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Found 15 results

  1. Hello there! I have setup a community Discord server for all our Revolution D100 needs whenever a real-time chat might be required! The server may still be slightly barebones, but it should suffice for now. 😜 The below link is set to never expire: https://discord.gg/SDUVYM5Q5r I hope that the Revolution D100 creator (@RosenMcStern) is alright with this addition. 🙂
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is a Package to play Revolution D100 and other D100 games in most ancient and mythic Mesopotamia. Excuse my broken English.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    All the resources you need for a stunning samurai campaign with Revolution D100.
  4. Hello forum, just a few things I found in the Revolution d100 pdf. p.45: third paragraph references to a flow chart for advanced combat. The reference is to the table shown on page 52. p.48: Roll for Effect table, 'Attacker' and 'Defender' should be exchanged when reading the outcome p.48: third paragraph, change 'thread' to 'threat' p.50 (explanation): 'Effect of a Simple Conflict' refers to the Combat example on p.41 in the fourth paragraph, not to the example on p.49 p.83: Determining Resolution Points should read: "Calculate basic Resolution Points by adding up a character’s DEX and CON, and divide by two, rounding up." [edited 15-Dec-2016]
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Here's a character sheet omitting all fields for the Advanced Combat rules of the genuine RD100 Character Sheet. Good if you use only the Basic/Narrative Combat in your games and need that extra bit of real-estate on the paper. The Sheet itself was derived from the original one, only minor changes in Layout have been done.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Ideas for Supernatural Powers, Character Qualities (Advantage system) and Character Death in Basic/Narrative Conflicts. No core rules are changed, all rules simply show how to use the flexibility of the RD100 system.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Quick Reference sheet and rules summary for the Revolution D100 system.
  8. After the UK Games Expo, Merrie England: Robyn Hode is available as pdf, at last. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/213676/Merrie-England-Robyn-Hode Don't wait: you can now join the Merrie Men electronically, no need to go to Sherwood and sleep in the open. Beware, though: sheriff@nottingham.co.uk may be on your trail.
  9. The Red Moon waxes on the dunes of Imara and wanes on the steel belly of Ashul. Where will the path of adventure lead you? Inaugurating a series of cross-media products based on Alephtar Games' new Revolution D100 game system, this supplement brings the world of the Red Moon Rising web comic, created by the talented Scottish artist Rose Loughran, to your gaming table. Get ready to take the role of ruthless soldiers, daring airship captains, powerful battle mages or brave insurgents in a world of steampunk adventure and human feelings. Will you fight for Imara, for Ashul or simply for your survival?
  10. So, the year-long struggle between the Alephtar forums and international spammers has come to an end. With a crushing (albeit pyrrhic, as they now have one less forum to spam) victory for the bad guys. I could not even recover the messages there, as the provider deleted the overloaded database while I was purposefully without connection for one week - floating internetless in the Gulf of Castellammare. Nothing too bad, as the biggest use the forums saw for the last two years was Smiorgan organising an online Elric game, but it still bugs me a little. The link on the front page has been redirected towards this forum, at least temporarily. What do people think? Is a new forum necessary to discuss RD100 rules or does this one suffice?
  11. And what better way to end the year than making a new setting available? The Shade Land lies under a cover of impenetrable clouds where dwells the Dark Goddess, mother of the ruling race of dark elves known as Sha'zir. Here creatures of darkness lurk in the shadows, from poisonous dragonkind to huge insects. And here mankind has retreated to the highlands, where it breeds giant featherless birds as mounts, in a fight for its very existence. This introductory Fantasy setting includes: Dark cult examples Monks of the Order, a unique blend of arcane magic and martial arts Necromancy Flying Mounts Giant Insect statistics and many more "dark" fantasy elements that you can insert into your Revolution D100 campaign or easily adapt to any percentile-based RPG. The setting is 40-page long and is released as PDF-only, available on DriveThruRPG/RPGNow . A saddles-stitched print version is possible but not planned yet.
