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Found 1 result

  1. So how high should a character's characteristics be? Everyone has different ideas about this. I do not propose to give a number, at this point, maybe later. But I'll lay out some guidelines that I use, and encourage people to chime in with their own observations. We are discussing characters created by point-distribution here: Randomly rolled characters can be astonishingly good, or pathetically bad, and people who want to insist on randomly rolling characters, all I can say is "more power to you". My guidelines: You should have enough to points to create a favorite fictional character. There are few things more annoying to me than to be told that "you can't duplicate Captain Blood. He's a hero." Excuse me? Because I'm a player-character I'm supposed to settle for less native ability than some named book or movie character? No NPC ever has more power than a player-character can have. It may take a lot of game time, but when I'm GM, your character has the potential to be just as powerful as Jar-Eel, or King Arthur, or Conan, or whomever are the game world's top heroes. That's an iron-clad rule of mine by the way: PC's are the game's heroes. Period. Characterics bought with points have variable cost based on the comparative game mechanics value. BRP does this: Some characteristics are 3 points for +1 for some, 1 point for +1 for others. On a related note, Pathfinder offers several point distribution settings, so a GM can tailor his or her game to the power level they want. I like that idea, and hope RQ does something similar. Thoughts and discussion anyone?
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