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  1. Hello, I recently bought a copy of the "RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha" slipcase set and I started reading through the main book. As usual I tried to create a character to see, if I understand the process, and I came up with a couple of questions. I rolled that my favorite grandparent was a priest and decided to keep to the advice to have occupation be hereditary. The "Priest" occupation on page 70 mentions requirements for acceptance, but also has the line "However, adventurers whose parents were priests...". Do I read this correctly as: if you decide to choose priest despite your family history being different, you should try to make the requirements happen during character creation, but if you have the occupation in your family you are not bound by them? (it would make sense thematically, showing that you have to be worthy of being a priest if you don't have a family history). Or should one try to get the requirements no matter what the family occupation is? (I decided that my character wants to be seen as a "proper" priest, so he strived to meet all the requirements mentioned on page 276 - "Requirements for rune priests"). Or a 3rd option: the requirements mention "assistant priest" - is the intention for newly created characters to be assistants, so they can strive to become full priests later? Or am I overthinking this? Then things got a bit more complicated. I started to make an character from "old tarsh" and decided to lean very heavily into the earth rune. Checking the cults that are appropriate "Maran Gor (The earthshaker)" caught my interest (and a warrior priest going into battle while causing earthquakes sounded amazing, so I was pretty happy with how my character shapes out). Reading about the cult on page 299 I saw that only a woman can become a priestress, but a man could still be a god-talker. This is OK with me - taking the character into a direction I didn't anticipate - but then I read up on what a God-talker actually is (page 278 and the bit on page 70 under the description of the occupation). So given that they are only part time priests - should I reduce the amount of things gotten from the occupation (less coin and jewelry, maybe a bit cheaper armor)? I guess this is up to the game master, but I would like to know what other people think. And page 278 mentions that god-talkers typically maintain another occupation... So how to handle that detail? Ignore it? Or just choose a different skill for the annual income? (I would be leaning towards the latter, trying to get immersed into the world by making sure such a character would feel that they aren't a full priest and they have to earn their money in a different way). Thank you in advance for any help/suggestion and/or corrections if I misunderstood anything in the process 🙂
  2. Version 1.2.0


    This file describes how to setup and use the RuneQuest:Roleplaying in Glorantha character sheet that is available on Roll20. Feedback is appreciated
  3. Well. Since RuneQuest have become my new indulgence, I found myself in the precarious situation of *not* being the GameMaster for the Monday Night game, as I was in the campaign before, where we played Pendragon. So... I ended up digging up my Mythic Gamemaster Emulator along with the new RQG books, and sat out on a Solo Campaign, which, surprising to me, is not a unknown concept for RuneQuest, hence the name SoloQuest. That Google Doc is now around 150 pages long, so I've now decided to share it all with you wonderful folks. Yes. I am a man with far too much time on my hands, and a drive to learn myself new stuff; which ended up giving birth to the story of Angian and Senela, a pair of characters created to experience the immensly fun work of @Andrew Logan Montgomery, Six Seasons of Sartar. I'll also be mixing in a few things from the unfortunately defunct "Valley of Plenty", hoping that it can provide some good backstory for the characters and how they grew up with friends. I'll try to refrain from retelling his work, but invariably, there's going to be some places where there's going to be some major spoilers, and fortunately, RPGs are a cooperative media in nature, so everything will be different to you folks. I won't be trying to explain all of my thought process and how the Mythic GME works indetail, there are other places one can go to find that, and I'll be modifiying it as I go along, as it was also a way to learn myself to play SoloRPGs. Also, I will probably get a lot of things wrong. This is the beauty of a media where I don't pay editors. Furthermore, I ended up using the expanded family history from Jonstown Compendium to flesh out the lineage of the main characters as well as the QAD for NPC stats. The characters was mostly made with random rolling and the amazing Rune Die that is in the Dice Set. I'll be writing my own comments in blue. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Saga of Angian and Senela Who are we? Angian Son of Orl Will be trained as a heavy cavalryman of the Haraborn Clan of the Colymar Tribe. Born on Windsday, Fertility Week in Earth Season - The Feast of Ernalda. My name is Angian, oldest son of Orl Swordsson, a mighty weaponthane to the King of Sartar, who fought many battles in the King’s personal band. He died fighting the Tusk Raiders when I was a young boy, and I was raised in the household of my uncle Gordangar, chieftain of the Haraborn. Angian is a strapping lad, having always been tall for his age. He comes from a long line of warriors, with his great-grandfather Angian the Fell-Handed, who served both King Sarotar and King Umathkar; a veteran of both the Invasion of Tarsh and the Trollkiller Wars, the rescuer of Princess Minara, a deed that earned him and his kin the enmity of the Mostali, but in the end, Angian the Fell-handed was murdered by the treacherous Malani tribe. His grandfather Kenstrel, was a member of the Royal Guard, who was at Prince Tarkalor’s side even in the worst of times. Kenstrel died gloriously at Grizzly Peak where he saved both his King and Queen. Angian’s father, Orl never met his own father, but was raised on the legends. Orl came of age in the days before the Lunar Invasion, and served with great glory during the Battle of Boldhome, earning him great