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Found 1 result

  1. I've decided to involve my RuneQuest players in the events of the Hero Wars surrounding the New Artmali Uprising in Fonrit. In my Glorantha the heroic blue rebel Gabaryanga, having heard through travelers' tales of the Teshnite explorer Gebel's quest to recover the long-lost Red Sword of Tolat, began a Magic Road quest to meet up with Gebel and join his expedition. After venturing alone through the otherworlds Gabaryanga arrived at the Pairing Stones in Prax during Sacred Time, and followed the line of the Zola Fell to find himself in New Pavis, where Argrath White Bull offered him guest rights without directly integrating him into the carefully choreographed Sacred Time ceremonies. Before he set out on his magical journey Gabaryanga learned that Gebel was last heard to have ventured into the Wastes between Prax and Teshnos. Gabaryanga seeks Argrath's support to lead an expedition (which the player characters may be a part of) into Vulture Country to find Gebel's explorers and help them find the fabled sword of the Red Planet. In the meantime, Gabaryanga is repaying the White Bull's hospitality by helping to facilitate Blue Moon magic (which one of the player characters, an Ernaldan durulz assistant shaman, participated in). I have access to the Guide to Glorantha and Revealed Mythologies, the best sources (to my knowledge) on the subjects of the Artmali, Pamaltela, Fonrit, the Sword of Tolat, and Gabaryanga's quest to restore Artmal in the Hero Wars. I'm aware that in 'canon' Gabaryanga and Gebel meet and collaborate on a great quest across the world and otherworlds to find Artmal at the Lake of Fire, heal him, and return him the sword Tolat gave him in the Gods Age. In canon these events precipitate the New Artmali slave rebellion in Fonrit, as a healed Artmal gives the Veldang slave population the power to undo Fonritian slavery magic and mount a serious bid to free themselves from a thousand years of Ompalam-empowered enslavement. In canon the initial success of the revolt fades as the Fonritian slavers indulge in worse and worse Chaotic magic, and Gabaryanga is seduced by Seseine Kallig, arch-priestess of the goddess of seduction, into delving into the Artmali's own Chaotic sorcerous past to keep the revolt alive. What I'd like to know more about, in order, are: 1) Any obvious sources, other than the Guide and Revealed Mythologies, on the subjects of the Veldang, Artmal, the Blue Moon, and Tolat worship in Teshnos. 2) Any more detailed accounts of the quest for the Red Sword and its outcome than what's printed in the Guide or Revealed Mythologies 3) RuneQuest mechanical resources for any of the above topics--rune cult write-ups for the Veldang version of Blue Moon worship, or the cults of Artmal or Tolat, would be great, for instance 4) In the absence of official published material on the above subjects, I'd be happy to hear commentary and speculation from the tribe regarding the quest for the Red Sword and the restoration of Artmal
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