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Found 4 results

  1. So, I'm not an expert on Ralios, and there's not a ton written about it in the publications I have. In another thread, I would love to get a handle on the 3rd Age history of Ralios, but in this thread, I'd like some help figuring out how the Hero Wars unfold there. My knowledge is mostly limited to the "Hero War Begins" sidebars in the Guide. The stated events are The Five Arkats, the Swarm, One God One King One Empire, and Hezel Darong far to the east. I can wrap my head at least a little around all of them except the Five Arkats. This is what The Guide says: My understan
  2. I'm looking to run a game set in Safelester. I'm trying to find a "look and feel" for miniatures for the westerners. I use Ancient Germans (and some Gauls) for Orlanthi, Babylonians/Assyrians for Lunars (not needed for this game), Classic Era Greeks for the Sun Dome Temple. What seems appropriate for the west? Mostly I need bandits and soldiers from the city-states, but Seshnegi warriors and wizards would be useful as well. Any suggestions?
  3. As I continue working on the sequel to Armies and Enemies, I am finding it necessary to dig as deep as I can into Western mythologies. It has struck me that many of the gods of the Enerali, the Enjoreli, and others are slightly unfamiliar aspects of already well-known deities. The ones I find most intriguing, and the most controversial are the Solar deities. Ehilm is obviously Yelm, but then there are Ehilm's son and daughter, Galanin the Sun Horse, and Galana, also the Sun Horse - due to a difference in pantheons between the Korioni and Vustri, and perhaps because the former backed
  4. I'm looking to put together a Ralios campaign (probably focused around Safelster for the most part) and, after reading through the Guide, Argin Terror and Tinaros strike me as two very undefined areas but very cool ones nonetheless. This is mostly just me putting some thoughts up and looking for criticism / comments. Argin Terror & Tinaros Argin Terror is known as the Nightmare Sorcerer or the Son of the Devil. He is the titular ruler of Tinaros due to his lack of interest in mundane affairs resulting a series of ambitious tyrants ruling the city for him. He is the son of the wid
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