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Found 43 results

  1. Simply stated: I am considering allowing characters to take a penalty to their attack in order to resolve that attack sooner. I was considering -20% per SR. Since the attack roll represents a series of maneuvers, not a single swing/stab, this rule would represent the character rushing their blow, rather than waiting to create or exploit the best opportunity. (by character, I mean PC or NPC) Does -20% seem appropriate? How frequently would you, as a player, use that rule?
  2. prinz.slasar

    Skill Base Chances

    I've got some questions regarding the Skill Base Chances. According to the Character Sheet, the RQG Core Rules (1st print) and the updated RQG Core Rules (PDF), there are some issues with the actual Base chances. Furthermore, I need your advise concerning some skills with and without parantheses. So, let's start: Is it Evaluate (05) or Evaluate (10)? Is it Farm (05) or Farm (10)? Is it Drive Chariot (05) or Drive [vehicle type] (05)? The character sheet lists the skill without any specific vehicle. Is it Art (00) or Art [all] (00)? In RQG, the "Art"-Skill includes all arts. Same with Game: Is it Game (15) or Game [all] (15)? In RQG your character can handle all games with the same chance, no matter what game. The both aforementioned skills compel the question: Why are some skills differentiate and others are broad? Thank you, guys. [next up are the Weapon Skills]
  3. Bryon1187

    RQG Sorcery - Protective Circle

    I'm finally getting an RQG campaign running. I have one player interested in sorcery (Lhankor Mhy Philosopher) - we are taking this first campaign slowly. As we have been trying to understand the rules and processes we came across implementing the Protective Circle spell: is there a limit to the number of spells you can cast onto the circle, and is it only sorcery spells or can you cast spirit/rune magic on it? It feels like a game breaker if it can hang Spirit/Rune magic. Thoughts?
  4. Version 2.0.0


    A RQG character sheet in landscape.
  5. drablak

    Nathem one-pager

    Version 1.0.0


    This is a one-page character sheet for Nathem. It doesn't have all his skills, those would go onto the reverse where skills, equipment and family history will be. It's designed so that the most common things are on the front to limit page turning.
  6. Crel

    RQG Pavis Campaign

    Hey all. I'm setting up a campaign set in New Pavis for RQG in the next few weeks. My premise is that Argrath has just conquered the city, and has put out a call for adventurers for an expedition into the Big Rubble (amidst all the chaos of conquest and the loss of stability enforced by the Lunars). I could use some suggestions, advice, and brainstorming on a few topics: Good McGuffins to go ruin-delving for in the Rubble What sort of personality to play for Argrath & Co. Argrath's powers and skills (because I just know that at some point he'll need to be the 'bigger & badder & keeps the party in line') Other story and conflict seed ideas (especially if it can make use of existing material) Advice on parties with multiple species (I plan to offer humans, ducks, morokanth, baboons, newtlings, dark trolls, and trollkin) What in the world really is the White Bull Society? I'm kind of thinking to just run them through Balastor's Barracks (because the Axe is a pretty good McGuffin), but that might be too lethal for beginning adventurers. I've played a fair amount of RQ3, but haven't GM'd RuneQuest in any iteration, nor have I played RQG at all yet. So far, I'm thinking to play Argrath a bit like how Conan is presented in Robert E. Howard's The Scarlet Citadel. A barbarian who conquers and is focused on his own desire for revenge on the Lunars and seizing what he pleases, but who (almost accidentally) turns out to be a decent king, probably due to his Honor Passion. I think that the timeline puts him in Pavis from Sea Season through Earth Season (based on the Glorantha Sourcebook), with the conquest pretty early in 1625? So, I'm currently thinking that he conquers Pavis, but isn't super interested in keeping it (wanting to invade Sartar, then getting rebuffed [GS p.39]), and then the Dragonrise happens and Starbrow conquers Sartar so Argrath settles into Pavis for a few more seasons. Some stories I'm intending to fiddle with are Argrath's handling of the Grantlands/Rone County, the civil strife in Sun County, and becoming accepted by the citizens of Pavis. I figure the people of New Pavis are glad the Lunars are gone, but aren't exactly pleased about a bunch of filthy nomads roaming their streets... And maybe Argrath gets extra ambitious in winning their favor, and tries re-establishing the temples in the Big Rubble on Temple Hill or wherever that one is which the Yelmalions and Aldryami hold sacred. For resources, I've got all the RQG materials, Borderlands & Beyond (which I've read), Pavis & Big Rubble (which I've skimmed), and the Glorantha Sourcebook (which I've skimmed). I'm not terribly concerned about staying canonical.
  7. JavaApp


