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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, I've been GMing Runequest Glorantha for about a year now, and I've been really enjoying the system. It gets over a lot of the issues that DnD 5e (which I have much more experience with) has, and the greater level of simulation aligns way more with what I try to get out or Role Playing. There are however a number of rules that I've found either frustrating or unnecessary, and have replaced with homebrew versions that much better suit my group. There is however one rule that I've been thinking about how to replace pretty much since day one, which is resistance rolls. I really like the success level system employed throughout the game, it really helps the flow as for most interactions I don't need to know what my players skills or attributes are, just whether their roll was a success or fail. Resistance rolls however break this mold completely, and every time they've come up in game (which is a lot), they've always been kind of awkward. I've been trying to think of a less awkward solution for quite a while, but I've never managed to come up with one that would achieve similar results. I think I've finally got one though, but I thought I'd run it past the forum before trying it with my group, just in case there's some horrible consequence that I haven't considered. So the main reason as I can see it that resistance rolls don't use contested rolls like everything else, is that contested rolls have the possibility of a tie, which doesn't really work for what resistance rolls are trying to achieve. This gets even worse when high power creatures and players are around, as ties tend to become even more common as skills increase. Perhaps we could get around this by just redoing the check whenever there's a tie, but such a system would surely destroy the tension whenever any more powerful opponents are faced due to the sheer number of rerolls required. But what if we reintroduce the tension by making the reroll a choice on the attackers side, and a choice which they have to spend one magic point for each time they make. This would make contests between individuals of high power still feel significant, rather than the current system which treats all equal power contests the same, and although large amounts of magic points could end up getting used I figure it wouldn't matter much, since high power players have a lot of MP anyway. So in summary, my replacement rule would be to make a contested roll and in the case of a tie, the attacker may choose to conduct another contested roll for the price of one magic point. I'm yet to consider how this would work for other kinds of resistance rolls, but they are far less common in my group than POW vs POW. Let me know what you think, and if you see any glaring issues that I've failed to consider. Advice on how to use the resistance table more efficiently would also be appreciated, I'm fully open to the possibility that I've just been missing something this whole time and it's actually really convenient to use.
  2. Hi, Do the Magic Points stored in a Sorcerer's Staff count alongside the Sorcerer's own MP when making Resistance Table rolls. e.g. a Sorcerer with POW 17 has 17 MP and a fully charged Staff containing 16 MP. Does this mean the Sorcerer's MP equals (17+16=) 33 on the Resistance Table? I can't find any reference to this in Magic World, SB5 or the BGB. Any suggestions or house-rules for this would be very useful. Thanks, Colin
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