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Found 2 results

  1. I have recently tried some of the planet generators that's floating around the web. Here are the ones I found most useful. http://topps.diku.dk/torbenm/maps.msp Quite simple web-based generator. Not so many parameters to change, but it's still one of my favorites. Images can be in a multitude of projections and color schemes, and the land masses look good. With a bit of photoshop adjustments the end result can get very good. "Bump map on land only", "Non-linear altitude scaling" and coastal contour lines are fine additions to the images. Planetary Generator 4 (for Filter Forge) For photo-realistic blue planets, this is the best planet generator I have found. It has a lot of parameters, but never feels difficult. Optional cloud layer looks very good, and is highly tweakable. Photo-realism, as is often the case, takes some time to render though. The biggest drawback is that it's not free: The generator itself is free, but you need Filter Forge 4 to run it. The good thing is that you can try Filter Forge free for 20 days. It would also have been very useful to be able to export a rectangular map of the entire planet - hopefully it will appear in version 5. http://wwwtyro.github.io/procedural.js/planet1/ Web-based generator with a lot of controls. With this one you see the resulting planet directly as a rotating sphere, and the resolution goes up to 4000 pixels. You also get four different image maps, if you know how to utilize them (in a 3d program for example). My two biggest problems are that the GUI is a bit difficult, and that the actual maps just doesn't look very good. I might have to spend some more time with it, but so far I've not been very lucky with this. I would also have liked to try AstroSynthesis (as it is supposed to be very good), but as there is no Mac version, it wasn't possible.
  2. Random Call of Cthulhu Spell Table: (For tomes, ect. Roll d100) 1 - 2 Black Binding: 3 - 4 Bless Blade: 5 - 6 Cast Out Devil: 7 - 8 Command Animal (choose variety): 9 -10 Command Dhole: 11-12 Command Ghost: 13-14 Consume Likeness: 15-16 Contact Deep One: 17-18 Contact Ghoul: 19-20 Contact Gnoph-Keh: 21-22 Contact Mi-Go: 23-24 Contact Rat-Thing: 25-30 Contact Deity - 1-2 Contact Cthulhu: - 3-4 Contact Nodens: - 5-6 Contact Nyarlathotep: - 7-8 Contact Tsathoggua: - 9-10 Contact Y’Golonac: 31-32 Create Gate: 33-34 Create Mist of Releh: 35-36 Create Scrying Window: 37-38 Create Zombie: 39-40 Curse of the Stone: 41-42 Deflect Harm: 43-44 Dominate: 45-46 Dread Curse of Azathoth: 47-48 Dust of Suleiman: 49-50 Elder Sign: 51-52 Eye of Light and Darkness: 53-54 Find Gate: 55-56 Fist of Yog-Sothoth: 57-58 Flesh Ward: 59-60 Grasp of Cthulhu: 61-62 Heal: 63-64 Levitate: 65-66 Mind Transfer: 67-68 Powder of Ibn-Ghazi: 69-70 Red Sign of Shudde M’ell: 71-72 Resurrection: 73-74 Send Dreams: 75-76 Shrivelling: 77-78 Soul Singing: 79-80 Summon/Bind Byakhee: 81-82 Summon/Bind Child of Yig: 83-84 Summon/Bind Dark Young: 85-86 Summon/Bind Dimensional Shambler: 87-88 Summon/Bind Fire Vampire: 89-90 Summon/Bind Hunting Horror: 91-92 Summon/Bind Nightgaunt: 93-94 Summon/Bind Servitor of the Outer Gods: 95-96 Summon/Bind Star Vampire: 97-98 Voorish Sign: 99-00 Wither Limb:
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