renown as a man of honor. In the years that followed, Orl rode as a mercenary, wintering at home only to ride out again in spring alongside his sisters in their own warband. However, one fateful autumn, Orl was returned on his shield by the aunts, as he had fallen in combat against the loathsome Tusk Riders of the Ivory Plinth. As his father had done before him, Angian also grew up with his father’s legend, a legacy that was nurtured by his ambitious mother, Urios the Weaveress, who seemed to resent being left behind as a widow by her adventurous husband, forcing her to be considering her options for the future while she still has four children to care for. Alright folks, this is Angian. He'll be our Warrior for this game. I ended up making him the nephew of Gordangar to make it possible for me to be connected to the leadership of the clan, especially with how some of the dice seemed to love Angian's ancestors. Lot's of Reputation and an Honor score that was maxed out. However, it DID come with the disadvantage that the unofficial motto of the family seems to be "Live Fast - Die Young". His stats are well above average, as I cannot seem to roll shitty for characters in RQG. As for his runes? He's AIR, EARTH, FERTILITY and MOVEMENT. Not amazing for a Warrior, but it'll do. Passion-wise? High-as-Hell Honor, a Passion for the Kingdom of Sartar and a Loyality to the Feathered Horse Queen as well as the King of Sartar. Senela, Daughter of Nala Trained as a Entertainer to the Haraborn Clan of the Colymar Tribe Born on Waterday, Movement Week of the Earth Season - The Days of Uleria. I am Senela, Daughter of Nala the Outlaw and Berik. My mother was a brave woman who fought against the tyranny of the Lunar yoke. Just like her, I know the way of the harp and have a voice that pleases both the ancestors and the Spirits. Furthermore, I come from a lineage of scholars, and my grandmother has taught me from childhood to have complete mastery of our Heortling tongue and the finest of penmanship. And while my mother was chased away by the oppressors, my father has made me aware that I have a destiny to fulfill as he’s quite aware that the future for the Haraborn is not gonna be easy. Senela is a beautiful girl, with a great mane of black curls draped across her shoulders. Everyone notices her, and she is quick-witted and physically hale. She is the oldest daughter of a long line of scholars, dating back to their ancestors in Esrolia. It marks her as a bit of a foreigner, being only four generations removed from an emigrant, but no one pays it much head. Her great-grandmother was a handmaiden of the Esrolian Princess Arkilla who came to Sartar, and that same handmaiden ended up marrying a Colymar warrior. Said warrior died in a skirmish against the Malani, but the family was now members of the Enjossi Clan. Years later Senela's grandmother, Veressa, served in Boldhome as a scribe, navigating court politics as well as the rising Lunar threat. Prior to the Battle of Grizzly Peaks, Veressa fled from the city, up into the mountains, and there she found a life for herself among the nearby Haraborn Clan. There, Veressa wed a man who already had sons, and within a year, this half-Esrolian woman had given birth to a healthy baby girl, who was named Nala. Nala and her siblings grew up as the juniors of Riddle Watch's children, and while Nala was taught to succeed her mother’s scholarly skills and sharp intellect, Nala was always more of a girl who desired adventures, and she rode alongside Chieftain Gordangar as his Battle Herald during the invasion of Sartar, and has been a trusted companion in wartime ever since. Like her mother, Senela’s skills with the harp are quite notable, but it is her voice that has caused people to take note of her and her future. Nala never really settled, but she married a man after the Boldhome Campaign, his name was Berik, a gentle soul from the Enhyli Clan. However the rebellious Nala could not stay still, especially after the infamous raids of the Tusk Riders cost the life of several of her friends, due to the overlords indifference. As Starbrow’s Rebellion broke out, Nala joined up, leaving behind her family to fight for Sartar’s freedom. Yet, all she got out of it was a sentence as an outlaw, after which she ended up on the side of the Durulz during the Duck Hunt and subsequently fled to her ancestral land in Esrolia. Senela has grown up half of her life without her mother. And to give us a glimpse into the social part of Glorantha, here we have our Entertainer. Senela was not as lucky with her Family History, but the life of her mother is, to say the least, eventful. The family has an impressive amount of literacy, and to tell the truth, they're also blessed by Ernalda, fortifying their Earth Rune. We'll be starting the game some time before the rebellion, so Nala will be around in the first couple of scenes in the game. Statswise, I'll be sharing character sheets at a point, but at this point, I can say that Nala is hardy youngster, but sharp as a needle with an INT 18 and a CHA 17. Runewise? She's EARTH, WATER, HARMONY and MOVEMENT. Senela is the niece of Borkar the Goldentongue, the Issaries Trader of the Haraborn, also making her the greatniece of Jodi White-Hart, the Lhankorite Lawspeaker. Her uncle Jaran is also the scribe of the village, giving Senela some quite nice connections in the local clan. Passionwise? She hates the Malani for their treachery that killed both her great-grandfather and her grandfather, she fears the Trolls for their darkness and will come to Hate the Lunar Empire when her mother is exiled. