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Found 3 results

  1. I'm looking to run a game set in Safelester. I'm trying to find a "look and feel" for miniatures for the westerners. I use Ancient Germans (and some Gauls) for Orlanthi, Babylonians/Assyrians for Lunars (not needed for this game), Classic Era Greeks for the Sun Dome Temple. What seems appropriate for the west? Mostly I need bandits and soldiers from the city-states, but Seshnegi warriors and wizards would be useful as well. Any suggestions?
  2. As I continue working on the sequel to Armies and Enemies, I am finding it necessary to dig as deep as I can into Western mythologies. It has struck me that many of the gods of the Enerali, the Enjoreli, and others are slightly unfamiliar aspects of already well-known deities. The ones I find most intriguing, and the most controversial are the Solar deities. Ehilm is obviously Yelm, but then there are Ehilm's son and daughter, Galanin the Sun Horse, and Galana, also the Sun Horse - due to a difference in pantheons between the Korioni and Vustri, and perhaps because the former backed Ehilm in the competition with Erulat over Mata the Green Lady, and the other backed Erulat... Now, in central Genertela, in Saird and Dragon Pass, the Son of the Sun is Yelmalio, who seems to be the same god as Kargzant (and Elmal, but let's not go into that). It seems that Galanin is another aspect of Yelmalio - same association with horses, but a very different cultural legacy, but that may be an example of a cultural lens affecting how a god is perceived. The Yelmalio cult has inherited the patriarchal chauvinism of Dara Happa, which isn't present in Ralios where the religions seem to have always been a bit more... lively and orgiastic. Galanin was also defeated at some time by Erulat/Orlanth and so the Orlanthi have his horses elsewhere, looked after by Orlanth's daughter, and.... Elmal What of the Daughter of the Sun? As the 'sister' of Galanin, it seems very possible that she is an aspect of the goddess also known as Yelorna. The unicorn-riding aspects of Yelorna seem to have been sponsored by the elves, and that cult fought and lost badly against Arkat in Ralios. Yelorna's cult aren't just unicorn riders, as there's a female cavalry regiment riding horses in the Lunar Army. Again, Galana in Ralios is very different from Yelorna, but it is possible that Yelorna is Galana seen via another cultural lens. Despite the Estali League apparently worshipping Galanin, they are ruled by queens, much as the Vustri were, after Queen Nusa had to flee in the Darkness.
  3. I'm looking to put together a Ralios campaign (probably focused around Safelster for the most part) and, after reading through the Guide, Argin Terror and Tinaros strike me as two very undefined areas but very cool ones nonetheless. This is mostly just me putting some thoughts up and looking for criticism / comments. Argin Terror & Tinaros Argin Terror is known as the Nightmare Sorcerer or the Son of the Devil. He is the titular ruler of Tinaros due to his lack of interest in mundane affairs resulting a series of ambitious tyrants ruling the city for him. He is the son of the widow of the Count of Jorglaban (the former ruler of Tinaros), born when his mother sacrificed her three children in 1597 to get revenge after her husband and his fleet were sunken to the depths of Lake Safelster by the Partan Fleet. It is known that when he spoke his first word the Partan fleet was sunken (by the Estali League) and that when he first walked Partan itself was razed (again, by the Estali League). As he treats all religion with equal disdain, cults not welcome in other parts of Safelster are "welcome" in Tinaros. It is said that he waited for his mother to die before he started to conquer the world but that he ate her post-mortem which means he is in endless magical battle with her spirit. Interpretation The thing about Argin Terror is that he doesn't actually seem to have done anything approaching chaotic. There's multiple ways to interpret his actions and the rumours surrounding him: - Mundanist Interpretation: Argin Terror is a normal man with no interest in rulership who has locked away after being raised by a grief-stricken overbearing mother. His sibling's deaths were unfortunate accidents and all the ideas about him being the spawn of the Devil and a chaotic creature are just unfortunate rumours invented by a people who don't understand someone with no interest in power. - Literalist Interpretation: Argin Terror is the spawn of the devil who is locked in magical combat with his mother's ghost after he devoured her post-mortem. One day he will defeat his mother and stride across Ralios and then the world bringing a new Great Darkness. - Personal Interpretation: Argin Terror is an inherently Chaotic and powerful being created by his mother in some unholy ritual. To me, he's a Wilbur Whateley-esque figure in appearance. He has a desire for conquest and rulership and so he does not want to be ruled by his Chaotic nature. He is currently seeking the path to Illumination. The reality of it is that when he reaches it he will bring that new Great Darkness... But on his own terms. Tinaros also allows some leeway in interpretation. It could be a cess pool of chaotic cults and murder or it could be a harshly ruled city-state with many shrines to unholy cults and it likely shifts depending on whatever tyrant is currently in charge.
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