    So I am considering a number of options for my upcoming RQG campaign. Most of them are previously published material. But one interesting option occured to me as I was idly paging through the GtG. I could use the Seshnelan (sic) province of Fornoar and have the elements of a good old-school rubble-crawl campaign. The area has no major settlements, only a couple of ruined cities. Another ruined fortress nearby is Arkhome. It lies at the nexus of Troll, Dwarf, human, and Elf lands. The Nida river washes a bunch of Dwarf Junk downstream for adventuring types to try to find. I have already gotten some good advice from Joerg and David Scott about this place - they suggest delving into the Hunschen history to place tombs and other ruins. So on a practical level, I want to think about all the consequences of running such a campaign. I am no stranger to improvisation, But I do want: a) to write my own homeland previous history tables. (Seshnela/Safelster/Orlanthi tribes, Castle Coast Hrestoli.) b) come up with tables for searching for Dwarf junk in the river. c) map out the ruined cities using the Point-Crawl technique used in several OSR modules. d) treat Arkhome a bit like a mega-dungeon ala Castle Greyhawk. e) come up with random encounter tables for all the nearby forces that might launch raids into the territory. (Elf, Troll, Dwarf, Arkati cultists, Seshnelan knights). F) use the existing map of the territory and map out the locations of some of this stuff, a bit like Griffin Mountain. I also need to figure out what to use as homeland tables, occupations, and Malkioni 'cult' write-ups, like in the core rules for the various deities. That is the largest chunk of work, really, and I can't improvise that stuff - I have to write it. On a practical level, can anyone see what else I would have to do? I am willing to do the work, but I need to have a really good idea of waht I am getting into before i embark on such a venture. Not plot, not characters, but the stuff I need to have prepared to do this well. I would welcome virtually any advice or wisdom you could provide. Thanks!
  8. Thank you to everyone who posted suggested corrections to our RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha corrections thread. We are now reveiwing those suggested corrections to prepare files to go to printer. We will also be producing an updated PDF which will be made available to everyone who has purchased the PDF. Once the updated PDF has been released, we will open this thread to catch any typos or errors spotted. We will continue to update PDFs on the Chaosium website, DriveThru RPG, and Bits & Mortar. Any later approved corrections will go into a subsequent printing of the book. Many thanks!
  9. One of the big things that really charmed me about RuneQuest as a whole, when I started playing it instead of Pathfinder, is the slow, granular pace of character progression. I feel like RQG reduces that somewhat with its high initial character skills and with the new Rune points system. While I do really like Rune points and rolling on your Rune affinities and all that, I've been thinking of ways to house rule the game back down to a bit of a slower pace. The main one I've been considering is that each time an adventurer sacrifices POW for Rune points, he may gain one point of a stackable spell, instead of gaining variable access. I'm drawing sort of on RQ3 for this (although I've played a sorcerer, not a theist). I'm not thinking the points need to be increasing to get increased spell strengths. So just sacrificing one POW lets you go from Flight 3 to Flight 4, and gives you one additional Rune point, but you couldn't cast a Flight greater than Flight 4 from your Rune point pool. There's still the flexibility of the RP pool, but a slower growth to being able to do crazy things. Plus, cults with less Rune magic still get to be making choices for a time longer. I figure spells which cost multiple RP probably would need multiple POW sacrificed to buy, but I'm a bit unhappy about that. Common spells are a bit trickier. I'm thinking maybe I'd rule that adventurers automatically gain access to one point of their cult common spells (or basic access for common spells which cost more than 1RP like Command Cult Spirit), but have to choose to add to those spells to go further. So, you'd need to sacrifice a total of 4 POW to get Extension 5. Another thing I've been thinking about is ruling that when inspired by a Rune, the adventurer can only cast spells with that Rune, or else lose the inspiration. Sometimes this won't be a big deal since spells with the Magic Rune can be used by any Rune--so your Orlanthi inspired by the Air Rune could still cast Heal Wound--but once in a while it'll be a real nuisance. "Do I give up my inspiration to cast X spell from my associate cult?" This really is just kind of brainstorming around, but I feel like this would be a fun way to play the game. Of course, I'm sure there's consequences on playstyle and how the world appears, but that's what you're all here for, isn't it? I'm generally awful at figuring those out, and would love some feedback and general thoughts.
  10. So while trying to test the munchkinery of Linked spells (for that other thread) I went looking in RQG's Sorcery chapter for the Spell Matrix Enchantment. There's no equivalent spell description, but rather a generalized section on p.390, "Inscribing Spells." The text I'm concerned with is: My questions are: How does this affect the MP cost of the spell? Can an Inscription be linked with other spell matrices? I see a few interpretations for MP: They do not cost MP, and the inscribed levels are added after the sorcerer's manipulation. They do not cost MP, and the inscribed levels are added before the sorcerer's manipulation (so further manipulations are more expensive, I think?). They do cost MP, and only remove the need for the sorcerer to manipulate the spell. To my eye, (2) seems to be the closest to a RAW interpretation, but as a GM I would probably play with (3), since that seems the most balanced. Interpretation (3) makes sorcery inscriptions basically parallel to the spirit magic Spell Matrix Enchantment (but without an actual spell description, unlike both sorcery and spirit magic's Magic Point Enchantments). I'm curious what others think the correct RAW interpretation is here, as well as if there's other options I've missed. Personally, I think the RAW is that sorcery inscriptions can't be linked with spirit magic or Rune magic spell matrices, and that is part of why they weren't written up as a spell description. As a GM, I'm inclined to allow a linked matrix by an adventurer who has access to multiple methods of magic (such as an initiate of Lhankor Mhy or the Seven Mothers & other Lunar cults) for MGF, but the consequences and potential munchkinery of that choice are best left for the other thread.
  11. Crel