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alrighty. Now that we've gotten ourselves a pair of MC's (and twice the amount of scenes for this story - thank you KFF, you smarty pants - Author's Note) it's time to start setting things up. The way that Mythic works is that we state the Expected Scene, and figures out if there's going to be any twists on that. With prewritten games, it's more timeconsuming to do that. But, without further ado... Childhood - Fire Season of 1612 - Age 8 Act I - Scene 1 - Senela Chaos Factor: 3 - Low Expected Scene: Wake-Up and Leave Set-Up Roll: As Expected. In the quiet solace of the Quivin Mountains, the Clan of the Haraborn had settled generations ago, now isolated from the troubles of the world around them. And, as befits a couple of children, they paid little heed to the ongoings of the world around them. After all, when you’re eight years old, it’s hard to imagine anything else than the immediate now. For Senela, the day began as her mother was singing for the rise of in the central hall of Riddle Watch, the old family farmstead at the foot of the hills. The young girl crawled from her bunk in the children’s room and ran across the courtyard, into the main building of the farmstead where she saw her mother Nala remove the loaves of bread from the pan. Her grandmother, the stoic and script-wise Veressa, gave her granddaughter one of her rare smiles, as the summer day just seemed to lighten the mood. Her father, Berek, poured her a cup of salted tea and then ruffled her hair, something that Senela did not mind at all. “Sene, my little terror; since you’ve been helping out your mother for the past few days You’re coming with me to market day today,” her father said. Senela just nodded as she wolfed down the bread that her mother gave her; her mother just gave her a bit of side-eye and smirk, while her father looked dismayed at her. “You know, you’re still supposed to taste the food, otherwise you’ll be hard-pressed to remember it when you’re hungry and can’t have food. Just look at your cousin Melos, he can keep himself from eating in one breath.” Melos, being the son of Uncle Jenros, was always a pleaser. It always amazed Senela how he could be so good to handle the adults; Senela knew that he was just as big of a troublemaker as she was. [ I found this to be a good place to bring in an NPC. Melos is one of the pre-defined NPCs - The group of friends that our Main Characters hang around with. It’s Melos, Hara, Ula and Darestan. Melos was rolled up to be from Riddle Watch, making him a part of the same lineage as Senela. Thus, it’s her cousin. Melos is Deceptive, Thoughtful, Mutable and has the Illusion Rune; Melos’ father had the traits of Proud and Self-centred; fittingly, his son Melos is just a pleaser. However? Is Senela gonna react to this? We can try to see if her Harmony outweighs her Movement. 75 Harmony vs 75 Movement: r83vsr53 - Movement wins. ] “Yes,” Senela began to agree with her father, but quickly changed her mind “but Melos is also eating slowly because he’s trying to avoid lifting sacks onto the cart with uncle Jenros and you. But, I can lift instead of him!” Senela brushed the crumbs away from her chins, and stood up. Her father sighed, and Senela knew that her grandmother was probably staring daggers at Berik, but she did not care. She ran out to help with the sacks, and then, it was off to adventure at the market! [ Scene End. Chaos Factor Remains at 3. NPCs Introduced: Nala, Berik, Uncle Jenros, Grandmother Veressa, Cousin Melos. Threads: None. ] ------------------------------------ Act I - Scene 2 - Angian Chaos Factor: 3 - Low Expected Scene: Wake-Up and meet with friends Set-Up Roll: Altered - Alright, Angian slept in - Mom would be displeased. “Wake up, you lazy boy” was the first thing that Angian heard that morning. For a short second, he remembered that he had dreamt about Orlanth, the King of the Gods up among the clouds and how he had been flying among the Cloud Sheeps. That all disappeared as if it was dew in the sun, as his lovely mother, the fair Urios, seemed to be almost furiously prodding him. “Mother?” “This is the third time I’ve been calling on you! You’re supposed to be dressed by now,” she berated him as she almost dragged him out of his blankets.” [ Meet Angian’s mother - Urios. Her runes are Disorder, Earth, Truth and Beast. So, she’s Self-Centered, Sensual, Physical and Inquisitive. ] After being dressed and rubbing out the sleep from his eyes, Angian went into the hall and sat down by one of the tables where his mother and his aunts had prepared food for everyone. Buckwheat pancakes, jugs of mare’s milk and fresh bread with butter. Besides him was the other children of the Chieftain’s household; his younger brothers, Kos and Yanalan as well as his younger sisters, Essa and Sena, adding onto that the three daughters of the Chieftain, Derinna, Hara and Ulanina. It was a small horde of kids, and in a smaller household, Urios would have been fighting an uphill battle in vain to control this little horde. But, here, the watchful gaze of Chieftain Gordangar as well as his wife, the proud Velora and even more imposing, the dreaded and embittered presence of grandmother Korra Longfingers; all that meant having a small army of children was quite manageable. Sometimes, Angian was seated next to his uncle by his mother, as all of the women hoped that Gordangar could teach the oldest boy of the household a thing or two about life, which often ended up with Gordangar trying and Angian never really understanding what his uncle was talking about. It wasn’t long before the kids were allowed to run out to play, as Market Day was about to begin. While Gordangar had to receive Issaries’ Godtalker in the city megaron, Angian was free to run outside alongside a small group of children that he knew quite well. There was his cousin Hara, the middle daughter of the Chieftain, who was their unofficial leader, always making sure that everyone got along and was a friend to all of them. Second, Angian was the strong boy that was tasked with lifting things and making sure that other kids did not bully them. Ulannina was Hara’s younger sister, and she was the one of the friends who always made things happen, Ula always had ideas for games and schemes to entertain them all. Then, there was Darestan, a son of one of the Thanes. Darestan had the best eyes for details and could spot trouble from a mile away. He could be mean, but he was often also friendly enough. Some said that he had Trollblood in him, but Angian doubted that could be true; Darestan was just insecure. As the four of them ran outside towards the market, they could see the Riddle Watch cart, and with that, the final members of their little band had arrived in town. Senela was the smart one. She knew how to read and had many stories and ideas, but most of all, she was Hara’s best friend. With her, came Melos, her cousin. Melos was a bit of a scrawny kid, and Angian did not like how well he lied, but Senela wanted