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Found 21 results

  1. DIADOCHI WARLORDS Campaign Here you will find the continuing story of four adventurers in Hellenistic Greece https://chrisbrann.wordpress.com/role-playing-games/diadochi-warlords-campaign/ Hope you enjoy it
  2. Hi I have been running a campaign set in the 3rd century BC the time of the DIADOCHI Details here along with the stories of the adventurers. https://chrisbrann.wordpress.com/role-playing-games/diadochi-warlords-campaign/
  3. I was holding on to this as I don't like releasing something that isn't finished. But seeing as it will be a while until I can get back to it again, and there are people that can benefit from it now. Here is a Worksheet that will do all the calculations for you when creating a Classic Fantasy character. I want to greatly expand upon it in the future, but for now, here are some functions and omissions... All cells are locked so you don't have to worry about deleting key data. Fill in the light blue cells and the sheet will do the rest. I do not use Random Gen, so the sheet is set up for Point Buy. However, feel free to roll the dice and enter the data in the Point Buy cells so the final scores equal the rolled results if you wish. When a race is chosen, the worksheet will provide a list of allowed classes. When class and race are chosen, the worksheet will provide a list of general and professional skills for both to reduce having to refer to the book. All Attributes are calculated for you, modified for race and class; age, hit points per location, luck points, etc. However take into account that random numbers such as age will recalculate whenever the sheet is refreshed, so I just use the last value generated when I finish. Height and weight are not yet included. Characteristics and Attributes are on the first Tab, Skills are on the second Tab As far as I know, all of the little modifiers, such as fighters, barbarians, monks, etc. getting a +5 bonus to Combat Style are included as well. At this time, the sheet isn't set up for multi-class characters. But you may still be able to use it for such by simply ignoring the running totals for Skill Points and using the info provided in Classic Fantasy. I have been using the sheet for about eight months or so, and with it I can create a Classic Fantasy character in about 5 minutes. If any errors are found, please double check them, and if they are legitimate errors, let me know and I'll update the sheet. I do not have time to expand on the sheet at this time beyond 'simple' corrections. It can be found in the Downloads section here... Enjoy, Rod
  4. With an exciting year of Classic Fantasy adventures underway, its time to start taking submissions for 2018 to keep the momentum moving. Therefore, we’re putting out another call for writers familiar with both Mythras, Classic Fantasy, and Old School dungeon adventure. Prior writing experience isn’t necessary, if you have some awesome ideas and know how to put them on paper. We’re looking for adventure modules similar to (but not copies of) the classics of old, both in tone and feel, starting and mid-rank adventures are still the most desirable. So, think in terms of Ranks 1 to 2 being low rank, and 3 to 4 being mid. All our Classic Fantasy adventures take place in the World of Greymoor, however, no prior experience with the setting is necessary. You only have to worry about writing an adventure that can be slotted into any high fantasy setting, and I’ll work with you making it fit. The submission should center on a dungeon, tomb, or other ruins, but can feature a significant overland journey if desired. Feel free to include one or two new monsters, magic items, or spells if needed; however, most should be pulled from Classic Fantasy. New monsters, spells, etc., should be fitting of the genre. Finished modules should preferably be 16 or 32 pages. Writers will be paid for their work for submissions that are accepted and published. If any of this sounds interesting to you, feel free to send your proposals to rod.leary -at- thedesignmechanism -dot- com. We’ll send out writer’s guidelines to those proposals that interest us, including a primer for the World of Greymoor. However, we’ll freely answer any comments and general questions in this thread. Rodney Leary
  5. All, Theres a question about Mythras on RPG.net some of you experts might want to address. It's at https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?794231-Mythras-RQ6-Combat-Example-Mount-amp-Rider-vs-PC
  6. Has anyone out there set up rules for Hrestoli advancement in the Nash-Whittaker RQ systems? I put this in the Glorantha section because I thought I'd get more response. Their standard system of order advancement is Rank 0 (common) - nothing, Rank 1(dedicated) - 5 skills at 50%, Rank 2 (proven) - 4 skills at 70%, Rank 3 (leader) - 3 skills at 90%, and Rank 4 (overseer) - 2 skills at 110%. Hrestoli advance through the castes of Commoner, Warrior, Wizard, Leader. My thought is that a character would have to qualify for the rank of "Leader" in his existing caste, to apply to become a common member of the next caste. The skills required for each caste may have some overlap, but not much. Can anyone tell me about their experiences with a Hrestoli-based game?