    3rd-Party Publishing?

    I was looking around at Chaosium's submission stuff since I thought it could be fun to try writing some scenarios or an adventure, and it made me wonder what sort of third-party markets there are for Runequest. I know there's a long history of fanzines (like with Tales of the Reaching Moon), and that Chaosium's brought back Wyrms Footnotes but the submissions page seems a bit old and rusty, leading me to think that biennial publication isn't actually happening. Does anyone else know of fanzines, third-party publishers, etc. who are making or planning to make stuff for RQG?
  12. 10baseT

    Shadows on the Borderlands

    **** SPOILERS BELOW****** (My players please don't read, yes that's you John, Ted, Norm) * Where are the Storage Tunnels mentioned on page 23? They're not on the village map - Gaumata's Vision. Since the rocks were used to build the huts and other things, i'm guessing nearby. Maybe to the left or right of the Yelmalio shrine, in the cliff? (This is also where the lamiae are hidden). I re-purposed this scenario for RQG. It's on the coastal plain between the Vulari Peninsula and the plateau cliffs, on lower terraced cliffs. Before investigating here, i had the players investigate a Pelaskite village in the Great Brackmarsh... which lead to the Sea Caves (also re-purposed for RQG)
  13. Anzugud


    Version 0.1


    A fan based character creation guide for Ralios. Currently only includes Homelands. Version History 0.1 Homelands initial pass done.
  14. With the advent of the RuneQuest Glorantha Bestiary, we've got a lot of new player character possibilities, but nothing for their backgrounds (except for the ducks). I figure there will eventually be something for the trolls, and I don't have a good feel for the elves, so I thought I'd write one up for the Tusk Riders. The advantage for them is that the region/campaign tables for Dragon Pass that are in Wyrms Footnotes #15 come in real handy! A key theme for Tusk Riders is going off to raid (and in almost any direction based on the distribution map in the RQG Bestiary) which I've tried to capture in a Tusk Rider Raid table (and noting years when raids there were specifically noted). As Tusk Riders mature quicker, I ended up with an option for a great-grandparent which allows you to start at Grizzly Peak. I didn't figure they'd get involved in political assassinations off in Esrolia, so included the earlier attempted invasion of Sartar in 1591 instead (an event which can also be added for a human in Dragon Pass). Generally the events focus on Tusk Riders only, though in a few instances I've noted options to include for others (e.g. the Boar Hunt, the Battle of the Porkers). I'm sure lots of other ideas can be brought in, and events/entries and bonuses improved, but hopefully is a useful starting place. Enjoy! Tusk Rider Family Background generator for RQG: Tusk Riders Background.pdf
  15. PhilHibbs