to have him around. [ Scene End. Chaos Factor goes to 4. NPCs Introduced: Uncle Gordangar, Mother Urios, Aunt Velora, all of the siblings, Ula, Hara, Darestan, Grandmother Korra Longfinger. Threads: None. ] Act I - Scene 3 - Angian & Senela Chaos Factor: 4 - Low Expected Scene: Go with friends to play games Set-Up Roll: As expected. They wandered around for a half hour and realized that there was nothing to do that same day. Everyone were too busy with the Talking God that it seemed like the rest of the village was even more boring than usual. But, also as per usual, Ula had found something for them to do. This time however, it was just throwing rocks at an old, half-rotten hitching post. Angian shrugged, but it seemed like Senela was not having it. “Ula. This is not a good game. It’s barely a game." [ Well. Senela is not really the kind of person who likes throwing things. Then, First Actual Skill Roll! Roll 63 vs Orate 40 - Failure… Well. ] Ula shrugged, “Well, I say it’s a game, and you’re just not interested because you know you’ll lose.” She looked to her sister, “Hara, we’re going right? Tell me we’re going to play my game.” [ Hara is Harmony primary. She’s going to be taking the most diplomatic approach ] Hara, ever the diplomat, sent Senela a glance and just smiled at her sister. “Of course we’re doing that. Just, remember that most people haven’t had the chance to try it yet.” Soon, at the old paddock, Ula explained her game, that everyone were sure that she just invented. The object of the game was to stand on the opposite side of the old paddock, some fifteen or twenty feet from the stick, and then hit the stick with a thrown stone. The stone had to hit the ground on it’s way before hitting the stick. Then, whoever hits the stick the most times before everyone becomes too bored with the game would win.. [ Well. Time to do some DEXx3 Rolls Angian [15+10 = Throw Rock 51 - 88 77 13 34 35 76] Ula [15+5 = Throw Rock 45 - 31 94 69 65 11 62] Senela [15+15 = Throw Rock 30 - 32 07 46 89 58 76] Hara [15+0 = Throw Rock 15 - 41 69 04 05 96 97] Darestan [15+5 = Throw Rock 20 - 55 67 14 25 29 87] Melos [15+0 = Throw Rock 15 - 00 ] ] The game began, and at first, it seemed like everything was great, but the first thing Melos did was to throw away his rock; sending it flying into the grass which forced him to go look for it. Angian howled in joy when his rock actually hit and for a while it seemed like he’d win, right until Hara decided to step up, placing more than one shot right in on the post. However, on her final shot, Hara missed completely, instead hitting poor Melos on the arm just as he returned, causing the game to end and Melos to howl in agony. [ 3 pts of DMG to Melos’s right arm. OW! ] This caused several adults coming down to take a look at the children and what they were up to. Among those was Nala, the ever-smiling entertainer of the hall as well as Senela’s mother. As usual, Nala came down to makes sure all of them were patched up after having done something stupid. Of course, Nala always scolded them, but not too much this time, after all, there was a wound to look at. Placing Melos next to her, Nala began to sing a small song to the wound, and the rock began to move out of the wound, gradually mending flesh back together. Senela just looked at her mother in awe, but also knew that this magic had been given to her mother by the Black Stag, the protective spirit of the Haraborn Clan. “Why did you do that mother?” Senela asked. “Isn’t it wasteful to use magic like that? Father says that you have to learn lessons when you get hurt.” “We take care of our family, blossom.” Nala just smiled, “and all of this clan is in truth our family. We stick together, and we sing for each other.” Nala reached out to her daughter, the two of them sharing a long gaze. “Besides, just because the wound is now closed, it does not mean that Melos will forget that lesson anytime soon. Don’t walk around places where they’re throwing stones towards.” Nala smiled at the small band of her daughter’s friends that had kept themselves at a respectful distance, and just laughed a bit. “Go with your friends, Sene. Maybe sing them a song about how painful a flying rock can be.” Senela, struggling to remember such a song just nodded, and darted off with her friends. [ Scene End. Chaos Factor stays the same. NPCs Introduced: Uncle Gordangar, Mother Urios, Aunt Velora, all of the siblings, Ula, Hara, Darestan, Grandmother Korra Longfinger. Threads: None. ] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alright. It's late, but I got PLENTY more to go. Just you wait, in my current text, this little critters are adults and ready to mess things up. We're not even started on the Six Seasons of Sartar yet! Till next time!
  4. September's MOTM—from Diana Probst of Beer With Teeth infamy—is now available on the JC! Years ago, a Lunar Hero and a Wind Lord of Orlanth fought a terrific battle which led to their mutual demise. Buried together in a single grave, the mingled remains wove their souls together. Now this tormented ghost haunts the dreaded Valley of the Blight, in the lands of the Cinsina Tribe. In this issue's "mini-adventure," your adventurers will get to: Fight or heal the wounded souls of two Heroes Discover the secrets of their fatal duel Strive to restore the Valley's Fertility—returning its spirits to Ernalda's bosom! This short adventure is intended to provide one gamemaster, and four to six adventurers, with an evening of play. About this Series: Monster of the Month is a series of new bestiary entries for Chaosium's RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. In addition to statblocks and behavior, most entries will include supplemental detail and advice for gamemasters and/or new adventurer options for players.
  5. After the initial two rounds of summon and control, is fighting with(not against) an elemental like: Sorcery: command this round, a thick darkness attacks at the end of the next one. Now that everyone is dead, repeat next 2 rounds for new targets. Like Bending(avatar): hit someone with your sword, and a whirlwind will knock them out (fix command, attack whoever I strike) Like having a dog: point at the troll, whistle and the fire dog jumps on her while I do my stuff. I would love to know how you handle it, cheers!
