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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all! I have been running a game of Runequest 3, but have had to use some mediocre quality PDFs of the character sheet. I have had a lot of trouble tracking down a high-quality, sharp version of the character sheet. This is the best I've found so far. If you have a better version or know where I can find one, PLEASE let me know!
  2. Just continuing a discussion started on G+ (check it out here). How do you find that the original RQ2 strike rank rules hold up compared to that of RuneQuest 3? I'm curious not just conceptually, but how easy are they to apply in game? Do players have difficulty understanding them? Are there elements of them that don't make sense to you?
  3. I'm wondering about the the disparition of the defense skill in RQ3 in favor of the dodge skill. What are the reasons of that ? The defense skill seems to me a pretty simple skill to use ( a simple substraction ), and he can be use in addition to parrying. The dodge seems to be an "active" version of the defense skill. Consequences : you can't dodging and parrying at the same time, you have to choose between them, and you can miss a dodge. Is the defense skill to powerful ? I have never played RQ3, and I'm a beginner D.M. with RQ2. To a beginner point of view, defense seem cool and simple, but what's the opinion of yours, the "veterans" ?
  4. Hi! Does someone have a scanned, copy of White dwarf issue 92. Or the article of Demons from said issue. And /Or does anyone know if it was good, inttesting read? Thanks...
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