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Found 4 results

  1. Peggy and I have begun work on our first non-Gloranthan QW project. It's something a little strange and different, but we're hoping folks will like it! Work is still progressing at pace on Lances at Dusk, the 2nd book of the Jaldonkiller's Saga, too. We're trying to make the best of my current job situation and the pandemic. The challenge leads to the solution, and all that!
  2. Valley of Plenty for sale! Click the link if you are so inclined. POD will be available as soon as we receive our proof copy. Valley of Plenty is a campaign source book for Glorantha written for the QuestWorlds rule-system. It is completely compatible with HeroQuest: Glorantha and easily adaptable for use with RuneQuest: Glorantha. The lovingly detailed presentation of the Dundealos tribe’s culture and community is system agnostic. Valley of Plenty is the first book of The Jaldonkillers Saga, a grand campaign that follows the careers of a band of player characters through the destruction of their tribe, its reconstitution in exile, and the effort to reclaim its lost lands and glory. The saga begins in 1602 and stretches to the Dragonrise and beyond. It is intended as a vehicle to support the development of characters from childhood to Herodom in a fluid but consistent setting, in which players can experience adventures ranging from slice-of-life challenges to world-changing conflicts. This book details the adventures of a closely-knit clique of youngsters, the Wildlings, from their early childhood through their adulthood rites. Along the way, GMs and players learn about the culture and community that produced the Wildlings in a natural, organic progression. Neither the GM or their players are forced to drink lore from a firehose. Valley of Plenty features: Detailed description of the Elmal worshipping Dundealos tribe and the Horse Orlanthi Learn the a Non-Orlanthi Sartarite culture by beginning play as a Dundealos child Alternate rules for creating child characters Organic development of PC community and family relationships Adventures with escalating risks based on character age Elmal-oriented adulthood rites of the Dundealos Cult descriptions for Elmal, Redalda, and Drogarsi from a non-Orlanthi perspective New shamanic tradition write-up, including spirit societies New cult: Andred Extensive player handouts based on character age 7 scenarios and 6 additional scenario seeds Buckets and buckets of frogs! Potential triggers in Valley of Plenty include: The interlude charts refer to the deaths of parents and/or siblings. If this is problematic, replace those results with ones of your own. The Manhunt episode revolves around a young boy who is kidnapped to be sold into slave labor. Player characters could face this threat as well. Note that the boy and PCs are in no danger of becoming slaves, but the threat is there.
  3. I've found a few blog entries by Ron Edwards, and I found a few videos of his on Youtube, but does anyone know if there is a text of the game anywhere, or if there is a timeline for it to be released? Is anyone else making or thinking of making a QW Supers game? I just thought I should ask.
  4. There have been a lot of questions about QW character creation on the various Glorantha related FB pages, so I wrote up a step-by-step walk-through and posted it to my blog. If you're interested, you can find it here: https://dscarpenter.wordpress.com The character I use in the example isn't Gloranthan. She's an Operator that will feature in a small project I'm working on. I think it's still useful for Gloranthan players, though, and demonstrates that QW can handle any genre.
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