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Found 1 result

  1. I wonder if it's possible to convert RIFTS, especially Splicers, into M-Space? The thing is, I am still fairly new to M-Space and I absolutely have zero experience in either RIFTS or Splicers, but their concepts are what strongly intrigued me into wanting to convert them into M-Space. The problem with RIFTS is that it seems extremely crunchy and time-consuming like hell so far from what I read and I saw that there's already a conversion for Savage Rifts, but I prefer M-Space and d100 ones as they seem simpler. I'm mostly interested in the idea of a sci-fi universe about vulnerable humans in organic/sentient power armors, much like Guyver and fighting powerful galactic beings and using only biotech/biomechanical equipment instead of actual machines. In other words, a Biopunk sci-fi game. If a conversion is not possible, maybe you guys might have some ideas on adding skills and fleshly power armor equipments and such that would be doable for M-Space? I've been researching for several days mulling over other RPGs for this kind of specific genre, but I would rather stay with M-Space if possible. Here are some other few inspirations just in case: Guyver, H.R. Giger arts, the video games Warframe and Scorn, and of course the RPG book Splicers, and anything Biopunk. *Just in case if the creator of RIFTS, Kevin Siembieda, comes stomping in here demanding this thread on conversion from RIFTS to M-Space be removed, you can PM me the conversion before this thread goes down and I'm fine with original ideas too. I need it that bad! Thanks for reading!
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