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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! I'm looking for ideas to spice things up. Mostly related to rune spells but I'll take any ideas. Where do you stand between "Keeping it bronze" age and "Keep it fantastic", how weird does your magic go? Are your ghosts 'spirited away' style? Are your bear strength casters full blown werebears or at least shirt-ripping fma style? Are there ancient alien blasters or old abandoned buildings from before the monkeys took over glorantha? Are your shields glowing balls of lightning or dragon ball auras ? How weird does it get? I guess most people keeps it close to bronze age, just with invisible armor and damage I want to hear where you try (not always succeed) to make it fantastic or even better, making it weird. Followup question, to the ones that make it weird, does it ever gets out of hand? Ty!
  2. From: So for a little context, my player was completely new to role-playing games when we started and was very willing to ask questions about the purpose and effects of the game rules. So my quoted post is really summarizing a process of attempting to think about and with these rules and then finding them difficult to use for our purposes. Why? Well, I can mostly speak for myself, and as a somewhat experienced player of RPGs in general. But one thing that has been a serious question is whether invoking a Passion or a Rune and rolling to augment is a representation of something the character is doing, or a metagame action the player is doing outside of the fictional space of play. (The text says that it's a character action, for what it's worth, "An adventurer may attempt to be inspired by their Passion and request a Passion roll to augment a skill, with the gamemaster’s approval", RQG p. 236.) And the reason why this is a question of import is because the mechanics of augments are a fairly simple gambling operation- you have x chance of a good outcome and y chance of a bad outcome, so you make a calculated decision about whether it's worth that chance for a +20%. But what's actually happening? Let's say that I am playing Vasa-nya, a Yinkin initiate, and I decide to roll for Passionate Inspiration using her 70% Loyalty (Sartar) Passion. Obviously, there are five possible outcomes here. On a 01-04, she gets a critical success, an experience check, and +50% augmenting an ability for the duration of the scene or task. On a 05-14, she gets a special, +30%. On a 15-70, she gets a regular success, +20%. On a 71-97, she gets a failure, -10% to all rolls in the scene forward. On a 98-00, she gets a fumble, -1d10% to the Passion value and a random duration of Despair that completely disables her for that entire duration. That's the mechanics. What's going on in the fictional space? Is Vasa-nya thinking hard of Rex, Country, and Mom's Apple Pie, and 4% of the time, this motivates her so strongly it strengthens her feelings, and 66% of the time it motivates her, and 27% of the time it demotivates her, and 3% of the time it causes her to fall into a depressive spiral? What does this randomness represent, psychologically? And these abilities on the sheet, if they are at 80% or above, force mandatory rolls in some circumstances to dictate the player's actions. This is one thing for Passions, but for my player, the fact that Runes seem to be connections to the outside world of Glorantha meant that they took it as "so if I go above 80%, I end up getting mind-controlled by the Air Rune every so often?" To be a little bit flippant. And then on top of that, are Runic personalities meant to be package deals? If I'm strong in Air, am I passionate and violent and proud and unpredictable? Setting aside whether having consistent pride or passionate expression is compatible with being unpredictable, how should I, as the GM, react to a player who is passionate but not violent, or violent but humble? Are they acting in keeping with the Air Rune or out of keeping with it? For that matter, how do the Runic personalities for Water and Moon work, in practice? Should I ding a player for not saying that they seek liberation from the material world at least once a session if they've got a 90% Moon Rune for casting Reflection as often as possible? How do I reward them for playing in concert with their high Moon Rune? Of course, I've played in Pendragon and loved it. But Pendragon made sense to me because it was Arthuriana and derived from Malory. And Malory is just filled with people having psychotic breaks and psychogenic fugues. So fumbling a Passion roll on my character in battle and having her run off into the woods and spend the rest of the year trying to build seawalls against the encroaching tides was appropriate for the setting. And Traits are virtues and vices and concrete, singular things, generally. Pendragon doesn't produce psychologically realistic people, as such, but it produces a particular type of fictional character. And Pendragon's 80% rule (there the Famous traits at 16 and above) always made sense to me because (though I didn't articulate it that way at the time) the fact that these were Famous Traits and Passions meant that they had a implicit social context. You were pushed into fulfilling them because the expectation is on you to behave "in character" as your socially defined self. This was not always realistic, or even often realistic, but it had a meaning that I grasped right away, even if at the time I was chortling at how I had developed a starting Love (wife) Passion of 23 (115% in RQG) because I was marrying a fairy with superhuman APP and I had rolled a very high random component. I don't grasp that meaning for RQG's equivalents. Are we (my player and I) just missing something? What are your thoughts on Passions and Runes as things that define character psychology, and the mechanics associated with that?
  3. Five Weeks until Glorantha Games 2020: Glorantha at Home Glorantha Games 2020: Glorantha at Home takes place on Saturday, October 3rd. We are looking for Game Masters to run scenarios set in Glorantha using RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, QuestWorlds (HeroQuest), 13th Age Glorantha, and RuneQuest Classic. Plenty of slots open and we definitely need more GMs and more games. Let us know if you want to be a GM and send us your scenario. https://warhorn.net/events/glorantha-games-2020
  4. In our last update, Jason revealed the new RuneQuest logo, and the process we went through to get there; in our newest Design Note, here it is on the cover of the book itself, with amazing art by Andrey Fetisov! Jeff also details where we are with the whole RQG project. Well worth a read... https://www.chaosium.com/blogdesigning-the-new-runequest-part-23/ (please note, the cover is still a work-in-progress!)
  5. This is the new (and final) logo for RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha! In our latest RuneQuest Designer's Notes, Jason goes through the "logorrhea of logos" the game has had in its storied 40 year history, and how we went back to basics to create a logo with "an old world feeling but was relatively clean and not artificially weathered or aged". And here it is. Read more from Jason here: https://www.chaosium.com/blogdesigning-the-new-runequest-part-22/
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