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Found 1 result

  1. Hi fellow dabblers in the arcane craft of rule design, after reading through the download section I felt brave and will post a new rule my group will be using in the next campaign. RESOLVE What How determined is a character to accomplish his goal? Resolve(points) are a measure for that. See a friend get killed or multiple plans go south, your resolve decreases. A pat on the back or a rallying speech and up it goes again. Why Something that bothered me for a long time is "hero willpower". A pc hero just couldn't be broken or indimidated. Players could restrict themselves, but that needed borderline method acting to be somewhat accurate and consistent. Why not just POW? POW has many tie-ins and there is no need to be super tight. PP are used for magic and stunts*, adding another thing would be too much. *another house rule I shamelessly stole (from Dragon/Fantasy Age) How A character starts with as many Resolve Points (RP) as his highest attribute score. //I'm not married to this, must be something. This sound better than just 12. Many situations in- or decrease a character's resolve (RP). The mechanism is based on the sanity rules. 1d4 "Uh-Oh" - hit in combat, being frightfully intimidated 1d6 Nasty Suprise - being ambushed 1d8 Major Setback - BBEG kills a hostage 1d10 No Way Out - Huge Beast blocks path --- 1d4 Pat On the Back - after a victory 1d6 "That went well" - crossed antagonist's plan, a big reward is promised, a skilled rallying speech 1d8 Mission accomplished - long time goal reached 1d10 Unbeliveable Luck - mostly if PC get away with something awesome Additionally there is the possibility to loose maximum resolve (RP) for example if a friend dies in action. It can increase through major victories - or a simple lengthy break from constant danger. Do you have used something similar? What are your thoughts?
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