supreme or holy?)
  13. Ronance in my new campaign in Glorantha: First I am going to explain why i think Ronance's cult should be Issariess rune and Earth rune: a) Ronance was a God of fertility in Genert's Garden but when Genert was destroyed and the Garden blasted to pieces, Tada's Loincloth was lost and so were the fertility powers of Ronance. When Waha reknitted those pieces of the Garden he could find, the land was not the same. Genert was gone and Ernalda couldn't come back. Ronance keeps little fertility powers of his own thanks to his earth rune link but that does not makes him a Ferti
  14. When using real-world cultural referents and tropes to describe Prax for newbies, I think we all know the classic descriptors ... "a mix of Mongol Horde, Amerind Tribe, Bedouin, Australian Aborigine, Pastoral African tribes, with bits of other groups, plus some Glorantha-unique weirdness." But this IMHO neglects an element that is, I think, at least as important (and as recognizable to n00bs) as any of the ones above... Prax is a straight-up "post-apocalyptic wasteland;" you just need to wrap your brain around Prax's magico-mythical apocalypse story, instead of something
  15. David Scott


    Lots of interesting stuff coming up from the Pavis Plan thread on Adari: http://basicroleplaying.org/topic/5859-the-pavis-plan/?page=4#comment-86064 so I've started a new topic. Adari survived somehow through the Inhuman Occupation of Dragon Pass, so it must have been similar to the Praxian oases during that time - a barely self-sufficient agrarian community with a fertility connection and holy place, with the trade post function being an optional extra. This doesn't quite tell us what Adari was like during the time of Robcradle. The proximity of uz and aldryam
  16. A player in my game @Byll pointed this out to me the other day. Cults of Prax Appendix N: Varaneena Cow-Eye says "......An elf saw that and it led to friendship. Now we have worked out that they will return beast tails to us if we return elves we have freed from the Lunars." "What are the Lunars doing with elves as slaves, and obviously enough of them that there's a trade going on with freed ones? This must be somewhere in Prax as it can't be out in the Wastes (can it?). Intriguing to say the least. The elf that saw the singing to the narl flowers must have been at the Paps or A
  17. @Joerg and @davecake have led me to spawn a new conversation leaving the bison behind. When I started writing the Prax book I was told to limit my sources to those considered canon. So Cults of Prax, nomad Gods 1, basically the old Chaosium stuff, Greg's notes, a load of cool unpublished stuff and asking Greg. Some stuff is specifically excluded as well. One of the first thing I did was look at the rune affinities of the tribes. All of the major tribes have these affinities as you are aware and the morokanth's is Darkness. Under HeroQuest Glorantha this means it's their dominant elemental
  18. In Sartar Rising Part 1, Barbarian Adventures (november 2001) theres was an interesting list of prophesies from the Priestess of Kev. Has any of them come true or better yet, did you find an interesting way to use them in your game? From a secret hearth on the north-western borderlands of the Cinsina, forty-nine Vingans are dispatched to the clans of Sartar, each to seek men and women of courage. Commanded by an exiled queen, they draw strength from the new secrets of an old myth. In the hills above Whitewall, three exhausted men and a maid of spears together swear an oath
  19. Some of you might be interested on the current work on the Prax book. I've been mainly working on the Praxian history section. You might think that we knew plenty about this kind of thing because of the Guide and the Pavis book, but it turns out that most of the history is Pavis / Zola Fel Valley-centric. Some areas are completely blank in the Praxian's history - Who and what was/is Jaldon, Sheng Seleris and his influence, the migrations into to the Wastelands and the Praxians interactions with their neighbours. Some of this will go into the book, the rest will provide a basis as to what is cu
  20. I just read an interesting entry in Wikipedia: Given the scarcity of resources on Prax, I wonder if the animal nomads would do something similar? Anyone out there with serious experience as a butcher have any suggestions?
  21. Here is a table of 1d20 random events that I created for my Brightwater game set in the River of Cradles. They owe a fair bit to King of Dragon Pass! Every one of the 20 is a hook for further action of a number of sorts. Depending on how it is presented, the 'hook' can act as quest, or reward, or opportunity - kicking off different kinds of adventure depending on how the characters respond to it. For example, entry #1 could be a dire portent of a raid delivered by a wandering shaman, a warning that a great spirit has awakened an attempt by the shaman to extort money or treasure, even a w
  22. Rather than hijack Martin's (@M Helsdon) excellent thread I thought to start a new thread around this topic - Praxian swords. The first place to start is the Task of Waha most used for initiations and Khan making - Waha and Death (HeroQuest Glorantha page 170). The basic outline of the Task is: and the Task itself currently looks like this: Where do the swords they find in the marshes come from - mostly they are left there by Praxians themselves - offerings to Waha. This is one of the reasons that Praxians continue to steal / buy / acquire metal weapons from others, eve
  23. This is an isometric style map I did of the settlement that is home for the PCs in my campaign based in the River of Cradles. It is rough (m yfirst such map) but gives you the idea, and some ways is better than a typical overhead-style map, at showing some of the character of the place. Brightwater was begun by the player characters at the start of the campaign. They were recruited by a number of high-ranking Lightbringers to create, grow, maintain and protect a settlement in the River of Cradles, somewhere near the territory recently claimed by the Lunar Administration in Pavis. I am usi
  24. Been around a while. Read a lot. Here's what I know about Jaldon: He hates cities. He has a weird mount, a weird sword, weird spirits. He might be Waha. He can unite the tribes. He learned how to magically make teeth, and has some magic that let him (or was it Jorbal Rhino-khan?) chew through the walls of Pavis. And that's it. I think he's a sub-spirit/hero cult of Storm Bull, that his followers tattoo their faces into skulls, and they're berserks. But maybe not. Has there ever been a writeup? And I'm not asking for anyone to quote chapter & verse of the 300 w
  25. g33k


    Prepping for a new Glorantha/Prax campaign -- wherein nobody but myself has ever played more in Glorantha than 1-off adventures at general-RPG 'Con's -- I had a sudden thought. I wrote in my "brief overview of Prax" for them: Morokanth - The only non-Humans to have become Eaters under Waha's Compact. They herd placid, herbivorous, non-sentient Men as their Herd-Beasts! Men are ill-formed to be riding beasts, so the Morokanth are charioteers. I also thought that the Gern might well become physically-stronger -- like Agimori, basically -- so they'd be more-apt for Beast-lik
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