  7. The Spanish 'PX-Magazine' has published an interview with me that we did about a month ago. Feel free to check it out. There is lots about my background as well as Classic Fantasy itself. I'm linking to the actual article (in Spanish), but feel free to use Google Translate unless you do not have the need. Google Translate will translate the entire website into English just by pasting in the address. It doesn't provide a perfect translation, but its more then usable. http://pxmagazine.com/entrevista-a-rodney-leary-autor-de-classic-fantasy/ Rod
  8. When it comes to Classic Fantasy, I get a lot of questions as to just what it is and how it plays. Well, since the books release, I have stumbled across a gentlemen by the name of Peter Webster and his website, the UbiquitousRat. His first post covers just what Classic Fantasy is in more detail then I could, and the next two posts are spent creating a couple characters. Finally, his remaining posts are spent testing the game in play, running an adventure found in the red boxed set that many of us old timers will really appreciate. All of his posts feature detailed game play examples that go a long way towards explaining just what Classic Fantasy is attempting to accomplish. The current posts are detailed below and I'll continue linking to them (with his permission) for as long as Peter continues to post them. Mythras Classic Fantasy http://ubiquitousrat.net/?p=3285 Classic Fantasy: Creating Characters (Part 1) http://ubiquitousrat.net/?p=3299 Classic Fantasy: Creating Characters (Part 2) http://ubiquitousrat.net/?p=3321 Classic Fantasy: Mistamere (Episode 1) http://ubiquitousrat.net/?p=3331 Classic Fantasy: Mistamere (Episode 2) http://ubiquitousrat.net/?p=3340 Classic Fantasy: Mistamere (Episode 3) http://ubiquitousrat.net/?p=3367 Classic Fantasy: Mistamere (Episode 4) http://ubiquitousrat.net/?p=3419 Classic Fantasy: Mistamere (Episode 5) http://ubiquitousrat.net/?p=3428 Rod
  9. Version 1.0.0


    NPC character sheet for Mythras (RQ6). Room for six npc's. Mythras NPC Sheet.pdf
  10. Throughout the new edition of Classic Fantasy can be found numerous examples, each featuring a number of iconic characters. These characters belong to the players in my long standing group and have been around since even before the early BRP version of the game. I have uploaded beginning versions of each, at Rank 1 and ready to start out on their quest for adventure. Feel free to use them in pick-up games at conventions, as NPCs, or even player characters in your own campaigns. All I ask is that you keep me updated on their fates. They consist of... Valamir Drake, Paladin Alexandra the Pious, Cleric Rengarth Hightower, Magic-User Sorack Blackwolf, Elven Ranger Lorissa of Stormholm, Half-Elf Berserker and Lilly Tanglefoot, Halfling Thief They can be found in the download section at the following link... Enjoy, Rod
  11. Version 1.0.0


    A alternative layout to standard RQ6e sheet based on my Legend sheet, but pared down. The form fill sheet is forthcoming. PM here if you have suggestions, questions or comments!
  12. Figured I would start a post where we can collect Mythras Classic Fantasy reviews. The first I have so far come across is... http://realmsofchirak.blogspot.com/2016/04/classic-fantasy-for-mythras-game-system.html Thank you Nicholas Bergquist. Spoilers: He likes it. ;-) Rod
  13. I just received a notification that the crowdfunding for a (comparatively small) print run of the German translation of RQ6 was successful. The Deutsche RuneQuest-Gesellschaft will be able to sell the remainder of the print run not covered by the crowdfunding rewards on conventions, at Essen Gamefair and possibly via a website. No idea whether there will be a Mythras in German translation. Not before the RQ6 has sold off (and I think they have an option to print on demand, too).
  14. I've been looking very closely at the skill lists between Magic World and RQ6 lately. I've always liked MW's quick character creation, but RQ6 fixes all the problems I had with the POW economy and other aspects of BRP that prevent me from using Magic World as written. As I read the skills, it becomes glaringly obvious that regardless your ability scores, you can eventually excel in every aspect of adventuring life except one - professional combatant. For example, even a fumbling buffoon with a Dex of 8 can, with diligence exceed 100 percentile in lock-picking. Additionally, there are lots of skills that are dirived similarly as other attributes but otherwise have no bearing on combat abilities. For example, a slight weakling's damage bonus never improves, even if the character has an exceedingly high Brawn skill, which is a skill that is very clearly defined as, '<...> the efficient application of technique when applying raw physical force. The skill covers acts of applied might, including lifting, breaking and contests of strength.' I'd argue that the words "efficient" and "raw" work counter-purpose to defining what Brawn is meant to represent in that opening sentence, but I'm not here to discuss semantics. So my question is: What if Brawn was the basis for damage bonus? It could have a starting value of (STR+SIZ) * 2.5. The tiers for damage bonus would also be modified by 2.5. A human with an 18 in both STR & SIZ, would have a starting percentile of 90% which equates to a 1d6 damage bonus. Additionally, Attributes could have skill limits that reflect species maximums. In RQ3 for example, this limit was always MIN+MAX of any score. In other words: 21. Using the formula above, this would limit the skill to 105% and the damage bonus would cap out at 1d8 without the use of magic. Hit Points would be a reflection of Endurance and would be calculated using CON + SIZ, instead of CON * 2. HarnMaster uses a skill called Initiative, which reflects a characters training to react quickly and decisively in combat. This skill would determine combat actions and of course be based on (INT+DEX) * 2.5. Another skill could represent one's ability to hold mana or magic energy and would reflect training beyond the value of one's initial POW. In summary, Ability Scores represent a starting character's