  12. Check-list: Booth at Dragonmeet 2016 .......... booked! Flight for London ...........booked! Shipment to London for books ...........arranged! Revolution D100 core manual ...........SENT TO THE PRINTER! We are happy to announce that Revolution D100 will debut at Dragonmeet 2016 on Saturday December 3rd, Novotel London West, Hammersmith, London. We will be at the booth labelled "RPG Meeting / Wild Boar" with Revolution D100, Dare the Stars and other great RPGs and supplements. Ulule Contributors who attend Dragonmeet will be able to get their copy there (ok, if you really insist I will also sign it). Please warn us in advance that you want to receive it at Dragonmeet. We will ship the copies for all other pledgers in late November or at most on the second week of December. Electronic copies will be available in November for pledgers & pre-orders, in December after Dragonmeet for all others. A limited pre-order offer is available now on RPG meeting. Merrie England is not ready yet. Contributors who pledged for it, too, will receive Merrie England separately in 2017 at no additional shipping cost. If the combat effect cards are ready for Dragonmeet, contributors will receive them with the core book, otherwise they will be shipped to you with Merrie England, or separately if you did not purchase Merrie England. And do not forget to stay tuned, as there are more books planned.
  13. And here we go. As promised, here comes a new version of the SRD. This time it is a "release candidate" version, that is it is a version that might become the official SRD if it passes the scrutiny of the community. With "the community" being YOU, the backers. You will find the link to the SRD on ulule.com. Please do not distribute this SRD, it is not OGL until it becomes the final version. This release contains everything except rules for vehicles and mass combat, and the space opera bestiary. Vehicle and mass combat rules have begun their playtest process, but it is not sure that they will be in the SRD. They will certainly be in the final published book, in one way or another. The package includes a slightly revised version of the "El Dorado" adventure, adapted to the changes in powers and combat rules, a slightly modified character sheet in XLS and PDF format, and the spreadsheet I have used to design the standard armours included in the equipment chapter. This SRD has thus all the necessary elements to play, revised as a consequence of several playtest rounds. It is truly multi-genre, suitable for high fantasy, historical fantasy, pulp planetary romance and so on. I have already received some feedback about the generic conflict rules being used in someone's campaigns, and they were favourable. Now you have a complete package you can use - either alone or by hybridizing it with other D100s - and the inserts in grey will give you several ideas about how RD100 relates to other rulesets, thus facilitating your work if you want to mish-mash. At this point, we are mainly waiting for user feedback. There will not be any more major changes without a clear request from the backers. Also, those of you who wanted to give a feedback about style and clarity of the text can now do it. The text is stable from a mechanical point of view, but all parts that the backers remark having trouble understanding will be revised, intensively if necessary. We value clarity of explanation and will change any point that poses any difficulty to understanding. For the ones willing to commit to a dedicated playtest: please contact me for additional materials and playtest report forms. I will run some sessions online in the next weeks, but some tabletop testing reports would be useful. For all the others: comment at will. All comments are welcome.
  14. So, Paolo, I know it's early days yet, but what more can you tell us about your plans for the system itself? Is Revolution D100 going to be similar to the Parpuzio system, downloadable below, just updated, fleshed out, and adapted to various settings? It looks like Parpuzio is a universal system, but the default setting is historical fantasy, and there don't seem to be rules for psychic powers, superpowers, etc. Are you going to include rules for superpowers, psychic powers, and mutations? How many different systems of magic will there be? Will a different set of the rules be included in each Alephtar publication? Or are you going to do one big book with all the possible rules? I realize you may not have decided all of this yet, and your plans may change, and you might just not be ready to reveal all yet. If you really want this to be a universal system, I would suggest making it as simplified and integrated as possible (i.e., mutated post-apocalyptic survivors gain starting abilities and learn or develop new ones using the same mechanics that wizards learn spells, superheros develop powers, cyberpunks gain body modifications, etc.). This might just be a matter of adding different traits onto skills, i.e., a charioteer and a superhero both have the skill Ranged Combat, but the charioteer has the trait Javelin while the superhero has the trait Energy Blast. You may have already figured this out--or decided to do something else--so please forgive my presumption.
  15. So how would you all compare and contrast Revolution D100 with the BGB? Do they have similar intent? Other than the obvious differences in the rules how do the goals differ? Do they have similar weaknesses? In what ways is one superior or inferior to the other?
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