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Found 6 results

  1. I was peeking through a sorcery thread on the Mongoose forums and came across someone combining Damage Enhancement and Wrack to toss out Wrack spell for maximum damage. I had no idea you could use Damage Enhancement on spells! I'm curious what other killer spell combos are out there for Legend or RQ6?
  2. So I'm fairly familiar with Legend/RQ5, RQ6, and MW; but I'm not at all familiar with OQ2 or Renaissance. If I've got MW and Legend and Renaissance, is there any reason for me to pick up OQ2 or Renaissance? What do OQ2 and Renaissance bring to the table? What are the major differences? What are the new mechanics and options? Would I get anything out of them? I guess to sum up: Keeping in mind that I've already got a couple d100 systems; Sell me on OQ2 and Renaissance.
  3. Roll20 has made character sheets public, meaning people can share the sheet designs and macros with other players regardless of their subscription 'level'. I have seen HackMaster and Rolemaster implemented with the Roll20 sheets, as well as Call of Cthulhu. This makes me think that a RuneQuest 6 automated character sheet is well within the Roll20 realm of possibility. Needless to say, related game systems would benefit from such developments. I have little programming experience, and none with Roll20 Macros or character sheet design, but I'd like to start promoting the game and playing on there. I might try my hand at crafting a sheet, but I'm interested if anyone else has considered giving this a shot. Links: Announcement http://blog.roll20.net/post/82092273480/data-delve-dev-blog-2-introducing-character-sheets Roll20 Character Sheet and Macro Wikis https://wiki.roll20.net/Character_Sheets https://wiki.roll20.net/Macros GitHub directory of Roll20 Character Sheets https://github.com/Roll20/roll20-character-sheets
  4. I am currently working on a magic free picaresque-themed game, set in a fantasy world. The cultures range from early Bronze Age down to Chalcolithic, and perhaps earlier for isolated tribes in the valleys, etc. Aside from the lack of magic, the lack of religion is also something I wanted to try. I am usually a religion geek, but I really want to try building a world without using gods (real or imagined) to build my cultures around. I am only looking at developing a couple of core cultures, and don't want to go nuts plotting it all out (MAR Barker/Greg Stafford Syndrome) but instead want to stick with some brief descriptions and a treatment of how they interact. More than any previous edition the 'Cults' of RuneQuest 6 have the flexibility needed to provide structure to martial orders and other formal organizations, and that is definitely one thing I want to take advantage of. Overall the world is presumed to be essentially mechanistic and similar to the materialist view physics - I won't be introducing any de facto magic like nonsensium space aliens or parapsychology - but unlike Earth in its geography and history. A theme I want to riff on is that history is overdetermined - that is, for any major historical change within society or the broader physical landscape, the elements that bring it about are mutually complimentary enough to make individual variations stochastic white noise. If this seems a bit abstract, think of it in terms of Lovecraftian cosmic nihilism, Nietzsche or Conan in fatalism; but with a bit more clinical distance as to whether cosmic nihilism really is terrifying or just moot. Another theme would be that human cultures, for their infinite complexity, have a tendency to manifest patterns of behavior even when supposedly major factors (religion) are excised entirely [in parallel example, modern political ideologies certainly fulfill the role for some that religions have in the past.]
  5. After seeing the two episodes of Tabletop, where Dragon Age pen and paper RPG creator Chris Pramas ran a game for Wil Wheaton and friends, I immediately thought it would've been so much cooler had it been one of The Design Mechanism people running a game of RuneQuest. The videos can be watched on Youtube: and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=He4xdGizuww. Tabletop might not be willing to do an episode on another RPG, since because of the confines of the format the result would look pretty similar despite the differences in the game system, the adventure and the GM. I think, however, that a video like this, if done well, would be excellent promotion for a less known roleplaying game such as RuneQuest. Now I understand that The Desing Mechanism being essentially a two man shop with a lot of work in their hands might not be able to divert the resources for a professional quality video like this, useful though it might be. But since they will eventually be running games at conventions it would be great to have perhaps some of their fans to record and edit a session of Loz or Pete running e.g. the RQ GM Pack adventures. Of course a professionally produced video like the ones at Tabletop would be so much better, so if there is any chance of that kind of thing happening I would love to see it.
  6. trechriron


    When we'll we get the details for the supplement license? I am really chomping at the bit to create a setting and adventure for RQ6! This game inspires me. :-D
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