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Found 1 result

  1. Back in 2015 @Jeff wrote a post in another forum..... So in the Moon Design house campaign at the Festung Berlin headquarters, we got to really push the new Illumination rules for HeroQuest Glorantha (more on that soon). While aiding Argrath in finding a "pseudo-cosmic egg" they needed to follow the dissolution of the God-Soul down to the lowest level of the Stygian Basement and follow it/bring it to the Void. Dreading a confrontation with Argan Argar (since they had a piece of the Only Old One in their possession), the priestess Kassandra led them to the Cavern of Silence, where they demanded to know the Path Forbidden to the Gods - the Red Door to Beyond. They dissolved into Nothing but managed to more or less will their re-existence. With some assistance, they entered the Void and awakened their Third Eye, returning to Belintar's basement where they have discovered the egg. So now we have three Illuminated characters - a queen, a high priestess, and a Chalana Arroy healer. We have an Illuminated but dying Trickster (poisoned by the snake of the high priestess after he betrayed her on the quest and the now-Illuminated healer is refusing to heal the character), and a totally sane, unilluminated bodyguard/assassin who is too entangled with his need for vengeance against another queen to accept these mind-bending revelations. In other words, just a regular day in our HQG campaign. NOTE: I hesitate to even try to describe how the Ernalda high priestess used her Fertility Rune breakout ability, augmented by her Earth Rune, to overcome and extinguish the Guardian of Fire. Or how the entire party nearly drowned in blood when they slew the Guardian of Earth. Or what abilities the players chose to reconstruct their ego-self. Or how paranoid the Red Shift Servants made them, or how freaked out they were by the Troop of Innocents. Did anyone here play in this game? If so, i would welcome them to message me thank you.
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