  6. I've finished putting together a set of reference charts for the Rune spells published in The Red Book of Magic. This play aid is free, but was kind of a pain in the neck to produce. If you find it useful, I'd appreciate if you toss something in the "tip jar," or consider picking up another product from Akhelas. Includes B&W tables of all the RBM's Rune spells organized by each Rune, and also a total alphabetical list. You can get the charts here.
  7. Edit: Ehnval Tallspear is now available on the Jonstown Compendium! Coming this weekend, on the Jonstown Compendium... (or maybe Monday, if I get lazy)
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. With the release of RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha on PDF, this thread is to catch any typos or errors spotted. Please note them here, quoting the page number, the error, and the suggested correction. Many thanks.
  10. Thank you to everyone who posted suggested corrections to our RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha corrections thread. We are now reveiwing those suggested corrections to prepare files to go to printer. We will also be producing an updated PDF which will be made available to everyone who has purchased the PDF. Once the updated PDF has been released, we will open this thread to catch any typos or errors spotted. We will continue to update PDFs on the Chaosium website, DriveThru RPG, and Bits & Mortar. Any later approved corrections will go into a subsequent printing of the book. Many thanks!
  11. Well, Post Number One, or 'How We Got Here' So with the COVID lockdown, my wife has been working from home in our apartment. Due to space constraints, her home office setup is in the living room while I occupy a bedroom set up as a library /computer /junk room most of the day. I've been pretty bored, especially since I quit Facebook in the wake of Election Assault on the Capitol. I've been trying to pay more attention to my family during the crisis, and slew of birthday presents had me asking one of my nieces if she'd like me to teach her and her older two girls how to play RPGs. She enthusiastically agreed. The Cast of Characters: Me- I'm an Old Geek in my mid-50s. Been gaming since the 70's. I'm a US Army combat veteran and have been diagnosed with PTSD and a couple other things, for which I am in treatment. I have some empathy issues and a bit of temper [nothing violent, but I have a cruel streak that isn't very pretty] and I'm determined to keep the worst of my mental issues away from the kids in my family. This has naturally led to some distancing between my siblings, their children, and I, but most of them understand to a degree. Since the lockdown, I've been trying to reconnect with family, keeping track of birthdays and what-all, and I see gaming as a way to share something I love with people I love. My Spouse- My wife, Aunt E, is a bit younger than I am, but she's an Old Geek like me. She got into gaming in junior high school in the early 80s and had to deal with all the knucklehead pubescent male nonsense at a gaming table. She learned to get pink pens and dice to make sure she them back after a game session 😂 She once worked for a major game producer for 15 or so years and has had trouble in the past with fanboys trying to use her as an entrepot into the industry. Because of this, she's asked me to keep the personal details to a minimum. My Niece- A nice woman with four children. She got pregnant fairly young and hasn't had much of a chance to let her imagination loose and I think gaming will be JUST the thing for her. Grand-niece #1, or Niece C- Is the most interested among the kids. She's in her early teens and is pretty impressionable. I have to take real care to keep some of my latent cynicism reined in around her. She hasn't missed a session yet and is an incredibly smart young girl. Some of her decision making has surprised me a great deal. The Setting: When we set all this up, I asked 'the girls' what milieu /world they wanted to play in. My niece and her kids don't have a real huge background in RPGS, just some computer games [Skyrim mostly], so I didn't want to hit them with a huge Wall of Text that playing Glorantha would require. Instead, I offered to adapt the RuneQuest in Glorantha rules set to whatever setting they wanted. I figured it'd be Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings... but NOPE! Surprise #1 is that the Niece C is currently reading the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books and was interested in that. I didn't want the PCs to demigods per se, so I countered with Atlantis. And here we are. I have renamed Atlantis 'Atalan' and taken some of Plato's work and other sources to create a setting where the Atalan subcontinent still exists. It is about the size of Greenland and sits in the North Atlantic. It's southernmost points are near the Equator and have jungle terrain, and it's northernmost reaches are near the permanent ice pack. The Atalan nation is what could be described as a 'theocratic confederation'... The Atalans know themselves to be the Children of Poseidon and have a semi-divine extended family that rules over them. The principle line are the Emperor[-ess] Priest who rule the capital city and surrounds. The 'cousins' of this main line rule one of eight kingdoms as King/Queen-Priests. While everyone in the family is mortal, when one ascends to the throne they are imparted with a certain divine power that increased their lifespan and preserves their mental faculties. The family exhibits many of the same character faults and foibles as normal humanity, but the rulers themselves have a remarkable ability to stay sane and senility is unknown to them. Each kingdom is run independently by their respective ruling family, owing taxes, troops, and goods to the empire as a whole to be used for the greater good, and each one has certain unique qualities about them. At some point, I'll even get around to detailing just exactly what those are 😁 What I am sure of is the following: - Atalans consider themselves to be the only 'civilized' people on Earth, with all others being 'barbarian' to one degree or another - Atalans understand hydrology better than anyone on Earth, including water tables, sanitation, tides, currents, weather, and so on. - Atalans field an army consisting of the classic Greek hoplite phalanx, supported by crossbowmen, light cavalry on horses using spears and javelins and heavy cavalry using elephants. - Atalans forge a mystical metal named 'orichalcum' [no relation to Earth Prime's metal of the same name]. This metal is an alloy of copper, tin, and 'orichal', a reddish mineral that causes standard bronze take on the properties of mild steel. Furthermore, it is more accepting of enchantments than bronze or iron. No orichalcum smith is allowed to leave the Atalan subcontinent, and no outsider is ever taught the secrets of orichalcum. To date, the Atalans have never found a source for the orichal ore anyplace other than the Atalan subcontinent. There will be more about the Empire, Kingdoms and People of Atalan as I get it written. Stay tuned.
