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Found 3 results

  1. About Yelm in the core rules of Runequest Roleplaying in Glorantha. There's one thing I don't understand. Why is Yelm's runes marked as [Sky/Fire, Fertiity, Death] and why does he only have one Fire/Sky Rune en though Orlanth and Ernalda have two Storm or Earth runes respectively and Yelm is clearly shown to have the [Sun/Sky, Stasis, Mastery] runes in Guide to Glorantha? What's even wierder is that you don't need the Death or Fertility rune for any of Yelm's spells. They can all be cast with hte Sky/Fire Rune. Also, how come Yelm has significantly fewer rune spell
  2. Okay, I'm a bit confused. It would appear there are two different versions of the Rune Spell 'Crack', one as described in the RQG rulebook, pg 324 (Non-Stackable, can't affect spirit-occupied items) and one as described in the RQG Bestiary, pg 94 (Stackable, can affect spirit-occupied items). Is the Bestiary version an upgrade that's specific to Thed worshippers only, or does the newer version supplant the older version all round?
  3. womble


    So I just read the Charisma rune spell properly and it sank in: it doubles your CHA. And increases your Spirit Magic learnt-cap. While it notes that the limited duration of a Temporal spell might make this latter increase somewhat academic, the ease of Extending the spell up to a year's duration prompts two questions: What happens when the extra CHA goes away? Do you just forget the Spirit Magic? Can you overwrite your Charisma before its anniversary to avoid there being any hiatus in your improved score? Does this improvement also increase your limit of Rune Points per Cult?
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