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Found 4 results

  1. I think that the addition of Passions and Rune Affinities are one of the more interesting aspects of the RQG rules. There are some ways in which I feel they could be more fully integrated into the system. While Rune Affinities are integral to casting Rune Magic, there are no spells or skills which interact with them in any way; Passions can strongly influence or even mandate behavior for PCs and NPCs alike, but there are only two spells that interact with them mechanically, and no skills that do so. How do you feel about this? Why doesn’t Soul Sight let you see the target’s strongest Rune Affinity? Why doesn’t Insight let you realize that someone is driven by a strong Loyalty or Love? I’m using them that way. What interesting ways are you using Passions and Affinities?
  2. [Further to the earlier thread about Ernalda houses.] The Runes important to a culture are often reflected in its gateways. From left to right: An Earth Rune gate. A lintel can support less weight than an arch; upper levels are of lighter stone, brick or a wooden palisade. This design is common in Orlanthi lands. A Luck Rune. The eastern gate of Runegate is in this form. The slanted uprights can support a little more weight than an ordinary lintel but this form is little used, because Luck can be good, or bad. A Solar arch incorporating a Sky Rune. An arch distributes weight better than a lintel. A Lunar arch incorporating a Moon Rune. This functions as an arch but requires more skill to build. This design is not entirely practical as a defensive gateway but is commonly found in major Lunar temples.
  3. Oracle

    Runes of Flamal

    While preparing a new HeroQuest Glorantha character for a new player, who wants to use Flamal as his patron deity I've run into the issue, that the runes given for this god differ depending on the source book you're using: Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes, p. 106 - a rune, which could be read as Aldrya but probably should be Plant, Life Guide to Glorantha, Vol. I, p. 150 - Plant, Infinity, Plant HeroQuest Glorantha, p. 141 - Plant, Harmony, Plant Which rune combination is the correct one to use (in a HeroQuest context)? Although the Guide of Glorantha should be the definite source if in doubt, I tend to use the HeroQuest Glorantha version (besides other reasons because it is the latest publication). But I would like to get some confirmation (from an official source would be greatly appreciated ).
  4. A question over on the G+ group from Olivier Dubreuhas prompted this post. Olivier asked "Cannot a Sable have an Earth rune ? Why ?... Some clarification would be useful, to me at last." One of the early things I started doing for the Prax book was looking at the makeup of what the Praxians are from the bottom up. First I looked at the populations, the cult info from Cults of Prax and any other relevant info that was available. This all ended up in a giant spreadsheet. Every so often I go back and tweak it as a new piece of info appears or @Jeff says - "that doesn't look right we need to change it." It's been pretty sable for three years now. One of the tables is the rune spread of the tribes and hopefully it answers Olivier's question: Major Tribes only 10% of all Praxian men have the Storm Rune, except the Bison where it is their major rune and so 94%. 2% of all Praxian women have it. 10% of all Praxian women have the Earth Rune, except the Bison where it is their major rune and so 94%. 2% of all Praxian men have it. 85% of Impala men & women, 43% of Sable men & women have the Fire rune, everyone else 1% 85% of Morokanth men & women have the Darkness rune, everyone else 1% 85% of High Llama men & women have the Water rune, everyone else 1% 85% of Morokanth men & women have the Darkness rune, everyone else 1% 43% of Sable men & women have the Moon rune, everyone else 1% This for guidance for NPCs and does not to reflect PC makeup.
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