  12. April's issue of #MOTM is now available on the Jonstown Compendium! The fourth installment in MOTM's mini-series of Rune Masters is Wenkarleos, a Lunar Tarshite noble and Rune Lord of the Seven Mothers. A confidante of King Pharandros of Tarsh, Wenkarleos provides the gamemaster with opportunities supporting adventures about the Tarsh Civil War between the patriotic heroes of King Pharandros, and the traitorous sons of General Fazzur Wideread. In addition to describing Wenkarleos, this issue includes: The Philigos Medallions, made by good King Phargentes to commemorate his brother's death at the swords of Orlanthi assassins—an excellent Family Heirloom for adventurers from Lunar Tarsh! Several supporting characters, including Wenkarleos's lover Beautiful Orland, and the Pelorian sorcerer Darveya the Far-Seeing. Darveya is accompanied with notes and advice for playing a sorcerer in RuneQuest, applicable to gamemasters and players of sorcerer adventurers alike. This supplement is designed to be useful for RuneQuest players who only have the core rulebook. However, you may also need The Red Book of Magic, from Chaosium. In addition, A Rough Guide to Glamour, also available on the Jonstown Compendium, provides additional background for Lunar cultures, and is thoroughly recommended. About this Series: Monster of the Month is a series of bestiary entries for Chaosium's RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. In addition to statblocks and behavior, most issues include supplemental detail and advice for gamemasters and/or new adventurer options for players.
  13. Here and now “What do you want to know? My name? Which one? You already know all of them. My friends and my family call me Aendel, so let’s use that. Where to start? The beginning? My mother, Jareen Londrosdottr, gave birth to me during the fourth year of Dangmet’s reign, the wWild day of the Truth week, during the great Umath season. My clan was the Taraling. Here, my kin count lots of kings, such as Leika my lovely cousin, Kangharl the shameful, unfortunate Kallay and many more. My father has nothing to be ashamed of with his lineage. But I discovered this point when I (just) was a young adult. My mother wanted me to become king. She planned, acted and manipulated for her obsession. She obtained a good position in the Runegate Earth temple and was selected to incarnate Ernalda at the Spring fest. In exchange for favours, she obtained a noble warrior as her Orlanth. She explained to me later that he was visiting the clan before moving far away, so he was a good candidate, allowing her to educate me like she wanted, without having to convince a “bull” of her choices. Of course, she sacrificed all the few resources she had and Ernalda blessed her pregnancy. She gave birth to the wonderful baby who now sits in front of you. And mother started my education. She taught me all our lineage. She taught me all the Heortling laws a king must know to lead his people. She taught me how to order and convince a crowd, to manage a house. When other boys discovered woods and rivers, stones and sticks, I recited Vingkot’s story. Fortunately, sometimes, I was able to escape her attention, and seeking to resemble my unknown father, I trained with my sword. Alone. With such a weird education, few children wanted to play with me. Some did, but I quickly discovered they were forced to by their parents, who hoped to gain some social benefits in the future. That was a bad bargain. I refused these false friendships, and, angry and wounded by such lies, I swore to always tell the truth. And then the drama came. We had to flee out of our clan land from Lunar invaders. Mother decided to reach for Boldhome. I think she planned to impress the Prince, to make some alliances and to place me in the court. The plan would be great…. if the Lunars were defeated. When she saw the forces beyond the ramparts, she kissed me, ordering me to follow my destiny, to become the great leader she dreamed of. And she joined the army, and she was in the front line, and she died, bravely, spitting her blood in the face of her murderer. Here is my fate, by my blood and my will, by the winds and the truth, I was born to be king. All my choices are dedicated to that. And nobody, nothing, not even you, will prevent me from accomplishing my destiny.”
  14. This month's MOTM is now available on the Jonstown Compendium! Continuing our series of Rune Masters, this month's issue of Monster of the Month presents a shaman of the Golden Bow. Vajra is a grief-stricken elder of the Pure Horse People who wanders the skies of Dragon Pass on the back of the great vrok hawk Sunfriend. He is designed to allow the gamemaster to use him as a tragic antagonist, a flawed mentor, or with a blending of themes. In addition to describing Vajra, this issue includes: A sidebar discussing Drugs in Glorantha, including optional Addiction rules, and four new intoxicants The Sun Horse's Mane, a magic item woven by worshipers of Yu-Kargzant the Sun Horse Two minor spirits associated with Light—Whisperstars and Illumes This supplement is designed to be useful for RuneQuest players who have only the core rulebook. However, some content will be enriched by Chaosium's official publications The Red Book of Magic and/or The Smoking Ruin & Other Stories. Content Warning: This product contains themes of addiction and drug abuse. Please consult with your whole group before introducing those elements into your game. About this Series: Monster of the Month is a series of bestiary entries for Chaosium's RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. In addition to statblocks and behavior, most issues include supplemental detail and advice for gamemasters and/or new adventurer options for players.
