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Found 1 result

  1. Ronance in my new campaign in Glorantha: First I am going to explain why i think Ronance's cult should be Issariess rune and Earth rune: a) Ronance was a God of fertility in Genert's Garden but when Genert was destroyed and the Garden blasted to pieces, Tada's Loincloth was lost and so were the fertility powers of Ronance. When Waha reknitted those pieces of the Garden he could find, the land was not the same. Genert was gone and Ernalda couldn't come back. Ronance keeps little fertility powers of his own thanks to his earth rune link but that does not makes him a Fertility God as in God Time. My explanation is that in God Time he was not the SOURCE but only the "administrator-channeller" of Higher Powers (Ernalda-Genert), a seneschal of sorts. With the Source gone there are not fertility powers, only those innate to him ( bless seeds, but not bless crops, and little more). He never had in my opinion the Life Rune. Also, he was a God of fertility but not a Movement God even if he has some movility powers, so i think is more apropiate to him the Issariess rune which is a mix of Change and Harmony related with travels and pathways. The Issariess rune is also the exchange and communication rune, not only physical but also magical. c) Is my thought that through the Issariess rune he used the fertility power given to him according to Genert's rules and distributed them and the same rune gave to him his limited movement powers. As a son of Ernalda and as an Earth god he has access to the earth rune for minor fertility powers and command of serpent guardians and spirits. Thoughts?
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