    Grapple damage

    Grapple damage is listed as "Special". All I can find is the 1D6 damage for throwing, is that what it is referring to? Should damage bonus be figured into this? I need to decide if I should display the damage bonus in the weapon section of my character sheet. I'm thinking if you are grappled and thrown by a giant or a great troll, it might hurt a lot more.
  16. g33k

    RQG eTools?

    There was some stuff from Chaosium previously, to the effect that they planned (hoped?) to have electronic tools available with (or shortly following) the release of RQG. Give the E-vailabity of RQG now, it looks "released" from the e-tools perspective ... 🙂 FantasyGrounds? Roll20? HeroLabs? Metacreator? Bueller?
  17. In RQG book p 359 it's write: and p 250: I would like to be sure to well understand this rule. As i read a Shaman with CHA of 15 and a fetch CHA of 12 can bind 27 entities (the total of Shaman CHA and fetch CHa must not be divided by 3). When an adventurer, who is not a Shaman, with a CHA of 27 (if it's possible to have such a CHA) can bind only 9 entities.
  18. Pheres

    About Greater Entities

    Hello all! I am reading RQG since few weeks and it seems that gods and other spiritual entities are taking a very important part in the game background and character life. I think that having the capability for a player and his character to make a deeper link between his character and this entities could be a very important thing. So i would like to know if the greater entities, especially like Hykim and Mikyh that are associated with Yinkin, will be describes in the future book about cults? About Hykim and Mikyh: i have tried to find some informations about them, but found very few things. So if someone can tell me more, he will be welcome. Thanks
  19. when I created a character for one of my player (he was from Old Tarsh), I was confused. Year 1597, participating homeland : Esrolia, Grazelands, Lunar Tarsh, Sartar But lower you have : Year 1597 Events Modifiers: Grazelands, Old Tarsh, Prax: –5 to D20 roll Prax and Old Tarsh is not in the list of participating homeland. What should I do?
  20. MOB

    RQG Corrections Thread

    With the release of RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha on PDF, this thread is to catch any typos or errors spotted. Please note them here, quoting the page number, the error, and the suggested correction. Many thanks.
  21. We've sent out our latest RQG Preview, featuring preliminary sketches of Andrey Fetisov's wonderful piece of the adventurers in Snakepipe Hollow. Plus the finished work. We've also reminded everyone that RuneQuest goes on sale tomorrow (June 1st)! The preview list is here, if you'd like to join it: http://eepurl.com/dtqE9T
  22. RUNEQUEST: ROLEPLAYING IN GLORANTHA is available as a PDF download from DriveThruRPG. Where it is currently the #1 selling item site-wide! Available from DTRPG here: http://bit.ly/2JbMIzW
  23. What's been keeping Jeff busy after the RQG rules themselves headed over into layout? Find out here... https://www.chaosium.com/blogwhats-happening-with-rqg-2-the-gods-of-glorantha
  24. Jeff and Jason have passed on some exciting news: layout and proofreading of RQG is all-but-done ("we're just doing some final finishing up and tweaks"). The book is truly both a thing of beauty, and also a very easy-to-use reference when playing the game. Stay tuned for an announcement soon about preorders! Art credit: "Binding an Earth Elemental" by Andrey Fetisov
  25. In our last update, Jason revealed the new RuneQuest logo, and the process we went through to get there; in our newest Design Note, here it is on the cover of the book itself, with amazing art by Andrey Fetisov! Jeff also details where we are with the whole RQG project. Well worth a read... https://www.chaosium.com/blogdesigning-the-new-runequest-part-23/ (please note, the cover is still a work-in-progress!)