  15. TREASURES OF GLORANTHA VOLUME ONE — DRAGON PASS I'm excited to share that Treasures of Glorantha is now available Print On Demand! You don't even have to skin your own Aldryami to get a copy. If you're hungering for even more content after the recent wave of releases, I'm planning to release July's Monster of the Month tomorrow. His name's Dolorous Edd, and I love him. Treasures of Glorantha is an irregular series from Akhelas providing magic treasures, secrets, and gamemaster advice to enrich your game of RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. This inaugural volume lays eyes on the core game region of Dragon Pass. It describes thirty magic items found throughout Dragon Pass, curated to provide exciting play opportunities for players and gamemasters alike. In addition, this supplement has three articles delving into more detail relating to Gloranthan magic items: Treasure Among the Orlanthi discusses different ways players and gamemasters might handle receiving and distributing treasure in their game through the cultural lens of the Orlanthi of Dragon Pass. True Dragon's Blood explores the powers this exotic substance possesses—and the costs of wielding it. Finally, Medicine Bundles describes a plethora of magical options for shaman and assistant shaman adventurers—especially those from the Wastelands of Prax. You can get it here: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/317421/Treasures-of-Glorantha-V1--Dragon-Pass?affiliate_id=546342 WHAT DO THE REVIEWS SAY? "Treasures of Glorantha: Volume One — Dragon Pass is a fantastic treatment of treasure in Dragon Pass, combining thoughtful and interesting essays on the subject with numerous relics to help the Game Master weave treasure into the fabric of her Glorantha campaign." — Matthew Pook, Reviews from R'lyeh "If you like to spice your game with magical artefacts, this is the book for you (PLUNDER has been around for so long and been, well, plundered of everything)." — Herve C., customer review
  16. This month's #MOTM is now available on the #Jonstown Compendium! RENHARTH BLACKVEINS This month's issue of Monster of the Month continues the series of Rune Masters begun last month. Inside, you'll find a terrifying Sword of Humakt, Renharth Blackveins. Raised under the rule of the Lunar invaders, Renharth embodies patriotism without hatred, antagonism with respect. In addition to describing Renharth, this issue includes: Gamemaster advice for using this new Rune Master, including adventure seeds to inspire immediate play Several cult spirits Renharth has bound, including the Nightmare of the Inevitable Path, which threatens all who see it with visions of their death A new subcult, Humakt Indomitable, suitable for adventurers and antagonists alike Two additional non-player characters, and directions for Renharth's retinue in war and peace Although most of this supplement is usable with the core rulebook alone, you’ll need a copy of The Red Book of Magic from Chaosium in order to use the new subcult included herein. About this Series: Monster of the Month is a series of bestiary entries for Chaosium's RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. In addition to statblocks and behavior, most issues include supplemental detail and advice for gamemasters and/or new adventurer options for players.
  17. I'm putting together my first RQG game, but I'm having trouble finding one thing in the rules. How long does it take to put on armor? Are there any numerical penalties for keeping armor on while resting, or not in combat?
  18. I've gathered 2020's issues of #MOTM into one nice, convenient bundle over on the Jonstown Compendium. Need man-eating Illuminate clowns? A cult of trap geeks, or clouds made of sheep? How about a duck leviathan? Monster of the Month has all that and more in this 150+ page bundle. Including printer-friendly NPCs, weird spirit cults, and a full-length adventure, MOTM has something for all players of RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. Note: I gave it a discount, because I felt slightly silly bundling these together without one. I gave it a *small* discount, because I felt that was most fair to those lovely persons who have bought issues as they came out. If you're looking for a larger discount, you'll have to be patient, and wait for one of DTRPG's site-wide sales.
  19. Hi all! Our 11L RQG campaign has us in Earth Season 1623: the Culbrea are being annoying and the Lunars are starting to catch on about the Three Stars. So the PCs are cleverly looking to find Kallyr again to see if she can help with either. Given all that, I'd like to know peoples' take on what, when, how and with whom Kallyr performs the Boat Planet quest. I'm guessing she and Minartyth are actively hunkering down to get ready to perform it but wondering who else is involved so that the PCs also can't find them (thinking of her Iron Ring and maybe some of the other rebel heroes like Venharl and Thundercape). That said, its also possible the PCs reach her in time to join or at least help in the quest! So with that, would love to know what people think happened in Your Glorantha (or at least what you imagine she did to raise the Boat Planet). Thanks!
  20. Hi! Still running my RQG sandboxy version of 11 Lights and we've made it to mid-1623! I've positioned the Culbrea as looking to instigate a war by backing the Two Pine's quest to restart their 7 tributes. Both clan and tribe are overmatched by the Red Cow and Cinisina in terms of wealth and population (and ergo Fyrd size and quality one would think) but have access to more magic thanks to having proportionally many more New Breathers versus intermittent access to Three Stars magic. With that, they decide to go for it but not without at least trying to draw the Cinsina into declaring war first if they can (for rebel optics' sake and to ensure the Jonstown Confederation doesn't come down on them). So far the players are playing it cautious and not taking the bait looking to grind down the economically poorer Culbrea. So, in other words, the complicated situation has them unwilling to take significant action. In those cases I generally let "history" take back over and so the Culbrea eventually have to actively instigate so that the 1623 war starts. Which is all fine but this has me wondering: who actually won this war and what were the impacts on the tribes and the rebelliion? Kallyr I'm guessing took no direct part but did nothing to stop it making her even less popular with Ivartha. I'd like to know the "real" outcome as I'll lean on this if all things (i.e. dice rolls) remain equal? Guessing the Culbrea win a short but bloody war but only just and they pick up Greenhaft and maybe even Blueberry in the Peace Weaving. Any input (even non-canonical) is welcome! James
  21. This month's issue of Monster of the Month is now available! Enormous thanks to Diana, of Beer With Teeth infamy for designing this wonderful monster (though I must confess, I encouraged her). Air Toads! brings an amphibian with explosive temper to your games of RuneQuest. A cousin of the common cliff toad, air toads can be found on mountain crags and in sullen marshes anywhere in Glorantha. This supplement includes: An essay on the behavior and biology of air toads Advice for the gamemaster, including adventure seeds and "The Proper Use of a Deceased Air Toad" Brief perspectives from non-Orlanthi cultures And printer-friendly handouts for ease of use at your table. About this Series: Monster of the Month is a series of new bestiary entries for Chaosium's RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. In addition to statblocks and behavior, most entries will include supplemental detail and advice for gamemasters and/or new adventurer options for players.