initial focus and training and are used to derive all skills. It represents there natural ability to pick up new skills. However, a character's overall competence in all arts (martial or otherwise) are uniformly represented in their skills, not their original Ability scores. A character's devotion to martial training can be summarized by their Fighting Style, Brawn, Endurance, and Initiative and not just their raw Ability scores and Fighting Style Skill. I think this combination is a better reflection of the devotion required to be a professional soldier. If you take the existing rules at face value, I realize now that they can be easily abused by simply placing your highest Ability Scores in slots that affect Attributes that are too costly to improve through normal Characteristic Improvement rolls. In turn, this allows you to focus on improving skills that aren't limited by a character's natural talent (Ability Score), which is the current definition of Ability scores. My Sorcerer? Yeah he has an Combined CON and SIZ of 33. He has the hit points of a teenage oxen, with his INT of 8 he's barely smarter than one, but because he single-mindedly devotes all his improvement rolls to the magical arts, he rivals the Archmage of Winterhold in magical arts. Please, spare me any argument that rely on oaths to refute min-maxers or otherwise ban power gamers from the table. This is an attempt to engage in a discussion about the way the game works mechanically, not the way the game should work if we promise to pretend these loopholes don't exist and that we'll never ever ever abuse them. EDIT: Come to think of it, maybe these starting skills have initial values determined like every other skill. A character with an 18 STR and SIZ has a starting Brawn of 36. This gives him an initial damage bonus of -1d4. The character has to learn to apply might to wield weapons effectively and train his body to apply force efficiently. As his fighting style improves, he must also improve his brawn so he can strike with both accuracy and deadliness.
  15. I was just on TDM's website and found out that their last copy of Adventures in Glorantha was put up on e-bay. While its already gone past what I can afford, I thought I would bring it to everyone's attention. Call your gaming group, pool your money, get it while you can. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/-/252210510161?ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:CA:1123 Rod
  16. I'm thinking about running a viking game on Roll20.net, but I'm wondering which of these would be the better source book. By better, I'd like to find something that is reasonably accurate historically. A few pre-made campaign adventures would be a plus as well. I'm familiar with both BRP and RuneQuest. If I get Vikings of Legend, I'll probably run it with the RQ6 rules whereas if I get Mythic Iceland I'll most likely use BRP (Or maybe this game has its own setting; it's hard to tell from the description.). At any rate, does anyone have experience with these two books? Any advice would be appreciated.
  17. So, I recently finished a playthrough of the Witcher 1, and am about to start a Playthrough of the Witcher 2, and just saw the Trailers/Gameplay Presentation for the Witcher 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xx8kQ4s5hCY, which is scheduled for release in February. Needless to say, I'm pretty stoked about it. Looking forward to playing the game; probably going to pick up the novels (the ones that have been translated, at least), and planning on picking up This Book in combination with the Wiki as a setting guide, to possibly run a Witcher-Based tabletop game; either in RQ6 or MW. Does anyone else here have an interest in the Witcher? I think it would be pretty good with BRP. It might take a bit of adjusting to get the magic system/alchemy/signs to have the right feeling to it, and you might want to redo the races (plus add in a race for the Witchers, which are alchemy+magic mutated humans). And then some custom monsters as they come up. Disuss?
  18. It's Labour Day here in North America, and as a special Labour Day treat, we're delighted to share some preview pages of Mythic Britain. http://www.thedesignmechanism.com/resou ... iew%20.pdf The book is well on its way to completion and expect further news regarding production and release dates soon. We will also be releasing a scenario, Caves of the Circind, which previewed at GenCon 2014, for free very soon. Please spread the Mythic Britain news far and wide. Merlin demands it.
  19. I've just posted this game at Dragonmeet 6th December 2014 at ILEC Convention Centre Earl's Court London. Game bookings aren't yet open but keep an eye on their website. http://www.dragonmeet.co.uk/
  20. My gaming group normally runs low fantasy, but during a recent session we were discussing other settings. Most of the players were RP virgins before joining, so a lot of this is new. Among the things that blew them away was the Shadowrun setting, since they hail from Seattle and had no idea it existed. So now that will be the next campaign. Thing is, I've never actually played it myself. I'm familiar with the setting via the videogames, and the consensus on rpg.net seems to be that the system is a bit shoddy. I have nabbed the 4th/20th anniversary core book and a handful of pdfs, but the reaction from my players is fairly strongly resistant to the d6. I think now that they get to use the weird dice they don't want to go back to the Monopoly ⚄. I have a healthy D100 library, BGB, RQ6, MRQII, CoC, etc, how difficult would it really be to swap it mechanically out for a BRP system? I don't think they'll want to give up the RQ6 combat. Also, they're not dying for the authentic hardcore canonical FASA experience, we can fudge elements if necessary, although it seems much of the futurist elements are somewhat underrepresented, at least in my library... Thanks for reading
  21. trechriron


    When we'll we get the details for the supplement license? I am really chomping at the bit to create a setting and adventure for RQ6! This game inspires me. :-D
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