  22. This month's issue of Monster of the Month is now available — Happy Halloween! Content Warning: This supplement contains themes of grisly horror and violence. Gamemasters are encouraged to confer with their players before bringing this material to their group's game. The Troupe of Terror presents a gang of six man-eating ogres with which the gamemaster can terrorize their players. Woken to Illumination by the magical performances of the Puppeteer Troupe, they represent the worst evils enabled by that mystical consciousness. Now, these ogres roam Dragon Pass in the guise of minstrels and clowns wielding the reality-warping illusions of the Puppeteer. This supplement includes: A sketch of Illumination and Puppeteer magic, including markers to where the interested reader can learn more. Three adventure seeds to help introduce the Troupe into your game of RuneQuest. Six antagonists with a variety of skills, magics, and stories. A Note: there's fair odds I'll expand this a bit in the next few days or weeks. I've got a short story in the works I'd like to include but I'm not quite satisfied with, and of course I still need to add the printer-friendly versions at the back of the PDF. About this Series: Monster of the Month is a series of new bestiary entries for Chaosium's RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. In addition to statblocks and behavior, most entries will include supplemental detail and advice for gamemasters and/or new adventurer options for players.
  23. Hey there! I'm still slowly figuring out my plans for an upcoming RQG campaign -- most likely something around the Red Cow/11L campaign books but with some slightly modified Broken Tower and/or Cattle Raid thrown in at the beginning. One of the main concerns I have is the default "seasonal adventures" mode that RQG is modeled around. I know that, based on my player's knack for getting in unnecessary additional trouble, there are always loose ends after an adventure, regardless of how simple and straightforward it was. When you combine that with my GMing style, where I absolutely love exploring the consequences of the characters' actions, you end up with a lot of follow up adventures that pile up one after the other. So I'm wondering: - How incompatible that is with the default "seasonal adventures" assumption in the rulebook? For instance, you run Broken Tower and there's some loose ends about whether any NPC escaped back to the Greydog clan and what they will say or do. How do people deal with that? Do they resolve it only the next season, making that next season's adventure about the consequences? Or do they combine it with the next season's adventure? (it's a new storyline, but it factors in where the Greydogs are based on last season's actions) Or do they resolve it all in a summary/non-played way, like "so here's what's happening during the rest of the season" (with maybe a couple of broad skill rolls to figure out how things go, but without playing it per se as an adventure) and then it's all (mostly) wrapped up? - If I was to go with pseudo-real-time gameplay, what kind of problem would encounter? For instance, say I play a few adventures per season... it's not totally real-time because I would definitely ellipse a few days here or a week there for traveling back, resting, praying, training, talking to clan elders and waiting for them to deliberate, etc... but we might pop back into adventure mode for when the players want or are ordered to go spy on the Greydogs, or when some Greydogs messengers come in with a blood feud declaration or asking for reparations for the death of their members, or whatever, and then that might kickstart a related adventure right away because the players want to play through that themselves. One of the first problem I can think of is the replenishing of Rune Points, since you have to wait for a holy day for that. This means that, compared to a group that sticks to seasonal adventures, a group that does pseudo-real-time adventures can use less Rune Magic per encounters... but on the other hand, that might be pretty cool since (just as in the KoDP game) the players might figure that they have to wait until after this or that holy day to do a raid because they need Orlanth's favours or something. Did anybody do that? Or did anybody tweak Rune Magic grants to make it less hard on the players? Anything else besides Rune Magic that might be a problem with a pseudo-real-time campaign? Thoughts? Feedback from experience? All will be appreciated!
  24. Woods of the Dead Play Aids This simple supplement provides all of the nonplayer characters published by Chaosium in the chapter “Gloomwillow’s Hollow,” from The Pegasus Plateau. Using the same printer-friendly non-player character format as used in Akhelas’s series Monster of the Month, this product ensures you’ll not feel the urge to scribble spell effects, limbs lost, or magic points spent on your nice, shiny, hardcover books. You need to own a copy of The Pegasus Plateau to make full use of this product. You'll probably also want a printer. You can get this product on the Jonstown Compendium. A Note: If this product is successful, I'll likely do more of these. If folks have suggestions or requests, I'm listening (but making no promises).
  25. August's MOTM, Storm Rams, is now available on DriveThruRPG! Filling the Air from horizon to horizon, the noble Storm Rams are a new spirit for your game of RuneQuest. They are the embodiment of rain-giving clouds, found anywhere throughout Glorantha. Included in this supplement are: A description of what the Orlanthi believe about these spirits The bestiary detailing storm rams, lightning rams, cloud sheep, and advice on how to create your own unique, more powerful variations One minor magic item—the heat-relieving Mistwool An alternative perspective from Prax, including a brief spirit cult If you're interested in keeping up with what I'm working on, I suggest checking out Wind Whispers, the weekly Glorantha newsletter the fellas behind the Wind Words podcast publish. If I've got something odd or juicy up my sleeve, I usually let them know before I post about it publicly. Plus, there's oodles of other news they pick up throughout the week—it's really convenient.
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